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Bennett college students arrested Videos

Lerone Bennett, Jr.: Arrested at a Demonstration

Manu Bennett Surprises Fans at 2015 Salt Lake Comic World Record

Manu Bennett shows up and surprises everyone at the world record setting for most comic book character gathering in one place during Salt Lake Comic-Con!

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Pause at 3:15, Spidey on the left. XD
Deathtroke> Deadpool

BREAKING: Two Terrorists Killed and 7 Arrested

Terrorist death toll rises as manhunt for mastermind continues.

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what kind of glasses is he wearing?
Stupid sheep following their political rapist(s). Nothing new. You will do nothing and you and your entire sheep family will die like the cowardly sheep you are. Good luck coward. :)
+Superbondaru What the hell are you talking about?
Watch out that spotter, Joe!
+Hulkster x I saw it too-he was blocking the other one from camera back there.
The town is pronounced "San De'nee" not "saint Dennis" lol
+lorel51 Hey...Dennis was a good guy.
Dat guy lurking in the background...
+matthew potoczny yea, no kidding....
+matthew potoczny Am I wrong, Or hasn't this guy been lurking in the background of a few of the videos Joe Biggs and Paul Joseph Watson have been covering over there? I know I've seen him at least one other time lurking behind, him... In a different location. +The Alex Jones Channel Please inform them!!
I noticed that also.
+matthew potoczny too funny!!!! some of you guys are nuts!!!
This guy is definitely Isis, he's trying out some new terror tactics... Photo bombing, gosh nobody is safe anymore!
+matthew potoczny This guy looks like he's up to no good. Next thing you know, he goes all Allahu Snackbar on your ass.[Paranoia Intensifies]
since the censorship , i dont care about this channel unsuscribed
+cabronsito Xtres Don't let the door hit you on the way out.
Kill those dirty Muslims!
+Superbike33 They aren't muslim, they are terrorists mate.
+Superbike33 So muslims killed 130 non-muslims and 10 of their men will get killed. If I were fighting a war, I would consider it a victory. No wonder muslims mock the justice system. Here is plan, for every random non-muslim killed, kill 100 random muslims. You will be surprised at how fast this terror thing dies out.
urrr durrr durrr dum muslims r bad mkuuuaay durr durr (eats hihgly carbonated gmo pork ass buurp)
+Superbike33 I like pizza rat more than I could ever like muslims

Labour Party Killed Democracy

BNP in dart attack At the same time as the Bolton Police were arresting Weyman Bennett and Martin Smith of the violent, radical left wing UAF, the London Police ...

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@TheGreenmansWife ... :-D ...I know ...I'm not saying the vermin can't be seen throwing the dart ...we can see it! ...but as evidence, I'm not sure if it would be enough to *really* drown him ...I'm just saying that... the footage your referring to, is a bit blurry when compared to the clear shot footage of him about to throw... that was cut by the media at the point of him throwing... 3:36 ...because maybe it was tooo crystal clear ...and damning..? .. better to have uncut... but nvm good vid.
@wesleysonic Okay here is my beliefs: I am a social conservative: Free market, regulate corporations, welfare only for people born in the country to at least one citizen (if people cannot afford it they can go home), foreigners to work in food related industries, lower wages in food related industries so people can afford to eat cheaper, no unions (if people don't own the business, they have no right to say how it's run), encourage small tax, lower taxes for middle class, raise taxes for rich.
Ok i'll buy the slo mo thing (sort of) but as for the cut ??, the camera was pointing str8 @ him m8!, it was right on him!... so what happened?, did the camera suddenly move to a different shot?... break down? ??? ...it's a strange place to make a cut wouldn't you say, when what your after is the clearest possible evidence of him launching/throwing the dart?!, you'd think you'd want that in?! But really, you know, i'm not really criticising ;-D I'm just puzzled thats all.. it's a good video.
@wesleysonic nah the problem is corporatism.. but they should still be allowed.. just taxed higher to allow small business, and also give more to the government to help the lower classes. Nah i'm totally against that idea of being born equal... cause i'm not going to have kids until i can afford it, if I have kids I want them to have a good life. If we are all equal we are all in poverty cause the people who do extra due to capitalism wont, and suicides will rise. Suicide should be illegal.
@wesleysonic So you would be happy.. even though the UK started the worlds economy. That everyone know must be equal... 3rd world governments don't care about their people or else they wouldn't be a 3rd world country. If the people in those countries had any bit of intelligence they would create their own businesses. So you want people in your country to live like 3rd worlders? Starving to death due to their incompetent governments that don't allow freedom and prosperity ? Fight Communism!
@wesleysonic I am not against "communes" and if people want to do that.. they should be allowed to. But you cannot dictate over the rest of the people your ways. Plus who cares what the working class thinks... seriously.. they beg to get their jobs in the first place.. .they have no right to tell their boss how to do things. If they were not smart enough, that's their problem. Social darwinism, the dumb should perish. Also if you don't discriminate why do you want to bring harm to others?
@wesleysonic I think it is incredibly selfish, just cause you were born to bad parents who taught you bad world morals, where you believe everyone must follow your authoritarian ways. Maybe if they had jobs, and most importantly their own business, you wouldn't have all these commie ideals. The idea of the western world is the have your own business, not to be a shit kicker.. if you want to be a shit kicker.. then that's how you should be treated. Remember you wanted that dart to hit him.
@wesleysonic Then there's no point for anyone to succeed. People sadly aint equal, not even at birth. But that is a good thing. If your parents worked hard then they deserve to have kids. Morals taught in the extreme-low-class are terrible. They fuel the criminals of society who do not care about others and turn to violence and steal. Remember the communists in Russia killed the Russian royal family, do you think those royal kids deserved to die? and anyone that opposes the senselessness.
@wesleysonic That's why it is good to have different countries.. so people can have their different belief systems. I know it wont be good for everyone in the country... but that's where democracy steps in... every country should be democratic. The people get to choose what is best.. but it's scary when some groups ban voting. That way everyone gets a voice. Like is it racist to allow Kurdistan it's own nation? Is it racist to speak a tribal language ? Better govt = better conditions
@wesleysonic laisse faire anarchy is okay.. but i still like the idea of welfare for the poor, as it cuts crime.. and everyone deserves to live. Well yeh true I don't really take humour that well sometimes unless I know it's supposed to be a joke. Having your own business is better than working for someone else that's for sure. I do love history thus reason why I do like traditions. I reckon you'd prefer a commune rather than say China where you cannot watch back to the future lol.
@wesleysonic well you did say you wanted the dart to hit that guy :P Authority is good.. it protects the people from criminal minded people. It also should be there to regulate corporations. What is wrong with private ownership? It makes people want to work and succeed. Also only the criminal minded people will have what they want under communism. As I saw on a chat site the other day, this girl who went to prison for armed robbery couldn't see a problem with what they were doing.
@wesleysonic Yes it's not fair that some are born into wealth and some are born poor... but you know whose fault that is ? The parents. If the parents are poor they should not be bringing children into the world. There is nothing worse than poverty, but poverty shouldn't be encouraged. Some people have 14 kids and have no job and no education and except the tax payers to fund them. That is what creates cycles of poverty. That's why people should be ready before having children.
@wesleysonic There HAS to be countries to give liberties to people. I am a supporter for freeing tibet from the chinese. That would make another country where the people can then be free and have peace. I personally like being white and I do want white kids, there is nothing more beautiful than a gorgeous white girl. Why would you want to take that away from the world, never to return once genes are minimized. Freedom and liberty is most important and makes a life worth living.
@wesleysonic If we are equal everyone is in poverty though... don't you get it... there will be no quality tv to watch either. The average wage on earth is like 50 cents an hour... fuck that.. that's why people come to the great countries.. cause they want a better life. Being paid minimum wage in UK is better than being whipped in Pakistan for 17 cents an hour. Fascists to me are people who want to dictate over others. No one is going to tell me i'm not allowed to succeed.
@wesleysonic That's why we need a government to help the poor class come up. Everyone should have a chance at the pie. That's why education is such a valued thing. Yes everyone should have a roof over their head, i'm against homelessness.. it should be illegal imo with them given public housing quick. Any kind of speech really is discriminatory.. that's why with the smurfs, every word is smurf.. and why 1984 has newspeak. Without free speech, no south park, no family guy.
@wesleysonic Communist authority has been proven to be the most corrupt. If there is no countries, that just means the USA will control the whole world. I for one like having a sovereign nation. Cause the only way it will be achieved in your way is the bloodshed of billions. Different races are good in different aspects, I personally would hate to have a world of Goobacks (search south park). Yes religion is terrible, start with Islam please and their barbaric ways.
@wesleysonic Well lately a lot of the commies have been pushing to allow old people to kill themselves, as this will get rid of old age pension. As soon as people can't work execute them the plan seems to be. That's why people want to succeed so they are allowed to have their natural life... not shortened by political intervention. Yes suicide should remain illegal. I'm not greedy at all, everyone deserves shelter and food, and allowed a chance to succeed.
@wesleysonic I meant encourage small business. We need a strong middle class as they are the ones who run the economy. The rich horde their wealth. The middle class spend so they can have a better life cause they earnt it. Everyone even the working class should be able to afford to own their own house, that's where the govt currently is lacking and fueling the communist uprise imo. Free speech and free thought without being attacked is a great thing.
@RainDeepshoXX To clarify this clip is made up from news footage, all that we had available is here, the CPS/police have all the tapes and refused to prosecute. The real question is why have the media also sought to remove detail from the public view? Answere. They were in on it, they tipped off the scum in the first place of the press conference. They set it up, and covering up the dart attack was the media's way of showing gratitude t the scum.
@valcarni1 There should not be a class divide. We should all be equal in one class. It is not fair that some are born into wealth and others are born into poverty. We should help each other out of poverty. Everybody should have a roof above their head and food to eat. Free speech that isn't suppressed is good. But if fascists like the BNP use that free speech to discriminate, then it is evil. Liberty is precious, so precious it must be rationed.
WORKERS OF ENGLAND WAKE UP THESE UNI EDUCATED Soicalist are your trade union leaders they do not represent you.. they represent the LABOUR party promoting the downfall of the UK, think hard about your vote its not a joke anymore poiltics is important.. i cant stress enough that labour have created a monoploy which they will almost always win...the north south divide is a lie created to keep the north labour through fear of an alternative.
@valcarni1 I wasn't born to "bad" parents. What exactly do you class as good and bad morals? I am an anarchist and against all forms of authority. A business is not important. It only helps greedy, selfish scum. Who decides what the idea of the western world is? We decide it ourselves. We should break ignorant tradition and popularisation. Btw, the dart hitting him was a joke. You obviously have no sense of humour, morality or dignity.
Great piece of video journalism, reporting the TRUE FACTS for once. If you want to find out what's really happening on the ground in our towns and cities these days, you need to come to channels like this one, instead of switching on your biased TV channels. Keep up the good work, exposing the lies, hypocrisies and injustices of our broken country, and what's left the farce they call democracy.
@xenbay -- I say.. as much evidence as possible! ...... especially if that dart had found its mark in a real nasty way, and other UAF were also carry darts. In fact you do , I think...see him throw the dart ... but it doesn't really cut the mustard, as it's a bit on the blurry side. The evidence did exist in it's clearest form .... but like TheGreenmansWife pointed out ... the media interfered.
@valcarni1 Your twisting my words. We should all be equal, that means no authority. Authority can be just as corrupt as the most wanted criminal. There must be an end to countries, race and religion. An end to wealth and property. An end to all forms of authority. All these discriminate and make us forget that we are all one person. The eternal love flows through us all. We are all equal!

JHMS: Barbara Byrd-Bennett Talks to us about School Enrollment for Fall

Green's Natalie Bennett before conference speech (13Sept13)

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This woman’s a weapons grade lunatic! We should turn our back on gas to help those in fuel poverty because gas prices MIGHT rise 40% by 2020? Well energy generated from renewable’s costs at least triple the price of energy generated from gas. (via bills and subsidies) So we should guarantee price rises of at lease 300% to avoid theoretical rises of 40% to help the poor? Sounds more like a plan to kill them off! As Daniel says, green on the outside, red on the inside!
the 160 tonnes of steel, and high spec machinery in a wind turbine is made by heavy industry, it needs a 14,000 tonne oil burning ship to erect them, yet they hate heavy industry ? these greeniacs are truly fuckwits.
i beleive in the Green party, i beleive they could single handedly collapse the UK into a Poll Pott style year zero marxist eco state in 6 months ! Robert Mugabe would be a better choice.
Dangerous Marxist parties. After the revolution Marxism must be made illegal in British life. Personally I would ban Jews from politics and the media as well.
I'm so embarrassed. Is she Australian or Kiwi? I'm so sorry she has found her way from down under to hassle the already well harassed people of the UK.
but once the world starts to switch to renewables wont that obviously bring the cost down?
Green party is a watermelon, green on the outside, red on the inside
Lots of hot air from British propaganda machine
greens are our only hope for the future!!!!!
And the red is the blood of genocide.
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