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British Party Leaders Cameron, Clegg and Miliband Questioned Via Facebook

David Cameron, Nick Clegg, Ed Miliband and Natalie Bennett are being quizzed by teenagers and college students as part of a joint event between Sky News ...

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Love Won Out - "Alan Chambers: I Live A Life Of Denial"

CONTACT JIM: editor (at) boxturtlebulletin (dot) com In this series of videos gay activist Jim Burroway talks about attending Focus on the Family and Exodus ...

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@lucasboden . It's Jesus. Not "Christ". "Christ" is a Greek title similar to Hebrew title "Messiah"... something that was given to him by Paul and the anonymous writers of the synoptic gospels. Jesus, they say, was a Jew and he believed in the law of Moses. He was upset with how the law was applied. He said he didnt came to abolish the law. When he said "love thy neighbor"... Guess what? That was not HIS teaching... that was not original. He was citing the law in Leviticus 19:18. Look it up.
@jtart51 Oh, come on! The reality is that u dont believe in the so-called "Word of God". Well, u believe in bits. You cherry-pick according 2 ur level of sadomasoquism. You dont want 2 obey it NOT because u are a sinner, but because YOU KNOW there is BLATANT EVIL & INHUMANE IGNORANT things ORDERED by ur IMAGINARY friend. You know: the kind of evil & stupidity that makes every sentient & decent person blush. Christians hate when others talk about the HYPOCRISY & IGNORANCE of Christians.
Alan Chambers admits he is not heterosexual to this day and their children are from adoption. He said it took him 9 months after the wedding to have sex once, never said if he did it again. But I am glad that he finally admitted nobody changes from homosexual to heterosexual, called out reparative therapy as a fraud and shut down Exodus International. They and the other major ex-gay group are now history. I was happy to be on the TV show where it was announced on OWN TV.
Yesterday I just heard the talk, He has not changed the talk. If you go to a conference, from my experiance He is more than willing to answer all and any questions about his minstry and he even has a question and answer session. I found the confrence to have more people that have once or currently identfy themselfs as homosexual then reported in this video but each confrence is diffrent.
I came out to my evangelical mom and dad when I was 35. My mom told me that she would commit suicide if I came out to other family/friends. My dad said "Don't Ask/Don't Tell" They still frequently call me to see if I am interested in dating girls. Denial is not Christianity. Truth is what is suppose to set us free. Hiding skeletons under the rug is not freedom.
I am not making call on whether an individual is christian or not. But everyone can have an opinion as to whether a political or religious group who considered themselves Christians is following the teachings of Christ or using the name of Christ solely for political gain.
I have to disagree with you and I am not exactly sure what you are stating? I never claimed to be a mind reader. And I can have the opinion that there is nothing Christian about Nazi Doctrine just as others have opinions that Nazi and Christian are the same.
Because Jesus condemned the moral elistist Pharisees and embraced those who society rejected as sinners and immoral. He overturned religiosity and commanded us to follow the law of love. That is why I am gay and choose to follow Christ.
Guess what? Nazis also killed devout Christians. Look up Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Nazis used the Church for political gain. There is nothing Christian about Nazis. Just as there is nothing Christian about Neoconservatives/Religious Right.
i think alan chambers you would get the hint from god, if youve prayed enough and ur still not changing, i think u should start thinking that it maybe a sign from god that your not crazy, and that u should accept those feelings.
When did following Leviticus Law determine whether one is a Christian or not? Just because someone kills in the name of christianity doesn't mean they are following the teachings of Christ.
This is the only thing I want to know. Is this man capable of being a loving, caring generous husband--the husband of one wife. That is the only thing that women really care about.
There is a continuem here - If people are ready to change this might be the way- Hard to know as an outsider on this issue but all kinds of changes are possible.

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Les Brown's testimonial "Presentations that Sell" Boot Camp

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Fantastic! Couldn't be better! Congratulation! Looking forward to your boot camp on 21st to 24th Oct 2010 at LAX!

Retaining Wall drainage from Chris Orser Landscaping

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Sandhills Play of the Game

Sidney Knox with a nice rebound and hit ahead to Isaac Lyerly who finds a Ishmael Baldwin for the slam.
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