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Florida state university smoking ban Videos

FSU Bans Smoking

Intern Project: Smoking on the FSU campus

smoking in her room in university

Officers harass and profile young male over smoking - The Police State of Salt Lake City

Reposted to ensure website article does not become broken. These cops in their police state style of enforcement which became worse once the DoD started ...

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not to sure, but I think I thought I saw this a while back.
+Francis362003 You probably did, as stated in the first part of the description that it is reposted to ensure website article does not become broken. I have had well over 20 articles embedded with videos that were later removed, marked as private, or deleted which caused my articles to become broken. I was also not able to backup what I was saying without the video so now all videos that will have an article on the website will be posted to this channel. Sorry for any confusion this channel is not creating videos at this moment. We are waiting to get a higher quality mic as the one we have now sounds awful in Camtasia. We have tried other recording software with no luck. We will not make videos that have typed information to read, we will do that part for you soon as we get a microphone that doesn't sound horrible.
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