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Omaha nebraska fishing reports Videos

Wehrspann Lake - Ice Fishing

Bluegill and Crappie fishing today.

Nebraska Canal Fishing

My dad and one of his highschool buddies joined me on this day of fishing. He wanted to show him a thing or two about bass fishing the old ponds that they used ...

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Nice fishing
oh ps im rishi
Really fishing wow what a topic huh

nebraska game and parks

Crappie fishing at the Wehrspann Walkover bridge

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I have to share this story with you. About 10 years ago, I was in that exact same fishing hole your at in this video. I was probably 12 or 13 years old at time fishing for whatever would bit. Well, at the time I was there, I watched this older guy fly fish for crappie. He had to of caught a dozen of them while I was getting skunked with no bits. Time went by and the old guy commented over to me "they must of stopped bitting" and said' it's time for me to go home." So he left and moved on. I naturally thought to myself that I saw him catch fish over here. I'm going to fish that spot and hopefully catch something. I have a night crawler on with about six feet of line beneath the bobber. As soon as I drop that line in the water, that bobber took off and disappeared within the depths. Turns out the reason why the crappie stopped biting was because there was a 6 pound largemouth bass was sitting right where you were in your video. To this day, that fish is still my biggest largemouth bass I have ever caught. Very unexpected to me, scared me half to death. It's really cool to see at fishing hole on youtube today. That place is historic to me. For posting this video, you get a big thumbs up!!! Thank you my friend!!! Lol.
Great catch man! I've had so much fun out there! There are some monster cats lurking around there! I wish people would quit taking the big cats!
great job man! i subbed and was wondering if you could sub back? thanks!

Fishing wildwood for some channel catfish

Fishing for channel catfish in wildwood lake located in Lincoln NE. all catch and released.

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Hope you released them it is illegal to keep cars there
Nebraska ? Close to oaks???
Head to Agnew and you'll see the sign

Fishing Nebraska :: Davis Creek and Calamus

Wiper was 7 lbs and 20inches. Other fish were not weighed. WE DO NOT OWN THE SONGS. Subscribe, rate, and comment!

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YAY turned out great!!

Merritt III- One with Nature

Hunt'n Riggs get one with nature on Merritt Reservoir in the Nebraska Sandhills. Three days of non-stop fishing!

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Love the series I, II, III - excellent planning, filming, scripting, acting. The Hamburger Helper menu/theme is hysterical. I also like watching the success you had no matter the time of year - if I recall, I and II were in August, and III was June 4? I was up this past year with my father in mid-May. We fished the same areas you did, but didn't have quite the success. Your video make me want to drive back every weekend. This is the meaning of these videos to me. Thank you. Ken
I love this video of the Merritt Dam & Reservoir My Grandfather was JM Merritt who this reservoir is named after He passed away in 1940 and I never got a chance to know him but I am still very proud of his work. I live in California and I have not been to Nebraska for years but this video sure get's me thinking of what I've been missing. Thanks for this beautiful video. Bryan Merritt.
Awesome video. Thanks for taking the time to film that. Wanted to see what the reservoir was like
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