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Neurological disorders miniature schnauzer Videos

Mina the Dancing Dog

This is Mina! She's a 7 year old Schnauzer. The reason she walks so funny is that she has a neurological disorder, but that's only a small part of everything that ...

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She's actually been like this since she adopted us seven years ago, but she has lots of heart! I wish she could get better! :) @jcierrac What a cute poodle! I would find it very hard not to fall in love with him! Haha! :) Mina isn't epileptic. We haven't noticed any other problems than just the wiggling.
Wow, Ive never seen this before, Ive got a dog with a neurological disorder as well. A just turned 1 Poodle, check him out on my page. Is your dog also epileptic?

Jax August 26, 2008

Toy Schnauzer Jax exhibiting neurologic symptoms: wide-legged stance, (pathogenic) intention tremor, ataxia, and dysmetria. Suspected Cerebellar Abiotrophy.

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do you have e-mail? My dog is doing the same thing, both my puppies who are litter mates. Doctors have no idea what it is.


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what happened to him after this video. did he recover?

Gracie Paroxysmal Dyskinesia

Sept 2015 4th occurrence of this strange seizure over the last year or so. Most have been 6 months apart but the last two only a week apart but since this one it's ...

Anal sac disorder in the cat - Myanmar language

An educational video in Myanmar language to educate vet students.

Chinosis spider phobia removal with energy psychology

//thehypnotist.co.uk Jonathan Chase innovator of Chinosis based on self applied meridian therapy and neuro-symbolism hypnosis coaching a client to ...

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Surprised to see no comments here... I'm going through your videos in chronological order, and im surprised that there hasnt been any prior introduction to this "Chinosis", and im interested to know what was going on... Also, im a little upset your main website is slow, and buggy.. I was trying to look up pricing, and potentially extra stuff... I think if your still doing the seminars, it would be worth investing in a professional web design team that can relay the full potential of your events


Chihuahua with paroxysmal dyskinesia symptoms needs prayers!

Martin: 'This Was an Academic Scandal'

A months-long investigation of academic fraud at The University of North Carolina Chapel Hill finds the problems go back a decade earlier than a previous probe ...

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Hmmmm...just wondering if this concerned giving athletes credit and grades for courses never taken. Universities have been doing this kind of stuff like forever; some college athletes are, to put it politely, academically challenged.
I feel sorry for those who's transcripts and diplomas are no longer valid. Especially when they didn't ask for it.
Just more evidence of the Moral decay of America. Thanks to Democrats, Liberals, and Media.
To Hell in a handbag ... wee!
I AM here!!!

Harvey Our 7yo Fox-Red Lab After a Fit - Canine Paroxysmal Dyskinesia

Here is Harvey just after his initial recovery from a fit of paroxysmal dyskinesia. This fit lasted about 15-minutes, some have lasted close to an hour and been ...
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