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Yellow Naped Amazon's Mimicking

Short clip of Katy, the Yellow-naped Amazon

Gwen Woodard, owner of Strictly Feathers Bird Specialty Shop, shows off her Yellow-naped Amazon, Katy, Thursday, Nov. 20, 2014, in Fountain City.

Funny Yellow Naped Amazon's (At our local Petland.)

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what is the name of the bird that was on your shoulder

Save Our Rainforest - Topeka Zoo

Kids at the Topeka Zoo created a PSA about saving our Rainforests!

Negotiating gibbon release - Radio Gibbon - BBC

Chanee, founder of Radio Gibbon tries to convince a local timber merchant to release an illegally confined gibbon. He also tells of the retribution the team has ...

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hey there brainiac im not sure where you got your education on the evolution of the human species but its pretty much common knowledge we evolved from apes not monkeys. and dont try telling me that its the same thing because that would be complete nonsense. apes are bigger and have no tail where as monkeys are small with a tail. apes have the ability of recognize themselves in a mirror as well as many other intelligent features that monkeys lack. you wanna judge me for disliking monkeys go ahead
but to tell me we evolved from these nasty things is crap. and just because i dont like monkeys does not make me some animal hating nazi. so before you go around spewing nonsense and wild accusations judging people on their opinion which i am entitled to have you should go look in the mirror and ask yourself what opinions you have that others dont agree with and then ask yourself if you would want to have garbage flung at you for having them because im pretty sure you are far from perfect chachi
then once they become too much for the owner to deal with they are put in a cage usually by themselves with no stimuli to keep them busy. this causes them to go completely insane making even more aggressive. i personally cant stand monkeys, i find them to be vile, disgusting creatures but even i would not put them in a cage to rot away slowly from neglect and indifference. i think it would be far more humane to take it to the forest and release it. if they`re so smart it should be able to adapt.
i cant see why people would want a monkey as a so called pet, even when they are babies. they cant be taught to go to the bathroom outside or use a potty. they have to be diapered for life and once they reach adolescence the males jerk off all the time and the females are disgusting when the go into heat or whatever you want to call it. as well 9 3/4 times out of 10 they become violent and aggressive biting people. and then there's all the nasty diseases like hep A/B you can get from being bit
If you want to help them, the best thing you can do is donate money. even just a few dollars goes a long way in the 3rd world. among the many things they use the money for, part of it is used it to buy the animals from people who dont want to give them up. There are many conservation organizations that deal with illegally traded animals that get stuck in the same under-funding rut
Dude would have a much better chance of getting the gibbon released if he'd stop acting so demanding and condescending toward the woodworker. It may not be what he says, but this guy's attitude just SHINES through loud and clear. Nobody likes being treated as though they're thought of as inferior and stupid. Treating others in this way rarely secures cooperation or agreement.
I'm afraid we never managed to rescue her, after several attempts. Very common story. But Chanee has successfully rescued many many gibbons with more positive outcomes. Its a tough place, and a tough job.
Chanee is very good at winning people over. He understands the local people well having lived there for many years, and has the utmost respect for the local communities.
the founder of this gibbon rescue program is such an exceptional and noble human. i hope the best for them and encourage everyone to donate what they can.
by the way did you even read what i said or did you just pick out the parts you dont agree with so you could get up on you soap box and spew nonsense?
A vile disgusting creature that we all happened to evolve from, into an increasingly vile species with no regard to our beautiful, beautiful planet
there needs to be a shadowy conservation group who sneak in at night and LIBERATE and then return to the wild such poor creatures
nothing happened. nothing ever happens. conservation work is not easy in that sense.
there should be more people like this guy and more press spaces like BBC
Good God this is sad, it breaks my heart to see that gibbon in the cage
But what happened! Please add the conclusion!
that owner is a scumbag such a lowlife
Channee means gibbon in Thai!
Show me your...?

Bird Watching - Peaceful Bird Watching at the Zoo

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