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Oakland zoo annual report Videos

Elephants beat the heat at a South Korean zoo by munching on blocks of ice

As summer hits the country, animals in a South Korean zoo beat the summer with iced food and cold showers. . Report by Jennifer Cordingley.

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I used to volunteer at Oregon zoo. One on my regular duties was taking ice to varius animals. We did this every two weeks.
wow they chew down ice like we do, except we hew it down in smaller sizes
Iced livers - yum

Zoo to You: Floating Teeth & Annual Vaccines

Jeremy follows the vet staff as they perform a few tasks to keep the animals happy and healthy.

Our new Asian bull elephant settles in

Granda Reports' Tim Scott reports from Chester Zoo as 11 year old Asian bull elephant Aung Bo settles in to his new home. The biggest new arrival at the zoo in ...

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Greetings from Budapest, just a day by day friend to Assam (bull asian elephant, born 2000 in chester zoo) :-)

U2 Oakland Stadium 6-19-97 Bullet the blue sky Master

Always had a soft spot for U2, to me they were treading that fine line of punk and new wave. Naturally being a punk at heart i could relate, especially with the ...

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PopMart Tour, my favourite U2 time! They were creative to the point of this execllent song Miami that could be danced, and using the normal U2 irony segued into Bullet´s message anti-war anthem...
bullet to the blue sky (L)
This vid is quality!..
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