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07 19 2013 1250 hrs Rocky Point Fire 42 Cobblestone Drive Shoreham, NY

Fire occurred on Friday 07/19/2013 at approx. 12:50 hrs. after a house located at 42 Cobblestone Drive in Shoreham, Long Island, NY was reportedly struck by ...

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Don't knock firefighters until you've put the gear on and gone inside Fulltime, or volunteer, it doesn't matter. We do the job because we love it. We put our lives on the line every call, just so others are safe. Little Blitz 85 LZFD Retired
Sometimes f***

Blossom, Texas 217 W. Main Structure fire Part 2

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I did I see this correctly? Did the first due engine co. run out of water and then have to wait for the second due engine co to try and find a fire plug and then run them the hose. I didn't see that did I? Sometimes when you get to fire it is better run down to the fire plug hook up and then double back the minute or two it take to do that can save someones life. Again break some windows and attempt to vent the fire. These are basics! It was to late for this house. Please use videos to train!
Yah I agree Blink , However we are lucky enough our Chiefs are not like that lol , As a Capt. in a fire situation such as this , I try n find the least experienced so they can get some nozzel time. Its good for company morale and makes em feel good lol.
You never fail to capture incredible footage. Thank you for sharing!

Homeless shelter starts building fire 3000 Christmas Way in Coquitlam November 03 2013 Bcnewsvideo

Homeless shelter starts building fire 3000 Christmas Way in Coquitlam November 03 2013 Bcnewsvideo British Columbia Canada Filmed by Bcnewsvideo.

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//youtu.be/Yl5yoy7i6_o It happens here too!

Chatty Geese

Working House Fire on N Artizan St, Willamsport, Md 7/17/2013

Williamsport Fire and EMS responds to a working house fire in town. Truck 2's OIC's Helmet Camera.

Plainview House Fire 5/4/13

Just after 1800 hours the Plainview FD was alerted for a house fire (reported kitchen) at #2 Eton Ct. As units started responding, a 2nd call was received ...

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Nice job.We have very good fire services here on LI.Great training.Some of the members of the FDNY are also serving in many of the volly companies on the island.
House fires are a scary thing, Was recently in a house fire in April.. was like trying to walk with a blanket over my head.
I didn't say that.l will say that there are none better in the world than the thirteen thousand member fdny.
Somebody needs to smack the guy in the doorway wearing a t-shirt and shorts! That's just utterly stupid.
first crew in had great support... their hose line was looped for easy movement... awesome crew.
he is fdny so its ok to be in shorts at the door fucking jerkoff
what happen to venting and ladders to second floor
I hope whoever lived in that house was ok.
Hit it hahd, from the yahd....


At 8 a.m. this morning Caney Creek Fire Department responded to a reported house fire on Metts Road just off FM 1485. When they arrived the fireplace and ...

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In the beginning the two man one hose crew did everything they could. They were aggressive and covered the largest are to control the overall fire. The things I would advise would be to always adjust the nozzle so you are covering the widest area BUT, still controlling wind or fire energy. A steady stream at short range wastes 80% of the water which falls on the ground. When you settle down to extinguishing the fire be patient and complete one area at a time from the bottom up. You can only do so much but you must finish as you go along otherwise the materials can rekindle and follow you through the house as the fireplace area did. It's best to chose the safest way to extinguish a fire. You can go inside and follow it through the house but then you are exposed to smoke, heat and fire. If you can see the burning fuel from outside the front door or the two upstairs rooms, hit the visible fire from there using a medium to wide spray and thoroughly extinguish each space. If there are victims inside, they will appreciate the cooler air and the reduction of fire around them. With the fire 85% controlled, then you can go into a safer building to remove victims and mop up. if the fire is still raging and you can't see, you are no good to yourself or the victims. Stop the threat NOW! Water will not push fire or create steam when applied by a fire hose. Never climb on a roof to vent for all the obvious reasons. IF you have to reduce hot gases from the attic, remove the louvers from the already existing gable end vents of make the holes larger. Extinguish attic fire by inserting a wide open spray nozzle into a small ceiling hole and wave it around. Each floor from the bottom up should be horizontally vented by removing the upper sash window glass followed by water on the burning fuel.. keep it safe and simple and think for yourself.
All you armchair firefighters kill me! Lets see... 1.Fire can't be pushed by a hose stream, educate yourself! 2. Exterior operations where conducted, and kept the fire in check long enough, until a proper number of personnel were on scene to initiate an interior attack. If you don't operate like this, educate yourself! 3. The operation of an exterior line though the window most likely aided the interior attack by "resetting" the fire in that room. That line flowed for approximately 30 seconds, just enough to cool the room. If you noticed the interior attack line was on the B side of the house when this was done. Most 2 story homes have a center stairwell so this means the fire was behind them, most likely between them and their best means of escape. The room has obviously transitioned to flashover which means its moving other places soon. These are the things Maydays are made of! Educate yourself! 4. Lastly if you have know idea about anything I'm saying, educate yourself! Overall good operation by a well trained fire department(s)!
Wightout754 - Your dead on Anyone watch the last two years of FDIC? You cant push fire with water, it just doesnt happen and the interior attack crew where still on the first floor, throwing some water upstairs probably just cooled that house by over 100F, making interor operations a million times easier. If you used a master stream from a ladder, yes you are putting your interior crew at risk but not with a handline hitting the ceiling with an indriect attack. This is the new age of Firefighting, telling guys to grow some balls and get in there with no one on the grass to back them up if shit goes down hill is not safe. You need to keep up to date with current training and firefighting methods.
good ole prefab fireplaces. I'm not a fireman yet I know of so many fires from these it's not even funny. Doesn't matter if they are wood or gas burning or how they are installed, they are not safe. They should be outlawed.
WTF? @ 2:09 you put handline into service, into the 2nd story window side A, while you have an interior crew, working on the 2nd floor?!?! Trying to kill these guys?!
No...it was the YouTube Fire Critics who put the fire out. These 'volunteers' with their fingers up their butts didn't do anything...right assholes?!?!
Send these guys BACK to the fire academy and have their officers attend risk management classes NOW, for heavens sake!
i would be really mad at my friend if I came home and my house was burned down.
Exterior line when you have a crew inside??? Trying to bake your interior crew?
Going in a light weight construction after the roof was fully involve wow.
You don't think fulltimers have ever done something stupid?
it is physically impossible to push fire with a hoseline.
Yay on saving the doggie. Or whatever was in that crate.
Nice job at pushing the fire through the whole house.
cmon fellas grown some balls and get the eff inside.
And..to the camera person, easy on the breathing !!
@FirstDue I was wandering the same thing....
Wow..that's how firefighters are killed
Nearly as good as nothing.
That fire is a demon.
looks like volunteers

S. Manito Blvd Structure Fire - Raw Video

Fully involved garage fire with extension to house. Because of reports of a victim in the garage, call was upgraded to second alarm response. No victim was ...

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Why isn't every fire, immediately a 2nd alarm? Is there some shortage of fire trucks? Are fires like no big deal?
+david brunner Trash Trucks and Lawn CareBut why not send an extra fire truck, just in case? If they do need to send for more firefighting resources, why not avoid the delay and send for it right away?Sometimes, it does not take much time for a small fire to become big, especially with lazy American firefighters who wander around like they don't know what to do or they think it is some training exercise, and they take 5 minutes to even get some water onto the fire.
+Yosef MacGruber  because lot's of times the fire is small enough and there is enough people that they can handle it all by themselves
Just a thought for everyone saying "break the window Stupid"..... How do you quickly re-close a smashed window once broken? The answer... you don't. If you knew anything about fire and ventilation you wouldn't be saying to take the window. That being said, yes, these firefighters need to work on their forcible entry skills.
if you look closely there is no smoke condition within the main stucture. You can see all the way thru to the fire in the back. There is no IDLH  at this time, 
Sledgehammer to the door might have done the trick.
Would have done the trick. My first set of irons to the door is a Halligan and a 10# sledge with a cut-down handle. Works every time.
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