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China military car Videos

2016, 2017 Chinese armored military vehicle, Chinese Army Police autos, Hammer

2016, 2017 Chinese armored military vehicle, Chinese Army Police autos, big SUV Chinese armored,military vehicle,Chinese Police,Chinese armored military ...

2016, 2017 Chinese armored military vehicle, Chinese Army Police autos, big SUV YouTube

2016, 2017 Chinese armored military vehicle, Chinese Army Police autos, big SUV Chinese armored,military vehicle,Chinese Police,Chinese armored military ...

Chinese HOWO off-road military vehicle/中国重汽HOWO军用卡车 (Howo的军用版.)

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Actually it's a fact. The cars like Hoover and SSangYong are known for being cheap and not very durable. This truck isn't reliable, I'd bet on it. It's true that they can produce high quality products also but that happens just in a few cases, for big foreign companies. The Chinese companies don't make a lot of products.
@vince0939323139 你学学看 。看你们台湾学的像什么。。sb现在文明什么都是学西方的 知道不。sb一个要这样说没有我们的火药发明哪有这些武器啊 sb只会直线推理
One more thing. It's an army vehicle so it should be pretty well manufactured but if it was for civilian purpose or for export it wouldn't be that well manufactured. Only the military Versions are reliable!
World has changed china is producing most reliable equipments. plz open any hp, dell, etc laptop etc u will c made in china on it. its propaganda that china produces low quality unreliable equipment etc.
World is now Made in China China magnetic train ( Train by Germany) elevated rail road built by Chinese have accuracy of 2mm .....no other construction even close to it. stop discrimination . peace
chinese tatra.....even copied the commercial....not bad. as they say...when you copy it, make it better...i hope. this sure would flare guys from europe.
They didn't even show it driving through mud, everything was paved except for a small dirt road with a puddle.
@vince0939323139 恩 因为有几个轮子和车身就证明是copy的
hmmm... i didn't see much there that my 1981 240D wouldn't do. LOL!
what about icy road test for performance?
it'll never beat the Mercedes Unimog....
wow what a cool truck i need 1 hehehe
simple KAMAZ (of Russia) chassis ;-)
@SuperButch888 it's not better

Crazy Chinese Military Drill

When you come across a funny video, make sure to send it in here. I'll credit you for helping me find it! //the2bucks.com/submit.php?form=reallife Epic ...

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I can do that easy no problem, only if I'm the first guy though not the last :P

Light Wheeled Armoured Vehicle China Army Recognition

Light Wheeled Armoured Vehicle China Army Recognition Army,Soldiers,Troops,Weapons,Fighter Aircraft,Tanks,Submarines,Warships,Navy,Air Force,Missiles ...

ZFB05 Chinese anti-riot disperse wheeled armoured vehicle China Chinese

ANTI-RIOT DISPERSE PROTECTED ARMOURED VEHICLE ZFB05 The anti-riot disperse vehicle version of ZFB05 is based of the chassis of ZFB05 standard ...

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@dozzerkid The only reason you have guns is to shoot people, I wasn't aware they execute looters in your country, or that the military is legally allowed to perform police duties since that dictator started executing politicans over there during that war with the southern confederate states that he illegally started.. Nor was I aware that military and police are interchangable, or that your excuse is good... Sounds to me like you need to form militias to defend your rights and stop this nonsense
@gh3860 Austala-New Zealand will be new world super power, when we stop feeding china it will die, when we start feeding us we become number one weapons/industrial producer. We have largest reserves of free ironsands and production of titanium! We have richest lands in world, we become new superpower and kick idiot international bullies, and imigrant invaders of our lands! We tell you what to do not the other way arround..
er..yeah? like Americans use their fully equiped MARINES on City of New Orleans back to 2005 when it was hit by Hurricane Katrina??? I don't understand why would you use someone with guns and grenades to rescure people who got surrounded by FLOOD? Well at least that never happen in CHINA! SO +1 to CHINA and -1 to USA~
@igorigo I dont get why so many Australians hate Americans or Russians. Russia and America are superpowers (1 with an idiot leader obama) So technically Russia is superior than your country, since we can do business with out government regulations, We are a Super Power and finally we are stronger in troops.
@Conservativepacheat acutally you would be wrong about the uprising. there is anti uprising system in china. and not only that 600 million just got out porverty. so if there is a uprising. it wouldn't be like tiananmen square. it would like around 1000 people at most
@iamjacobnz be super powers with what soldiers, if Australia stop feeding to asia China will invade, all of the south eastern Asian countries will invade. You also have a prime minister who licks China and United States of America ass.
u clearly see its real operational function is as a bio chemical agent spraying apc china claims for law and order operations of course neve know when u need to gass out a full tibetan village
Im sure the reason why they are so similar to grenade launching military vechiles is: They actually kill their own people. They are hiding the true extent of their military..
American use tanks to run over cars of poor Iraqi families, yet these fat racist terrorist demons still wonder why people are out in the streets shooting at their slob asses
It looks pretty effective. Its good that their willing to develop nonlethal ways to deal with riots since much of china's conflicts have been internal.
@igorigo I realize your comment is 8 months old, but they were there to deter looters from stealing shit...
@tipex12 no you missunderstand this is for babies / kids birthday parties when it gets abit out of hand
thats good! using machine guns and cannon to control riot masses... cheap way for birth control too.
Each country in the world has their own way of dealing with riots, so stop bitching about it!
@igorigo Maybe they where out of ropes and used guns to pull people out of the mud :)

15 killed in car bomb attack at Syria military checkpoint

At least 15 people were killed and 35 others wounded, when a car bomb tore through a military checkpoint in the south of the capital Damascus on Monday.
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