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China's military challenge Videos

Chinese Military Use Rap Video to Lure Young Recruits

Chinese Military Use Rap Video to Lure Young Recruits China's military has released a rap music video as part of a campaign to lure young recruits, the latest ...

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t's a little harder to brainwash the chinese population in 2016
easiest brainwash the western population in 2016
+Eric Joseph not everything is brainwashed in China,Love our country and protect our home is a mission for everybody.

China's military faces increasing security challenges

Pnyx interviews Professor Thomas Mahnken - China's Military Rise: Challenges for the U.S. Navy

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the US has done simulations of air air battles with China and one of China's strategy is to deplete US missiles with old planes. When you run out of missiles there is nothing really you can do but run back . It takes 3 days to sail to China. Even if you bring all your carriers (11 carriers x 80 fighters each). It is still not enough. 3000+ old planes + 2000 new fighters + 300 battle ships... You do the math...not going to work.
all big talk but when the US economy falls, u can say goodbye to the american empire
your country is broke no money......


English/Nat The U-S monitors China's military moves "on a minute-by-minute basis," watching for a misstep that could ignite conflict. That's according to U-S ...
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