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Oakland schools d\u0026d Videos

The Highlife Band - D&D (Never Take My Rights)

Official Music Video. ©2012 Silo Records. All rights reserved. Written and performed by The Highlife Band. www.thehighlifeband.com ...

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Awesome! Moboogie needs to have The Highlife band play for them!
dope sauce

D&D project final test

This device was built for a fifth semester Design and Development class in the Automation and Robotics program at Centennial College. It converts linear action ... //feedablog.com/reviews/513-saeco-hd8423-11-poemia-macchina-espresso-manuale-nero.html

Occupy Oakland, Voter Suppression | Heroes and Villains

Abby Martin highlights Veteran, Scott Olson for standing up to Oakland PD during Occupy Oakland one year ago today and calls out Pat Moran, son of Rep.

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Oakland PD, shame on you for not respecting basic human rights of citizens and a hero. Treason committed by Rep. Jim Moran with the help of his moron son. Forgot to teach him how to not get caught eh, I guess. Why not live by : honesty is the best policy. It gives you good night sleep and a sense of purpose.
Good point! As bad as the USA is, we still allow more freedom of speech & assembly than most countries. Cuba is another good example. Occupy Wall Street, aside from any police actions that were overly-brutal, exists only to redistribute more income from those who have, to those who have not.
Has this woman ever reported on the fate of anti-Putin protesters in Moscow? Why rag on countries that guarantee the right to protest and then work for a propaganda "news" channel of a country that beats up protesters? Spend a week a Russia, lady. See what protesting there is like.
This whole thing kind of reminds me of what we seen in the past... Acorn a few years ago...
The world is one giant organism, and an organism can't survive at war with itself!
fucking fractured skull for being a great person. pathetic behavior
Clearly, voter fraud is rife - Jim Moran is right about that.
This IS why RT is my News Service!

TO SLAY A DRAGON (Player/Spoiler-Free Cut)

A faster, shorter cut of the trailer to show to players; this contains no product page views or maps which the players shouldn't see. An old-school adventure for ...
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