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Winnipeg canada dwi Videos

Dui Kalar Kathopokothon - Pranab Debnath and Asit Dey, Winnipeg, Canada

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Pavelec speaks to media on DUI conviction

January 9, 2013 - Winnipeg Jets goalie Ondrej Pavelec spoke today for the first time since being convicted of drinking and driving in Czech Republic not long ...

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Hahahaha! Who gives a crap! People.. He got unlucky did you even hear his story? In Russia drinking is so acceptable. He probably didn't even think about it again till he hit the western world. He deffinetely does not give two sh*ts. And also, this is horrible, scary for me. I am playing AAA in one age ahead of my own and am Russian hoping to be in the NHL. I have been arrested with drug trafficking I really hope people pull a stick out of their ass and stop being so cynical by that time.
um..... wtf are you talking about? Are you illiterate or just plain stupid? Or both? I said In russia.. Comparing to my country, this that. Who did I insult? I insulted stuck up people like "alltheluck" who try and make him feel bad for what he does: drinking. Im saying drinking is no big deal, Conservative government makes us believe otherwise and ruins peoples reps like his, though he is a good person!!
Ondrej Pavelec is not from Russia, he's from Czech Republic! Learn some geography first before you start to insult other people!
Drunk driving is not acceptable anywhere, what a loser
Alltheluck you suck he is a much better than you.
he is a pretty good guy ... smart and good hearth
Alltheluck he is amazing u suck
alltheluck u suck he is awesome
lol shit head

Arizona Dui Lawyer

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World's Dumbest Criminals- DUI Dumbest

I Glad Its In Arkansas- I Don't Owe The Rights To This.

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don't worry, if your still this deranged after the alcohol has warn off then theres a nice place waiting for you. Comfortable room, nice food, lots of people who always come around to see you, everythings white, and you get a new outfit (straight jacket)
lol i think like that when i'm sane cuz i am a sadist and wish to see his ideas come to live but unfortunately in my *imagination* cuz dumbass got himself arrested....but liquor really makes you talk out of it
Poor guy, I agree with the criminal. I know how ya feel buddy. Unless you are only saying that stuff because you're drunk.
"You don't understand me..." Uh, I feel I do. You're a pathetic, emo loser trying to drink himself to death. Please do so.
so..burning everyone alive is okay, but fuck you say "kill" and everything goes hay-wire, yeah okay you people
"you think i'm crazy, sir?" Cop:no i think you're drunk Me:i think he might be a tad bit crazy(no offence)
dude he's just being funny...so jokes on you...fucking awesome tim....I do understand you sir i do
I graduated with this goofball.. He's actually a marine now and has since then cleaned up his act!
Even though he is super drunk and should not have been driving i cant help but feel bad for him
no ociffer there is no blood in my alcohol stream i am wobbly because my brain is swimming
You have a right to remain silent, what you just said wont be used in the court of law.
You have the right to remain silent, but you obviously don't have the ability.....
i am guessing this guy is deeper and more sensitive drunk than he ever is sober.
I know this isn't jeff hardy, but this sounds like jeff hardy drunk doesn't it?
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