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Home birth in nb Videos

Pastor Larry Huch - Christmas and Jesus' Birth - NB Church - December 16, 2015

Because we often don't see things through the Jewish perspective we miss key understandings. While as believers we celebrate Jesus' birth during the winter, ...

Home birth

#140 - Cruising New Brunswick / Old Time Music By The Doiron Brothers

140 - Cruising New Brunswick / Old Time Music By The Doiron Brothers....... Greeting Family & Friends....... You will find many enjoyment visiting the Maritime ...

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That was fantastic Alyre and Lorenzo loved it my friends .
+rockingphil58 Hello PhilThank you so much for your visit and nice comments... If you ever have a chance to visit New Brunswick, The Acadians celebration is the best in August... Glad to know that you like the video and music.... Wishing you and family as very nice week.... Friends, Yvonne, Alyre & Lorenzo.
Had to listen to it again. Just love it. Ken and Karen
+Ken Whitt Hello KenThank you so much.... Your visits and nice comments sure want to make us play some more... It is my Birthday Monday, June the 8th... 76 year young... Hope my fingers keep on going. lol... Wish you and Karen a very nice weekend.... Friends, Yvonne, Alyre & Lorenzo.
Wow Alyre , this awesome video is just so amazing , beautiful seenary , and loads of great music to booth , wow such a treat to all who can relate , you guys did an excellent job on this and even though I'm not from your town , just listening to and watching this makes me feel as though I would sure love to pay a visit , and the pleasure would be all mine , thumbs up , way up .....Bobby
+Bobby James Hello BobbyThank you so much for your visit and nice comments..... New Brunswick has many nice places to visit... One is the Acadians celebration in August 1st to the 15th.,.. I am sure you would like it.... Glad to know that you like the video and music with Mandolin and Guitar..... Wishing you and family a very nice week... Friends, Yvonne, Alyre & Lorenzo.
... Awww...you both so sweet n did a wonderful work5*!... Thank you so much 4fabulous sharing...very love it
+Champa Sor ..Hello ShampaAlways so nice receiving your visits.. Thank you also for your lovely comments... Glad to know that you enjoyed the video and our old time music.... Part 4 to follow shortly.. Wish you and family a very lovely week... Friends, Yvonne, Alyre & Lorenzo.
#140 - Cruising New Brunswick / Old Time Music By The Doiron Brothers This is Star Beauty Queen of my main channel! My channels all subbed to your channel! Very nice ! ☆⌒(*^-゚)v Thanks!! ゚・:,。★\(=^・・^=)♪ありがとう(=^・・^=)♪/★,。・:* .♪。★*・゚・Bye!(ノ*'-')ノBye!・*.♪。・゚・。.☆.* バイw(●⌒∇⌒●)wバイ
+Star Beauty Queen Thank you so much for your visits, subs and lovely comments.... Glad to know that you enjoyed our videos and music.... Wishing you and family a very lovely coming week... Friends, Yvonne, Alyre & Lorenzo.
#140 - Cruising New Brunswick / Old Time Music By The Doiron Brothers It's great video §^。^§very good (^_-) 。.:♪*:・'♪(*⌒ー⌒)o∠★:゚*PAN! My channel subbed to your channel! ゚・:,。★\(=^・・^=)(^_^)//★,。・:・゚
+Star Beauty Japan ..Hi..Thank you so much for your visit and lovely comments.... Glad to know that you enjoy viewing our video and music.... Wishing you and family a very beautiful Sunday... Friends, Yvonne, Alyre & Lorenzo.
#140 - Cruising New Brunswick / Old Time Music By The Doiron Brothers Thumb up!§^。^§very good (^_-) 。.:♪*:・'(⌒―⌒))) スペシャルスマイル My channel subbed to your channel! ★,。・:*:・゚☆♪(=^・・^=)ヽ(^-^ )♪・゚★,。・:*:・゚☆ ゚
+Star Beauty TV HelloThank you so much for your visit and nice comments.... New Brunswick has many many beautiful places to visit.... Glad to know that you like the video and music.... Wishing you and family a wonderful Sunday.... Friends, Yvonne, Alyre & Lorenzo.
Alyre & Lorenzo , is a very good music , my friends ! :-)
+Виктор Любгутский Thank you so much for your visit and nice comments..... Glad to know that you like the video and enjoyed our old time music... Part two to follow shortly.... Wishing you a very nice week... Friends, Yvonne, Alyre & Lorenzo.
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+Ritchie Wolveshead . Hello Ritchie.. It seem that a lot of these beautiful videos from many will get a thumb down..... Its terrible to be that way.... Life must be miserable to not enjoy .... Thank you for the comment.... See you soon.... Friends, Yvonne, Alyre & lorenzo.
What a wonderfull / beautifull upload ,it fills your heart with joy ! .
+Ritchie Wolveshead . Hello RetchieThank you so much for your visit and nice comments.... Tourism will now be visiting and made this video with just a touch of the many beautiful places you could visit in New Brunswick..... Part two to follow shortly..... Glad to know that you like the video and music.....Wishing you and family a very nice week... Friends, Yvonne, Alyre & lorenzo.


This is my pregnancy and birth story. I decided quite early on in my pregnancy that I wanted a scheduled cesarean and after many months of research and ...

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You're birthing story has got to be one of the funniest ones I've seen. Just in the way you told it. I was laughing so hard. "I'd like to be two Martinis into this already."
+Michelle B seriously though!
Ahh I wish I had a csection both boys had terrible midwifes who wouldn't even give me i pain relief and I have big babies 9pd 120z this one ive found an amazing midwife and having an elective epidural as I had a seizure after my youngest wish in New Zealand we had the choice but we have to pay quite abit to get one
+Rach White I'm so sorry. It's a dramatic experience as it is... It doesn't need to be complicated by people! You poor thing
I had an emergency c-section with our oldest, I was induced, then he was in distress, I had pre eclampsia so after hours of painful contractions I practically snogged the doctor when he said a c-section was to be done! fast forward five years and due to a lack of movements we nearly lost our now two year old at 39 weeks. I Was whisked for an emergency c section after being monitored (he was really distressed to the point if I had gone to bed he wouldn't be here), My husband missed it as he was at work in London and it was the scariest night of my life. In hind site I always knew I wouldn't give birth naturally - I think you know and it's been something I have struggled with but I wish I had planned the second c section, as it would of been done at 38 weeks with my husband there and calm! But so thankful my baby was ok and that's the main thing xxxx
+Deanne Winks you are right, our instincts are strong, I don't know why we don't listen to them more, but sometimes it just feels like a niggle... I'm sorry you had such a scary time and I know what you mean about snogging the dr
After a traumatic 39 hour induction, when my BIG baby got stuck round the wrong way, I was thrilled when my doctor said I'd be heading for a c-section! Felt right for me, I was born in theatre, I'm a theatre nurse, I knew some of the staff & there was no way I'd ever have been able to have delivered naturally as we was in the crown position & back to back. Couldn't have been more relaxed & get what you mean about 2 martinis down! Of course all that really matters is that baby & mama are safe & healthy, it really doesn't matter how we arrive into the world. Can't wait for the next instalment!
+victoriaslittlesecrets exactly right... It's one of those situations where the journey doesn't matter as much as the destination. X
U are amazing mum! I end up having c section as my baby didn't turn to right position ... And we found about it at 38 weeks...! Despite midwife reassuring me that baby was in right position ... After 2 miscarriage I was so anxious and nervous ... Omg!!! Being a mum is so so hard! X
+tolka80 agreed. Sorry for your losses x
Nice to hear a positive c section story! I had an emergency c section at 32 weeks with my first and absolutely felt that I had failed at the first hurdle of parenthood! Gotta love the drugs though - I think I entertained many a midwife and my husband with my ramblings during my second labour!
+Catherine Franklin oh my mouth ran away with itself in recovery... Pure nonsense. Hilarious!
thanks for sharing, can you share abit about the recovery after the c section. just really want to here someone's honest experience rather than a generic hospital leaflet. X
+Holly Speight I will, I will!
OMG I totally put it on all over! I thought I was the only one who was also pregnant in her bum, neck, face, sides, hands! etc. etc. etc. ha ha xx
+Emily Norris shut up! Gorgeous sauce
I really wish I'd had a c section as I'm telling you it ain't the same running anymore and I wouldn't wish forceps on anyone . Thanks for sharing doll love you xx
+Along Came Jay ha!
Yay another elective Csection love hearing you chat :) you have such a calming voice
+Chloefurlong Thank you lovely Chloe x
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