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Nhs homebirth vbac Videos

Homebirth baby Robinson (Homebirth.)

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Dechlan Yates Smith Birth Video

This video is about Dechlan Yates Smith.

Birth of Marritt Hanson on July 18/2014 at St. Catharines Hospital

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Today I have become a grandpa at 40!

The Business of Being Born...check it out!

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i will try to ck it out i hate buying videos too....i had a c section because the baby's heartrate was dropping to 60 and my b/p was through the roof 200's over 100's ...but i do believe if i had had a better midwife (better pushing technique) could have went better (baby was face up so there was difficulty getting him out, i pushed 2 1/2 hrs but i dont think they knew he was face up til the end)...oh my goodness if i was tied down and no epidural i would have literally passed out.
i go to a practice so i didnt have a choice which midwife its whoever is on call that day (big mistake) my midwife was barely paying attention did not tell me the most effective way to push til it was too late, kept leaving the room to call people and kept checking her pager or text messages the whole time i was pushing (didnt hardly see her til pushing time).....urgh....so make sure yours is a good one!
i didnt really like this movie i am gonna have to have a c-section will all my future kids and this movie mad it seem like it was the worst thing ever yeah it has really good facts but its a remiinder of what i can never do
yay.. i like seeing you better and hearing you much better!!!
@mel11789 watch it and let me know what you thing :D
I gotta go watch it!

ciaza mnoga- porod naturalny i historia o poczatku emigracji .

Jest to nasza historia , troche naszych uczuc , obaw i marzen ktore sie spelnily ;)

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Dla mnie to straszne ze kliniki nie są przygotowane a lekarze odmawiają prowadzenia ciąży. Wiem doskonale jaki to rodzaj ciąży jednak w Polsce bez najmniejszego problemu znajdzie się dobrego lekarza a tym bardziej żaden szpital nie odmawia pomocy. Ja mam sporo komplikacji i co dwa tygodnie muszę jeździć do szpitala ale nigdy nikt nie powiedział mi że mnie nie przyjmie. Całe szczęście że taki piękny poród się udał, tego bardzo zazdroszczę i powodzenia w codzienności :)
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