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The crowd topped 30000 and lined Veterans Boulevard for over a mile. Old, young, black, white, rich, poor. Coming together side-by-side to welcome home our ...

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Awesome video. Still gives me damn goose bumps... haha it would be hard to make a bad video out of something so amazing, but still that was nicely put together

TAWNY, GALOPINO, & SAFE HOMES?! - Gangstar New Orleans

Hello there, YouTube user! It looks like you have teleported to my channel, faulksap! May sound like an unusual name, don't you think so? Anyways, welcome to ...

Bicentennial of Margaret of New Orleans 1813-1882 birth at Tully Carrigallen Leitrim 15 June 2013

This project commemorates the Bicentennial of Margaret of New Orleans 1813-1882 birth at Tully Carrigallen Leitrim on 15 June 2013. The photos were taken ...

Renaissance of the New Orleans Music Scene

More Live Music/Live Performance Venues The city that gave birth to jazz and the first US city to build an opera house now has more options for live ...

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Great job on putting this video together - tradition will always have a place in NOLA

Rebirth Brass Band - 25th Anniversary

1. Here to Stay 3:58 2. Remember When 4:05 3. Right Foot - Rebirth Got Fire - Feel Like Funkin It Up Pt 1 &Amp 17:16 4. Trouble 10:10 5. Come On Home - Ain't ...

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please take this down. don't give away their music for free like this please. these guys don't make a lot of money. if you really like this band and their music, respect them enough to not steal their music and give it away for free. please take this down.
well you could also listen to free short previews of all their music before buying on itunes or amazon. but why would anyone buy it or go see them play if they can just get it for free. it's no different than stealing a purse from a store because you want to try it out for a while before you decide if you want to buy it.
+Scott Brian unless you're like me and want to hear the band before you go drop $25 on a show. They've got two folks showing up to a show just based on this video
I've got an eargasm!
+CrayonLaser I'm right there with ya, brother.
This isn't Rebirth of New Orleans - this is the 25th anniversary album - still great though. Correct track listing is here: //www.amazon.com/25th-Anniversary-Rebirth-Brass-Band/dp/B001AZ87DQ
yes of course, sorry. Corrected

Papa Don Vappie's New Orleans Jazz Band - Please Come Home For Christmas

Album: Putumayo Presents - New Orleans Christmas (2006)

MAZE Live In New Orleans album

You 00:00:00 Changing Times 00:06:20 Joy And Pain 00:11:29 Happy Feelings 00:21:00 Southern Girl 00:26:18 Look At California 00:32:35 Feel That You're ...

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when you find this on cd, a couple of songs are missing. i heard a few times that there was a compleat cd version, but i've never found it. can anyone help me? the search has been a minor holy grail for me. thanks.
+Sutelc thanks, i'll look for it. is apple music different than i-tunes? i thought i had looked there and not seen a complete album.
Yeah it's a shame that they cut songs from the CD. Both Apple Music and Google Play have the whole album, with no songs omitted.
The only reason why the white boys don't put it on their best live lists of all time is because they aren't cool enough to have heard it. This is the real Godfather, King and God of Soul/Funk/R&B...
I'm addicted to the video concert of this. Of course, on You Tube. gonna see if I can buy it.The album here is MUCH better, sound and volume-wise, unfortunately.:(  But all great anyway! Yeah, I been listening to it all my life as well. :)
+Michael Nicholson I couldn't agree more. I have been listening to various music styles related to Afro-American Culture for more then 40 years, and there isn't anything better in this world. Maze is superclass, with the "less is more "attitude, nothing spectacular but so much class, style. I compare it in a certain sense with Miles Davis trumpet playing where the "less is more" attitude made him one of the most innovate jazz musicians that ever lived.
I agree! :)
+Michael Nicholson white boy here, one of the best albums of a generation, hands down, been listening to it since 86 back home in Hamburg Germany, also Maceo's Live on Planet Groove is a milestone
+Michael Nicholson Oh I disagree, I used to listen to this on my holidays when I was a child.
This is some of the greatest music" live "come on!!!!!
I love this dude right here man. I'm from Houston 3rd ward. When this man came to Houston back in the day the whole 3rd ward was empty. Every time he touch down in houston to give a concert never missed a one ever missed. God Bless you Frakie I love ya dude!
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