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Home birth wilmington nc Videos

Baby Sloan - Birth Photography

Where Is My Midwife? - Flashmob

The only midwifery program in Wilmington NC was dissolved last month leaving women days or weeks from their due dates without their chosen care provider.

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While I am 100% in support of midwives, I don't understand why this protest targeted the farmers market. It seems to me this creative and bold action would have been much more useful if it was done at the state house or some place where the decision-makers in the legislature were gathering. ???
1. This was an amazing idea. Absolutely. 2. LOVE the song choice. It couldn't have been better. 3. LOVE the lithotomy- feet in stirrups position. EPIC.
Great job ladies!!! Sorry I was out of town and missed it!!
I'm lying down with you up here in Canada ladies!
VERY creative - I love the YouTube generation!
Gotta love the feet up stirrup position!
All right!!!!

Baby Charlotte - Birth Photography

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These pics are STUNNING and GORGEOUS!

1810 Nun Street Wilmington NC 28403 For Sale/Rent to Own

3 bedroom, 2 baths restored home in popular Ardmore/Carolina Place walking distance to Port City Java, and Carolina Farmin. This home boasts lots of sun light ...

Seven Bodies Found in Wilmington Home; Five Children dead

The bodies were found in a two-story home on the 1000 block of McFarland Avenue shortly before 9 a.m. Tuesday. The case is being investigated as a ... //buymagazines.org/de/reviews/2263-tangerine-beach-hotel/

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OH LORD, THOSE BEAUTIFUL BABIES!! @SexyEski- even here in the U.S. after going thru worse people get that survival attitude and push on. i know i did. had to. IVE BEEN THRU AND LOSS SO MUCH MORE THAN HE DID!! (not killing those babies, but in life) MY WORD, if he'd gone thru HALF as much.........smh. don't own a patent on life kicking you in the ass and dont claim to, i just know what ive gone thru. my heart goes out to them though. i just wish he could've found another alternative, but ur rite
It so surprise me that people can be so racist to others even in death, am amazed at the comments and how uncaring people on youtube can be when leaving comments. One motto I have in life which I think all people show keep in mind "IF YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY DON'T SAY ANYTHING AT ALL". Talking about people business like you personally know know or the circumstances. We can only leave a slight opinion on the topic but why go full blown oral war with your comments. TAT TAT
Any fool who dares to look beyond the brain of the man who committed these acts in search of some additional causation is a disgrace to our society. People get fired everyday for God's sake. It sucks bad. But killing a family? NOPE, that had nothing to do with you getting fired. There was something brewing in your head that just needed a catalyst to trigger. But it was already there. The hospital had nothing to do with this.
If he didn't use a gun it would have been a knife or fire or something else. Should we restrict access to sharp instruments? Should there be a three day waiting period if you want to buy a set of steak knives? How about gas? That could be used to set the house on fire or make a bomb. Instead of focusing on what he USED to kill let's learn about WHY he killed and try to prevent it from happening.
sylviacalhoun: You do NOT know why both were fired, but you're saying that both should not have been fired. You shouldn't argue in their defense until you find out what they got fired for. Also, even if they were wrongfully fired, they can appeal the decision at their local unemployment office, and they would still be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.
6blessed: Both parents were "fired"--not "laid off" from a medical center that was NOT laying off employees due to the economy. The healthcare industry is actually "recession-proof." I'm tired of hearing people blaming these murders on the economy. I'm sure that the story will become clear once we find out why the two parents were fired.
@TheMrkiller2010 I thought the same hting, why kid your family, why take your children lives becos of money problems. Many people in less developed countries goes through worst than lossing their job and they seem to have a sort of survival attitude when things happened to them. They are obviously distress but they just get on with it.
times are hard,do you really think politicians are rich because they follow the rules........these people didn't do anything the typical human being hasn't done,hell we all lie to save an extra couple dollars,times are hard they should not have fired both of them,we as a people are becoming more hatred and uncompassionate about each .
yha i would and i have said things like this right to ppl's faces most americans are such pussy's i could shit on their grandmas face and they would lift a finger Ill say it again all you subhuman scum follow this guys led stab your brats drown them shoot them whatever just do us all a favor and kill them and your self's! cheers
@quancito -ur absolutely right. you tube needs to start banning these callous racist comments or setting up something like the spam and share options, only this one could be immediately sent to them and addressed. i know that will probably be an enormous job to undertake, even so i think its worth it.
...it stated...The station called police after receiving the fax, and a police dispatch center also received a call from a man who stated, "'I just returned home and my whole family's been shot." I FEEL THIS IS FILE PLAY. i dont believe that fax EITHER.
Tran do you know why they were fired well that fater wrote in the letter that is the reason why he is killing hismelf and his family which is soooooooooo wrong a lot of people get fired and laid off but they don 't kill their family they find solutions.
tigerik: Why should Kaiser Permanente pay for the funerals? The father and mother were FIRED--not LAID OFF. They got themselves terminated from their jobs. If they followed the rules, then they would stil have their jobs.
distraught? hmph. crazy? yes. losing your job means killing your whole family!? that's all their lives are worth? The selfishness of these two people who call themselves parents is unforgivable. this is truly upsetting.
HAHA!!! This guy did us all a favor! 2 adults and 5 little nigglets that will NEVEr be on welfare and a boli on the ass of working Americans!!!! Thin the heard!! get rid of welfare scum like this bunch!!!!

Snow moves through Wilmington, NC 11/12/13 - 11/13/13

Earliest recorded snowfall in Wilmington, NC. An Arctic cold front pushing into the Carolinas created a narrow band of snow that moved through SE NC. This set ...

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Radar loop of historic SE NC snow: //youtu.be/mg1p_G27TgY

Randy Oglesby, George Gardos, & Matt Devita-Sweet Home Alabama (cover)-HD-Local's Tavern-12/15/13

Randy Oglesby, George Gardos, & Matt Devita performing Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Sweet Home Alabama" at Local's Tavern in Wilmington, NC on 12/15/13.

Lee Norris says a MOUTHFUL about Inside OTH!

Lee Norris wants you to head to Wilmington, NC this summer. Let's face it. Wilmington has beautiful beaches, a charming downtown and this summer, your ...

Poodle Mix, Rudy, Board and Train~ Wilmington Dog Trainers

Coming from an environment of abuse and being homeless, Rudy came as damaged goods to his family. He did not trust people and quickly growled and bit ...
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