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Home birth two weeks overdue Videos

Six months overdue lady gives birth!!!!


Yep, STILL no baby. I am now 10 days overdue and still no sign of baby Hampshire number 2. Hi guys, I'm Lauren, mum to a very active but very wonderful ...

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Hope your little princess is in your arms soon enough
Thanks so much Emma, it's nice to hear from another mum who's had to be induced a few times. I know most people wouldn't chose induction as a first option but lots of times we don't actually get the choice due to medical reasons. I think I have to accept that and not obsess about having 'the perfect, natural labour'. The most important thing is having a healthy baby and I've had such good care this pregnancy that I have faith in all the doctors/midwives and believe it'll all be ok. I'm being induced on Saturday now so hopefully by sunday I'll have some happy news! Good luck with your next wee one and keep me updated xx
I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Lets hope it won't be too long now until your baby comes.
+Lauren Hampshire: Chatty Mum You're welcome. I'll be thinking about you.
Ah I hope she isn't keeping you waiting much longer! It's such an awful wait isn't it. But she WILL be here soon! Thinking of you
Thanks lovely. Yes I'm trying to say that exact thing to myself 'she WILL be here'. I met the consultant today and I'm being induced on Saturday so I know I'll be meeting her by the end of the weekend which is exciting and means I only have another 3 or 4 days to wait. Xx
O Hun, I couldn't even imagine it. The baby is way to comfortable to come out just yet. Your body is doing everything it needs to do. Please don't think like that. Xxx
Thanks Hun, I'm feeling much more positive today and was offered induction on Friday but am waiting until Saturday to give my body one more day to possibly go into labour. Im trying to believe that I can do it!! But if not at least I should have my little lady with me by sunday x
Oh wow 5 sweeps!! I'm being induced at 38 weeks and am torn between not wanting it and therefore hoping something happens naturally before that (both my sisters have had all their babies premature) but also not wanting a preemie! I hope something happens for you before Saturday!
The general consensus I've had is that induction results in a much more intense labour, and so it's arguably more painful. Doctors have also said a higher percentage of mothers who have an induction result in a c-section. So I guess we'll just see what happens! I'm 32+2 at the moment so still plenty time to work it all out!
Thank you Kim and good luck to you too. It's so hard to know the right thing to do. I guess we've just got to trust the medical professionals and know they're doing the right thing for us. I know so many people who have been induced and it's usually it's very straightforward, I think I just had an unusually bad experience which has affected me a bit but I truly believe it'll be different this time. How many more weeks do you have left? Xx
Aw poor you I was over due 6 days with both! It is so hard! Fingers crossed for you xx
Thanks honey, yep being overdue can be frustrating but I saw the consultant today and am being induced on Saturday so I now know I'll have my baby by the end of the weekend which is exciting. I know she'll be worth the wait anyway! X

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