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Honda cbr 600 f sport mcn Videos

MCN Sport now on iPad | Motorcyclenews.com

Check out the latest issue of MCN Sport for iPad, available to buy now! Featuring an exclusive video day out with Cal Crutchlow, Johnathan Rea, John ...

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Unfortunately every android tablet uses a different screen size and ratio, so making an app that works on every tablet is impossible. We custom design the iPad app, and we don't want to release a bad quality product!
Buy cheap buy twice
F'ing ipad...

Ross Noble goes minimoto racing with MCN

Comedians Ross Noble, Eddie Izzard and Bernie Clifton join MCN for a bit of minimoto racing in aid of Riders for Health.

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mini motos look like alot of fun! its just some "nob's" put a bad name on them :/ good video again mcn! :)
I hoped to see AT LEAST twice as many face plants! WHAT GIVES?! :-| Great stuff anyways!
Nice vid! =D gotta try this minimoto racing some time.. looks like really great fun!
Were you and Ross seperated at birth Chaz? Good going !
@Buttmunch5000 you've never heard of eddy izzard!!!
Ross knows how to ride! he has a postie bike!
Did he say "Izzy Eddard" , @ 0.20 sec's.
which indoor kart centre was it...?
Simon's stoppie - legend! :-)
is this in leeds?
0:11 *TWINS*

MCN and the No Budget Cup

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@MyTroy71 Spare racebikes which you can't use, If you wreck your bike, race is over. If you can find a new one for the next race, that isn't a problem. And believe me, most of the teams do it low budget, of course their are always some exceptions. This year, whit the slowest bike out of 36 and completely no racing experiance me and my team managed to finish 8th, in 3 out of 5 races we had mecanical failures we always finished the races, my point is that that ex racer's thing is overrated.
@declangaelic Yes, that is the V2 Sponge bloke, but no the bike belongs to Motorrijder magazine it was on loan for the race. Slow, but it rocked!
@MrGavin116 Have you even seen the video? Btw "no budget"? those modifications don't look that cheap too me
The music is the same as the music from the old fastbikes on board videos :D
is that Paul Berryman, the inventor of the V2 Sponge. Is that his bike?
dude in black looks like a chubbier version of eric bana...
@MrGavin116 Dude, he said it was in Belgium lol!
Nice vid,is that Kieth Flint from the prodigy?
@bondthrap Must be! Either that or a clone.
Yes, that is Keith Flint from the Prodigy
is the blonde guy the prodigy singer?
those bikes look like tanks!
I want this cup in germany!
smack my bitch up !!!!!
Now that's FUN!
@bondthrap Yep
nice music

£1500 adventure bike challenge - part 2

Three MCN staffers have bought and prepared three classic adventure bikes to find out if you can experience the thrills and spills of the great desert rally ...

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Guys take a leaf out of top gear.. actually you need to take the whole tree.. u did the intro alright but no challenges, nothing interesting or any decent footage of the trip you did.. just a this is the bikes, and now we are 330km up the road and we all made it.. yeah fantastic.. no dirt, no challenge.. i could buy a postie bike and do the same.. boring...
Really enjoyed this! The £10,000 bikes would bore me. I used to live in Dacre and Ripley, now have the excitement only of the South Circular round Wandsworth. I learnt to ride on those roads on a £190 FS1E from Johnsons Motorcycles in Harrogate. Fond memories, and thanks for posting!
What gets on my nerves is A) none of these blokes have heard of a razor (have a shave ffs).... Also Mr Hairy on the Yamaha does not understand how a microphone works... Its people like this who give motorcyclists a bad name!
Nice to have a look at bikes I missed out on. Those are all nice rides for around $2000 US. All are difficult to locate in the US. I have never seen the Yamaha or the Suzuki.
@stepheninnavan That pub they start at is in Ripley, just outside Harrogate North Yorkshire and if they'd gone half a mile up the road from Dacre Banks they'd have got to Dacre
at 30 seconds into the film the lads leave for dakar.... then after riding up the country they go past the excate same place at 2.30... something wrong there lads... :)
Gives me the willies to see you blokes driving on the wrong side of the road. Nice scenery, I keep watching for Foggy, Campo, or Norman to scamper out of the paddocks
Your riding position is bad. If one falls, one behind him will get looped up. YOu should maintain distance for at least 10 Mt
Like TopGear but not faked, should have gone into Europe and done a 'proper' adventure!
i;ve just bought the same model/colour tenere. absolutely love it.
I'm surprised the AT goes for the same amount of money as the ST.
stafford motorcycles specialise in them if your lookin to buy one
What's the song that's being played while they ride? Great vid.
No wonder they fall they are driving to close to each other!
I really wish bikes like these were available in the USA.
Took your time uploading this, but ey, it's here now lol
Love to find a mint Africa Twin...great bike!
Just what always wanted a top gear with bikes
200 miles up the road is not an 'adventure'.
whats with the giant mic , nice motorbikes !
keep lookin they turn up now and again
Simon Pavey....lets get part 3 then.
I want that Honda, SOOOOOO Badly!
i guess nout has gone wrong so far
Africa twin for the win!
yer so far

Preparing your bike for winter | Test | Motorcyclenews.com

Road salt can do terrible things to your bike if not kept in check. All Year Biker will give your bike the anti-corrosion treatment for £60, which will protect it from the ...

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For practical reasons editorials are put together in advance of publication, the actual treatment was carried out a couple of months ago before the heavy snow and well gritted roads so just in time for winter. The 'cleaning' part of the treatment is proper preparation for the pressure misting of ACF50 for deep penetration of all metal parts and electrics of the bike. Pressure washers ruining a bike? that's an urban myth. We show you how to use one properly and safely on our web site article.
in the uk, our winter now happens within the first few weeks of january, we then normally have some random hot days and then back to bad cold and rainy. weve also just had a random snow storm aswell that didnt last long.. back about 15 years ago, winter for us used to be back around november to december
Been riding my Honda cbf 125 almost every day for a year including through the snow. Now I know what it's like and wish I had some money to spend on stuff like this. Oh well maybe this year when I get a cbr 250r hopefully along with full bike licence of course :-)
I do a similar thing to my bikes a couple times a year using a commercial product called Corrosion X, and in areas where you have friction, something called Slipstream STYX. Its made for firearms, but does amazing on my bikes. Shifters, sprockets, cables...
Gary, nearly 300 Ducatis treated in the last year.....and not a SINGLE problem with any using a power washer. It's a power tool, like any, use it wrongly and it'll bite you. Use properly it'll do the job for you with no problem.
so the bottom line is to wash it ??? wax it ,spray a chem. on it . ok now do you just ride it or store it .....how long before washing again .. will the washing remove the chem.coating ?? need answers .. cost ...
waveman....why would someone go to the extreme level of cleaning a bike (as shown here) and then ride it back out into the winter dregs? You do indeed open up something that I completely missed.
I have a 2010 Multi with 30,000 miles. Put it up for three winters now. Wash it. Add some Stabl. Hook up a battery tender. That's it. It still looks like it did the day I rode it off the lot
For me it would be more interesting how to clean and protect all metal parts from corrosion...in the video it looked like the acf 50 only comes on the plastic parts...
Ride it, rinse it off with just water (soap/shampoo/degreaser will strip the ACF50), do it all again after 12 months, £60 for the deep clean and the treatment.
would be nice to see this done one a old dirtier bike, just so we can se the full process as the guy at the end stated.....overall im off the allyearbiker
I've been waiting for this. Finally I can remove the ice and salt from my bike and follow the instructions here, since I had no clue what to do.
Just use Red Diesel.Ever seen a rusty diesel engine ?Or alternately, don't ride the bloody thing once the salt has gone down.Just Saying.
They're talking about preparing the bike to be ridden through the winter on wet, salted roads. Not storing it for winter.
to be honest its more the fork legs i find that suffer most, and they don't appear to be treated with ACF.
Err did what I do is run a 250 trial bike with swedish Army Tyres unstoppable then, doing same this winter
Don't know they're bloody scrubbing at the fkn things spotless to start with....get something filthy
Wish I had a ducati to ride around for the winter as my "long term test bike", lol. Lucky pricks.. :-P.
well must be your speakers as i heard him just fine., few dips in the splcing of clips but not too bad
going to do this to my ducati monster now that i dont have a winter bike, has anyone else had it done?
It should be "Cleaning your bike after winter and prepare for summer season" Daaaaa
Like if soaking the bike with that much degreasing stuff was a good thing to do...
Will they be there at MCN over the weekend. Would love the to do my bike!
I would not use a pressure washer since it risks damaging the bearings ...
Looking forward to your 'best summer rides' vid around november then
Wingers coming up in a few months for us Aussies so thanks bahahaha
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