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Honda cbr 600 for sale mcn Videos

2012 MCN Motorcycle Show London ExCel

Name - Snake Skin Blues Artist - Dickey F Link - //www.jamendo.com/en/album/94015.

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i went as well but on Friday, it looked much more crowded when you went. Did you manage to get a seat on the Ducati 1199? there was a que on Friday so i cant Imagen what it must have been like for you :P
and even more motion tracking :) plus I think you've played with a time remapping which looks very good. Have you seen Andrew Kramer's page? hundreds awesome video tutorial for after effects
Didn't make any of the bigger ones, but going to the Scottish one in March, which should be fun. Good video, but there's an obvious disappointment. I didn't see Friz on a Gixxer :)
@JamesDMV It was busy but there were no queues whatsoever. We tried everything, I thought the Ducati seat was a touch uncomfortable but it's all about the insane power :P
You're killing me with your recently acquired editing skills mate. Love the moving titles, the fast forwards, the steadycam-ish moves... looks really cool.
Man i want that blue and white f 800 gs 3:04 , its the trophy edition, only 13000 europa/hermans :), wish the snow was gone so i could testride it :D!
@ParisianZee I'm kicking myself that the motion tracking wasn't smoother but it was acceptable and I was bored after 4 hours :P Thanks alot, man!
nice editing.. man iv gotta learn how to do this, i think the motion tracking was suffering with the reduced fram rate of the slow-mo ;)
@gpzDave where about is the scottish show? Might make a trip down, but can't go on motorways because im only driving a moped :'( lol
waoh wait, is sven dead? because that intro sure made it sound like he did. someone please comment back as im a subscriber of his
3:50 I think the passenger handhold is the 1" wide leather strap running across the front of the passenger seat.
@Motorius67 I'm on Premiere Pro now, excellent software. Planning a quick editing overview video at some point.
@oli333 First time I've ever tried it so it was the quality was a bit off, but it's all a learning process :)
I like your style at the beginning. You HAVE to go to Birmingham NEC next year, it's even bigger ;p
@fragmasterkarl Seriously? This was my first time so I could be naive, but I thought it was huge :P
@extreme601 Nice i'll keep an eye out for that.. i bet that isnt cheap? :-P how much was it?
@DANNYHEADSHOT I'm afraid so. Surprised you haven't heard about it yet. Check motovlog :(
@glese24 Of course, twitter's the best way to get me. Extreme601 on there too.
@Motorius67 Got it through some student thing. Wasn't too bad. Do a Google :)
@Thunderous71 I know, it's absolutely gorgeous. Best of luck with that!
I went on the Sunday :-).. Was ok thought was a little small though..
@cowtipper84 I thought you meant the YBR for a minute there :D
Nice editing there :) Ohhhhhh Dust Devils at the end YAY! :D
@gpzDave That should be awesome, you be getting any footage?
@Motorius67 Yeah you're absolutely right, I'll get better :P
@extreme601 Teach me?! haha what program are you using now?
@fragmasterkarl Also, we were there on Sunday too.
1:01 I had a brand new one of these in 92. :-)
so small compared to previous years, let down.

First ride of the Ducati 848

MCN senior road tester Michael Neeves gave you a quick first impression of the new Ducati 848 on Friday. Now he has a ride and takes you through the bike.

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I think you should go and test ride one for yourself if you can, don't listen to what you hear, it's completely different than you would think it to be. It is very fast indeed but in a different manor. I've tested one and I liked it. I think you find its different nature is because its geared differently and it has more torque so it can pull the gears better than a 600. I bet it would beat your 600rr in a race, also put some termis on it and you get more power. search 848 vs r1 to see a good vid
At the end of the day, these guys at Ducati know how to make a bike, and my opinion is that if money wasnt an issue then the majority of Jap bike owners would buy a Duke. I laugh at people posting race times between the different manufacturers, as this means nothing at all. There is so much more than a bikes make, which makes one race time better than another - the rider being one of them !! On the track, Ducati rule. This is why the top riders go with them. Spies will do the same in the future
@hvkv0000 No problems. I think 250cc > 600cc > 1000cc over a 3-5 year period is a good way to go. In the 2-3 years between now and when you do get a 1000cc we'll probably see a lot of improvements in the way of ABS, traction control etc. that will make for even more safety for 1000cc riders. Just look at the BMW S1000RR - it's the fastest and probably the safest sports bike ever made. You can bet the Japanese will make sure that all their main 2011 sports bikes are up to the same level...
The gix is a 4 cylinder vs 2 so it will develop more HP since it will rev higher (due to smaller less mass components). But all your HP will come at the higher revs. The Ducati will have a wider HP band... which means it can put more balanced HP on the rear wheel and this means better control. So, the Ducati makes up for lack of HP by being a more balanced bike. It will be easier to ride, as well. To be honest. for the street, you gix wil be faster but on a track you wont have a chance
@melamalefica Are they very good? Yes. Are they overpriced? Yep. Ferrari's are about the image, and thus even their new 458 can be classified as a GT. On the other hand if you ever bought a Duc 1198 as a nice ride to get girls to look at you you're in for a rude awakening. You'll feel even the smallest bumps in the road and it won't be comfortable or attractive for cruising. I think the only reason people think Ducs are like Ferrari's is cause they are both Italian and red.
@blackmidgetjew - It's down to configuration, power figures don't tell the whole story, R6, CBR600RR, GSXR600 etc all have narrow peaky power bands and you have to wring the neck of some of them. The 848 will be in the peak power band before the others have even reached peak torque - Ducati engines have a reputation for being torquey in the mid-range with a wide spread of power delivery. It depends on preference - if you would rather have grunt or be hanging onto the revs.
@melamalefica In no way does the racing technology in a Ferrari F1 car affect the luxury technology in a Ferrari road car. Heck, Honda has an F1 car, that doesn't make a Civic a racecar. And if people really just cared about driving pleasure they would either get a Kart, or, if they need something for the street, a Lotus. Heck you could get a ZR1 for half the price and none of the BS you'll get with a 458 yet the ZR1 is about 10 seconds faster around the Nurburgring.
Well.. I guess it depends on what type of streets you live on. I live in South Florida and it's a poor place for bikes, only racing is on i95! Regarding track, I think the duc will lose only if there are mostly straights. It's just so manageable and even on straights it comes off the corner so well that it takes a long straight to catch it again... then comes braking, again where the duc does so well also... just a tough bike to beat on most tracks.
i want more hp, thats all im sayin. i love the styling, but for the money i could get a new cbr1000rr that has loads more HP. the japs make nice bikes too. i had a 2008 cbr 600rr until a few months ago. brilliant machine. especially for the money. i want to upgrade. not sure i want a 1000 yet, which is why i looked here......but this is just the ducati version of my 600. v-twins dont make enough top end hp for me i guess.
@hvkv0000 Assuming you are young and haven't been riding for more than a few years, a 1098 straight from a GT250 is going to be way too much for you. It's tempting - believe me, I know - but you'd be much better off with a 600cc Japanese bike of or a second-hand Ducati 749 if you must have Italian. A 1098 is a real handful - believe me. And that includes insurance, servicing, and the cost of repairs after you drop one...
@silithis Ducati sport bikes are track focused race machines that are expensive because track bikes just aren't cheap. Ferrari's are expensive sports cars for those who don't know anything about sports cars. Ducati and Ferrari are very different, all they have in common is that they are both Italian and both expensive (though Duc's really aren't very expensive compared to something like Bimota or whatever)
YOU ARE A FUCKING RETARD !!!! IF THERE WASNT COMPUTER SCREEN BETWEEN US I WOULD FUCK YOU UP JUST COS U HAVE VEXED ME WITH YOUR POVERTY REMARK. not every one can afford a GSX-R600 or a 1198 but u brag about both and then call people cheap.... U Saywhen u live in fucking africa uuuurrr aint that where poverty was invented!!! DICK HEAD GO suck you nans camel TOE you bullshitting egotistical LITTLE FUCKTARD
I test rode one of these and found I prefered the larger motor, it is still fast but needs lots of revs so if your in the wrong gear then you have to change or wait. I rode a 1198s and found the 1198 had superior handling, I don't know if it was the forks or revised chasis or what. The 848 still has nice low down power but after riding the other machines, I like torquey engines.
@lroscioli wudnt it be the other way around? on street ur most likely not gonna rev it way too high, but with the duc most of ur power isnt all the way at the top of the rpm range, but rather torqy(sorry for spelling) throughout which makes it more streetable and on the track it will do good only if there are tons of corners. on straights the gix will rip it a new one :)
yea but your excluded its all you can ride... normaly i go on a huge rant about aprilias and cagivas cos ive owned them and i loved them yes!! but your kidding yourself if you think there any good cos there shit i "pw"owned them. oh i did go on a rant, and serously directcore chats some serious SHIT!!! i would be suprised if hes even ridden a restricted ped
Seriously, quit with the bickering. Words like "humiliating" and "bitter" are thrown around here as though some of you designed either Japanese bikes or Dukes and are staking your damn personal worth on them. The only bike I ever owned was a Kawi ZX-6RR. Slick bike, no doubt, but it don't mean I can't give MAD props to this bad boy here.
i want to get a 1098...is that bike suttle and glidey as this one or is it a bit aggressive (im looking to buy a bike that is aggressive, you know like the bike should be a challenge to ride it should be fun...) i own a hoysung gt250 now so i dont have any experenc with 1000cc bikes...so im a little lost...
@ Directcore... Don´t u have better things to do than being impolite to other people by youtube comments? You wanna ride a 1198s? I don´t think so... You are one of the greatest fools i ever read of...And I also don´t think that you are 21, nore that you adult enough to even ride a simple tricycle.
Negative... because yes they can tweak their bikes... But they all have a general guideline and set of rules when it comes to modding their bikes. They are all modified almost the same meaning that it takes more rider skill than the fact that they are better because their bike is faster.
like I said, NO ducati has been able to beat a suzuki in a comparo where it really matters...the street....Hell even the 1098R was beaten by an 08 CBR..Ducati = fail again. There is no ducati that can beat a Japanese bike with the same amount of money in it. Fact.
@Pamberjack thanks for that..iv been asking around a lot and i got similar ansers..so i hav desided to get a jap 600cc bike for first few years...i dint think going to a 1ltr bike would be too hard but from wat iv heard it sounds like a bad idea..thanks :)
200cc advantage = fail...Ill pay attention to wsb when its a level playing field. In the mean time, three of the four japanese makers beat the new 1198 in moto usas comparo. More expensive + less power + less reliable = Utter failure..ducati is for posers.
es una de las mejoeres bikes pero si te fijas siempre yamaha o honda ganan el gp siempre se lo chinga pedrosa o rossy ...buena bike pero el sonido de motor no me gusta suena como una tuerca en una licuadora....................es mi opinion
this video just ruined this bike for me. i saw it and it looked so nice and ducati has such a strong name.......then i watch this vid and hear that it has not quite the performance of a 600cc jap bike........and its $5,000 more! not cool.
Honda - 1:56.09 Suzuki - 1:56.20 Kawasaki - 1:56.86 Yamaha - 1:57.58 ducati - 1:58.12 (Moto usa's TRACK comparo..2009, on their website now) Yeah Im real jealous of a bike that costs 5k more and still gets whipped around by like a bitch.
i hate when people bicker over stupid shit....Probably 90 percent of people who buy crotch rockets are not serious racers...My last bike was an R6 and I would have traded it in a heartbeat for a Ducati...This truly is a beautiful bike.
I have a 2001 996 with 15,000 miles . the ECU went but I got one on ebay for $100 haven't had a problem since . changed the cam belts checked the valve clearance twice only adjusted them once . can't say this is the norm though.
Well they do cost a bit more to upkeep do to the fact that there parts a bit more and they come with full sinth oil. As for the milage thing. Mine has had no problams to speak of really. It has about 6500 mi on it now.
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Arriving at MCN Motorcycle Show London ExCel 2013

Arriving at MCN Motorcycle Show - London 2013, on lovely sunny day, camera Drift HD 1080p.

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Was the show good? Thinking of going. Cheers
Pretty good mate. NEC in Birmingham is better though

MCN Sport: Checa happy with double podium

Carlos Checa moved to second in the championship after taking two podiums at Assen onboard his Hannspree Ten Kate Honda at the weekend. The Spaniard ...

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checa is a god,forever for him!!!!
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