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Honda cbr 600 f3 mcn Videos

MV Agusta F3 vs Triumph Daytona 675R

The lightest, most powerful and elecronically-advanced supersport machine you can buy - the new MV Agusta F3 goes up against the Triumph Daytona 675 R ...

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2012 Daytona 675R was the best looking Daytona Triumph has made. Really pissed they switched from the under tail exhaust. Ruins the classic Daytona look.
+1Slo_Daytona I agree with the other dude for the same reasons really...
We all have our preferences I guess. I do like the added fuel gauge on the 13+ though.
+1Slo_Daytona i much prefer the bottom exit design. looks less bulky and race oriented.
Now in 2016 MVA blows the 675r away. 675 is pretty. To bad in 2016 Triumph doesn't take sport bikes serious any more.
+Commissar Ibram Gaunt I can imagine!!!! Thank for the advice ...:-)
+dmandhelen 800 is probably a slightly better road bike with the extra mid range torque. It sounds deeper than the 675 but both handle/look the same. I wouldn't want to commute on one, the clutch is pretty heavy, they have shorter service intervals than some other bikes (no idea what the daytona's are) and they don't want to go slow, they liked been revved. But once you get on a twisty road they are amazing, puts a massive smile on your face.
+Commissar Ibram Gaunt I agree ... And the MV has always looked better .. It's so gorgeous!!!! Do you think the 800 is better than the 675?.... And will they stand up to a British Winter Commute..??
+dmandhelen3 years old and irrelevant. The F3 is not the same bike as it was then. If the triumph was so good WSS teams would be all over it.No one is saying the the Daytona is bad. It just the F3 is the better of two amazing bikes now.
+Commissar Ibram Gaunt //www.motorcycle-usa.com/2013/07/article/2013-mv-agusta-f3-675-street-comparison/..... The F3 is still a WANNABE Daytona....
+dmandhelen Actually my calling card has your moms # on it. Hate to be the bearer of bad news but I'm your moms pimp. Yeah shes my crack whore. That bitch fucks like a bunny. I hear your looking for work. I also heard you prefer pussy. You a faggot bitch. Hahaaaa oooooooha. Shaved or un?  
+supercross junkie You're obviously a good judge of what a faggot is .... Seems like the saying " takes one to know one ".. Could be your calling card ....
+Commissar Ibram Gaunt what like the best domestic championship in the world...??????.. And by the way I'm not saying the MV isn't better than the Daytona ... I was just saying that because of the BBS win in 2015 it's still a great sports bike !!!
+Commissar Ibram Gaunt Hey bitch racer you know how we test we race each other on the streets just like normal people. The winner has the better bike. Get it got it good
+dmandhelen if the triumph was so good privateer teams in wss wpuld be all over it. Winning one domestic championship isn't a big achievement. You need to compete on the world stage if you want to brag.
+dmandhelen Fuck you faggot I can compare if I want bitch
+Commissar Ibram Gaunt Triumph don't race in World Super Sport....??????... Bit like Kawasaki don't race in MotoGP.... So you can't compare them ???? I'm talking about a series where both bike compete ... And the triumph was a triumph... All last year ... Remember that the comments were that " triumph don't make competitive Sports bikes".... Well the Obviously Do.!!!:-)
+dmandhelen and where was the Daytona in the World Supersport Championship? And why have so many teams moved to the F3 for this years Championship?
+supercross junkie ...yes your right the British Supersport Championship winner at the end of 2015 rode a...........let me think..??????...was it a Triumph Daytona by any chance...????...Ones opinion is not the same as The Truth ....

Repsol Honda Sepang Test 2 | Sport | Motorcyclenews.com

Repsol Honda have sent us this roundup of their latest test in Sepang. Read all about it in the next issue of MCN, available worldwide on iPad ...

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The reservoir wrap is to there to absorb any seepage. Racing is essentially the definition of "extreme conditions" and as the fluid heats and expands sometimes it leaks. Also, it's an excuse to put two sponsor names in the camera frame :)
I won't lie. I'm conflicted. I want Rossi to beat Agostini's record. I want Dani to finally walk away with the World Championship, and Marc Marquez to own a few races in MotoGP. Can't wait for this year.
i wonder how marquez will do with the six engine rule, its seems like hes beasting it on the downshifts. more so than i remember from stoner or pedrosa last year. almost makes me cringe lol
this season could be a 5 way battle. I'm a Rossi fan , but Pedrosa deserves a title and then offcourse Cal I hope he's going to do great things this year.
Track does look rough... Marquez sounds like he isn't familiar with the power or timing of his downshifts... I'm digging the paint scheme..
i don't ride, but do they cover the clutch and brake fluid reservoir so that the slushing around of the liquid doesn't distract the rider.
even the high tech motogp bikes use wrist bands around the reservoirs. good to know i do something the grand prix class does too
it didn't go over 60.. but its ridiculous, they don't want to shear the speed and RPM of the new bike... (which look ugly)
Lol. The reservoirs don't slush around or make a sound. It's better than sex. Trust me. No woman is better than this.
If something like that will distract you while riding a motorbike you probably shouldn't ride :o
It must be incredible to ride like that. I would love, just for once, to know how that feels.
valentino rossi 10 times world champion at the end of this season. the doctor is back baby
The sound of the engine and the wind rushing passed your head will EASILY drown that out!
never liked stoner but it would have been better if he was still there he is fucking fast
90% #93... I think it's clear who Honda want to present as their main man ;)
On motogps homepage.. it will cost you bit of money, but totally worth it!
no they don't want the competition to see. they always do it pre season
why was there a blur over his speedometer? are we not allowed to see??
Even Rossi was impressed by Marquez style, come on Cal.
2013 MotoGP is going to be a brilliant season :)
Long straights get very short on these things!
Kill the music. I want to listen to the bike.
Yamaha will wipe the floor with them again
tri championship for lorenzo would be ok
the track looks in real bad condition :|

mcn reclaim wales

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What camera did you use...Looks decent! I attended this but broke down due to a faulty Rectifier. Got close to Ponderosa but had to go home back to Lancs. Thanks for posting Vid as well.
just an 8 megapixel samsung,mounted on the tank.Great roads out wales though.

2013 Kawasaki ZX-6R Launch

MCN were recently in California for the launch of the new Kawasaki ZX-6R. The new bike is more road-focused, so we checked it out on circuit to see if this ...

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Handy tip to record voiceover without the roomy sound, pull a duvet or reasonably heavy blanket over your head while recording and it acts like a small personal studio and almost reduces unwanted noise to zero. Sounds mental but it actually works. Nice vid once you get over the bum shot, great for showing rider position vs corner angle
You know Porsche 959 is a 30 yr old supercar that will kick but when compared to some of modern day supercars. Age is not a big factor just would like to see if kawasaki really did improve the acceleration and handling when compared side by side with with a prior 636, 2006 to be exact, when it went out with a bang.
Nice ride Chad, but awful video and sound. Seriously, what is the point of these videos? Pointless commentary, no talk around the bike, no views of the bike, just a big ass in my face and awful sound.
Ass cam! da da da da da da da ass cam! da da da da da da da da ass cam! da da da da da da da da ass cam! da da da da da da ass cam! ass cam! ass cam! da da da da da da da ASS CAMMMMMMMMM!
Anyone know if the increase to 636cc's will affect its eligability for racing in World Supersport? I thought there was a 600cc maximum for inline fours.
Sad that MalaysianRidersTV didn't have the chance to join such event.. we could have done some filming.. rather than just putting on a GoPro..
Can you guys compare a 2006 Ninja 636 vs the new 636, would love to see the comparison on track and street also spec sheet. thanks
Why do I subscribe this? They have the worst motorcycle reviews. Check out Gizmag, and see how reviews should be like.
Kawasaki have made the ZX6R more road focused, so lets test it by... uh.... riding it on a track...
unsubscribing, need to pick up your game with the vids guys, standards are higher on other channels
I love that you guys just exist and are doing bike coverage but what is with the amateur videos?
I love the way MCN gets so many dislikes lol even individuals like me could make better videos..
I can sit in the back seat of grannies car and go that fast while looking at ass out the window
oh! i love this "isle of man" sticker on the right of his helmet....i want one! i want one!
Unsubscribed, MCN has become a joke. Crappy videos and laughable soundquality all around.
bad audio sinc form 2:30 or before, rpm goes up and down, shifts , nothing it´s in place
Going a bit slow slow round that track chady lad... G whiz you guys get the best jobs
Audio doesn't match video bike hitting the limiter and the tach showing 5000RPM
I thought it was great. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time! AWESOME!
Does it really sound like that? -Because it made sick from buzzing and howling
why would they do that? they are miles apart 9 years to be more specific...
I want to do that, why do I have to wait till I can afford it... :(
MCN sure shows us more MEN's asses than what we came here to see.
Any chance of the sound running in time with the video?
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