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Birmingham at Taft Football 10-23-2015

Video from the West Valley League football showdown between Birmingham and host Taft. Video by Tony Ciniglio of the LA Daily News.

Chelsea FC - Team news: Birmingham

Andre Villas-Boas shares his team news ahead of the FA Cup fifth round tie against Birmingham at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

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No one will pass to torres consistently so when he does finally get a decent thru ball he is suprised they remembered he is on their team so tends to snatch at the chance. new training technique for chelsea to try out this week pass the ball to the CF & no shooting from outside box. its sounds simple so try it out cause the way our season is going right now we are gonna finish below Arsenal and Tottenham and if that happens im gonna start watching Rugby i think
you can tell avb's face that he's on lots of pressure it's not his fault it's the players they are not putting effort and commitment for the club because they are not hungry for trophies because they already won trophies at their times and they think we already won trophies and just want to play. thats why we need young players to will put effort and commitment in the squad and are hungry for trophies
1-1 Whats going on in the Dressing Room. they Don't like AVBs tactics we will be lucky to Qualify for forth spot the way we are playing and Torres should have gone to spec savers then he would have been able to have found the net. Don't get me wrong I'm blue since i was 8yrs old and always will be but sadly i think we will end the season with nothing
Maybe it's time Lukaku is given a start over Torres, would like to see him get some game to time. Thought the apart month with drogba away was the best opportunity for Torres to start scoring and it clearly hasn't worked... I think he's had his chance, so try something new!
@PussssayPatrol No it isn't. 4-3-1-2 uses two strikers through the middle with a player sitting in the whole, yes you losr width but we have attacking full bcks polus Mata dn Torres often drift out wide.
@KamehamehaUK No, he's been playing as a CF, all good CF's drift around and create space. Yes he does. WE have no strikers hitting the next reguarly, we're dominting games, we need more penetration.
@JIMMYBOY118 the first transfer window he told that he wanted wait signing player after pre-season. He then buy meireles an juan mata. And he thougt tath it was enough to Compete to all competion.
So I'm guessing a lot of you have vented your frustrations over the last week and you have every right to do so. But come tomorrow let's get behind the team and support them where ever you may be!!
GOALKEEPER: Cech DEFENDERS: Ivan, Luiz, Cahill, Bertrand MIDFIELDERS: Ramires,Essien/Romeu,Piazon FORWARDS: Sturridge, Lukaku, Mata Ivan---Luiz---Cahill----Bertrand Or....anything but bosingwa -_-
@OhBreeezeHD exactly! Torres has had plenty of chances and the facts are that he doesnt really score.. Lukaku is a great young, fresh player that might make a difference and definately can score!
I did not see avb changehis formation for as long he has been at chelsea. why not try something other than standard tactics he is using. try a diamond formation with more offensive midfield
our team will be amazing in a few years, avb is building up a future team has abramivic told him to so this is why he has got full backing and will not be sacked fro anyone but mourinho.
@jt663 So Lampard in defensive mid? Torres and Sturridge in midfield? David Luiz?- The cocky bastard that makes mistakes alot and doesnt act as a defender? Re-Think that team mate.
why does everyone think lukaku is our salvation this season?...he wont make much impact for at least another year...he has to learn to control the ball and have some experience.
@ItsJAM789 Are you serious? You must not really know the Chelsea players if you think that Torres is better than Drogba. Drogba played less games and has more goals than Torres
@187nydala yea he is old but he does gr8 job playing as a left wing!! Boas does not uses him dat much he is not not much frequent playing 4 chelsea but otherwise he plays well
play 4222 with sturage and lukaku upfront torres and lampard CAM ramerez and essien/luiz as CDM cahill and terry CB with a.cole and ivanovic as full backs. WERES MY CONTRACT
Our best team. Cech Ivan-Luiz-Cahill/Terry-Cole Ramires-Romeu-Essien/Lampard Sturridge-Lukaku/Torres-Mata sub: Cahill/Terry-Bertrand-Piazon-Essien/Lampard-Mereiles-Turnbull
People Blaming AVB 4 Chelsea's Problems. Chelsea Managers that inherited Out of Form strikers had a tough season. Scolari = Shevchenko AVB = Torres All he needs is time
Lukaku needs to go in.. I support Torres but the facts are very clear, as for now Torres doesnt score.. on the other hand, Lukaku is a great young talent and may score!
last chance for torres drogba will be back for the Napoli game hopefully...Perhaps play torres on the wing because he can set up goals but just not find the net himself


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Seriously have to sort the defence out, We will be out of the playoffs by the end of the month.. Rubbish again, Throwing games away....!
thanks for the point!

Chelsea FC Team News Pre Birmingham

Carlo Ancelotti shares his team news ahead of the home game against Birmingham.

Chelsea FC - Team news pre Birmingham

Carlo Ancelotti shares his team news ahead of the game against Birmingham at Stamford Bridge.

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@berisoo Nice lineup, but I would rather Ivanoviç instead of Bosingwa, he gives us a lot of security, although we may lose a bit of attacking display. I'm glad to see that there's a true fan that realizes that Lampard is playing really bad, thus he doesn't deserve to play, just like Malouda, I consider Zhirkov is awesome but Ancelotti hasn't given him a single chance to show his talent.
kalou has much versatility and so does anelka but i think if he wanna lower age which is the main issue anelka should leave drogba is still a bull when he wants to and only wanted to once torres was in the frame soon prob next season if drog is still here i rekon they will make a good partnership
Fernando Torres should start tommorow. If he scores the whole world would just shut the fuck up making useless comments like '50 million not firing goals'. I gonna tell you if he scores, he would not stop. Thumbs up if you agree!
Fact is, sturridge would have scored more goalks then torres and we already had him. waste of 50 mil up2 now of corse it is. He needs to start scoring because i don't care who you are, you need to be top for the blues.
I enjoyed seeing Torres and Kalou upfront against man city, Torres looked more comfortable with Kalou. Anelka and Torres don't really work Torres and Drogba definitely don't work but soon will Kalou and Drogba work
Wow did someone just place ramires in the front? Lol clearly, we cant all be managers. Ramires is not and attacker normal is he a winger buddy. Its likr playing messi central defensive mid, it would be catastrophic
only the media cares if torres scores really, he will no doubt, but this is football and its about WINS not ONE GUY scoring. FFS there are 10 outfield players on the pitch for chelsea that can, will and do score
No thansk don't start Torres give him 30mins of playing time. PLay McEachran too please he makes Chelsea look sexy! Bosingwa-Luiz-Terry-Cole Benayou-Essien-McEachran Kalou-Drogba-Zhirkov
Cech, Ivanovic, Luiz, Terry, Cole, Ramirez, Lamps, Essien, Malouda, Benayoun, Torres.............its my best pick......because Yossi and Nando works quite well together
real chelsea fans arent worried about torres scoring,he plays well and will soon scro his first goal,its the media that are making scenes out of it
Cech Ivanovic Luiz Terry Cole Kalou Mikel Essien Zhirkov Benayoun Torres Lampard and Malouda are offering nothing. Please drop them Carlo.
@pandurang81 McEachran will be playing in the FA Youth Cup Semi final against Man U on the same night that we play Birmingham (Y)
is it just me does carlo looked sacked already, he just doesn't sound the same compared to before the man utd game last week.
i think its time for torres.. we'l eventually need him next season anyways.. so they need to start bringing him more often..
@iikasoruk he is always jolly....tat wht i like of him...he never says anything bad abt any players or managers...
@pandurang81 mceachran will be playing in the semi-final of the youth cup against man united so he wont be playing.
Beat Birmingham, and hope for the best today at St James Park, and tomorrow at WHL, impossible is nothing right? :)
@duskhunter891 I know!!! I am sick and tired of people talking about same issues. Yes, first 100th was enough!!!
Cech Ivan Luiz John Cole ------Essien------- -Benayoun--Franky--malouda Drogs Fernando Thumbs up if you agree~
Can't wait when Torres scores because all the jokes people said will be useless and they'll feel like idiots.
A couple of bad results for Arsenal and Man U and things won't be so glum, will they? I can dream, can't I?

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