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Birmingham news customer service Videos

seva care birmingham news on channel s (channel s news.)

dan protest

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You people make the hair stand up on my neck! Glad your all out there demanding we all have equal lives .x.

Veteran's missing service dog found

A Walker County Army veteran has been reunited with his service dog nearly three days after it disappeared. Subscribe to WVTM on YouTube now for more: ...

Big News - Firefighter Birmingham 10k run

15th April 2016. Simon Shakespeare is firefighter from the Black Country and he is getting set to take part in this year's Birmingham 10k run . Roshni Patel ...

Second City News 20th Feb 2015 - News for Birmingham

West Midlands Fire Service responds to calls for greater efficiencies, Kerslake review of Birmingham City Council, Obesity, Chinese New Year, Berlin Film ...

Birmingham Airport get new fire engines (ITV News Central coverage)

This piece first broadcast on 19 Jun 2013. Televised on UK's regional television ITV Central. Programme (Program) -- ITV News Central.

Oldest Quran discovered found in Birmingham-BBC news- English Subtitled (Enable Captions) (cc)

They found ( what we think to be ) the oldest Quran ever found in the whole world. It is in the university of Birmingham.

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:) Enjoy #Oldest #Quran #Ever #discovered #Subtitled by me :)

Russell Brand Drives to Birmingham Opens Dry Bar May '16 Funny

Russell Brand - The Trews on addiction, getting lost in Brum & Leicester winning the Premier League //changes-uk.com/services/recovery-central/

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Service Users???.......Just another term for Client, End User, Customer, Point Of Use Clientele.....However, the reference to the Integrity of the providers is spot on,...especially for people with mental health issues of which addiction is one.
Here in the UK some decades ago, we ha d a Current Affairs TV show called Thats Life and one of the features was a yearly JOBSWORTH award . ...The FIRST recipient was Nottingham Bus Company who when they received countless complaints about buses going straight past bus stops with passengers waiting to get on, had the audacity to say that "They had a Bus Timetable to maintain and that if they stopped to pick up passengers then they would be late".....The US have screwed their Health System up and now they are intent on doing it to Britain
+Kevin Sayce Americans know how to dominate a market, another reason why they put an American in charge of the NHS. Look what they did to our Cadburys, another 'hostile takeover'. News today was that antibiotics are creating a terminal health condition and Portsmouth NHS are recommending people are given 'faeces' to resolve it. Portsmouth as its first 'Frozen Faeces Bank'. I'm sure that our Russell can have a laugh with that one. At the same time they're telling GP's to stop giving out antibiotics as sweets. Its not just the antibiotics though is it, its the 'pain-killers' too that have side effects that are impacting upon the health of the people. TTIP = Monsanto! As far as the 'Consultants bury their mistakes'. The latest PR 'spin' is that the NHS learns from its 'mistakes'. Seriously, if a business person said that to their clients, they wouldn't have any. Yet, they have the audacity to put that in their press releases in response to patients that could've died due to what they did.
+ELIAKIM Joseph SophiaQuote..."Patients have become a Market"???.....no, they have become Guineapigs to political theology and idealism....Like the old joke goes....Undertakers bury bodies...... Consultants bury their mistakes!!
+Kevin Sayce I agree with you on the term 'service users', I'd like to know who came up with that for the NHS, its 'awful'. 'End User' is a marketing term, and patients have become a market instead of being provided for in our national healthcare in which is poured the love of compassionate hearts. Patients are not consumers in the reality of buying products in a supermarket. The fact is that most of the time, the patients receive no choice to choose within our national healthcare. Even pharmacy distributors are now deciding what can be prescribed to patients, and the most recent investigation into anti-biotics is telling GP's to stop giving out antibiotics like sweets.
More celebrity's need to do what Russell is doing... use their platform for making the world a better place. If it's opening a cafe for people who suffer from drug addiction or holding his own against the likes of Paxman... he is making a difference everyday to this injured world we live in.
+Wes B i know, right? like diversity. europeans must NOT be allowed to have countries of their own.
i love you russell . you are an amazingly intelligent and enlightened individual. never stop doing what you do
+Kady Malloy my favourite part of islamification is female genital mutilation. what's yours?
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