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Birmingham news anchor fired Videos

Worst news anchor debut ever

Worst news anchor debut ever North Dakota's KFYR had to say goodbye to newsreader AJ Clemente after first day nerves led him to blurt a string of profanities ...

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At my company we destroy all resumes we get from West Virginia University, it's worse to have WVU on your resume than some of the local community colleges, and this is why.
murderd and set on fire while celebrating his birthday funniest thing ever
He was trying to pronounce the name of an Olympian? Bullshit!
Wasn't prepared for the Australian accent
hah its like the prevail of fallout 4
I'll never be a news anchor haha
Shit Happens

8/30/2015 - Injuries and Being Fired - Macon, GA

Josh Trank Fired From Next Star Wars Anthology Film (And other news)

Josh Trank is no longer directing the second Anthology stand-alone film, and related news... Follow us on Facebook: ...

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Kylo Ren has a shit lightsaber
+Day Dalon A cross guard doesn't make sense since the guard by the hand is actually metal. I'd rather go with some sort of vent because of the abundance of power this particular hand made or 'junk' saber will have.
+Viral Funnies!Nope, not a heat vent.  That theory never made any sense to begin with.  You can clearly see it has the same appearance as the rest of the blade, especially in the second teaser trailer when Kylo spins around to face the camera.
+Day Dalonthe difference is, the crossguard on this saber is like a heat-vent, it looks like it's a flame jet, so it would burn anything close to it, like clothing
+Viral Funnies! Kylo Ren has the best lightsaber, because it has hand protection, which is an absolute requirement for all swords in the real world. Hands were the easiest target in historical sword fights, and most likely to get injured accidentally as well. This is true in the SW universe; just ask Luke.Also, the idea that he would injure himself on the crossguard is a myth. If handled properly, the crossguard of a medieval longsword will never touch the body, even during intense combat.
+Lego StanI love Kylo Ren...but his lightsaber is crap..it is even referred to in the movie script as a 'junk lightsaber'
Then change your profile pic
Join me in praying Speilberg picks it up
+Elliott Greenwell Hehe damn u feel serious about this. I get your point but I think speilberg has range and can capture what we love about the SW films, just a guess thoughAnyways you heard my first choice what would yours be?
+Dialectical Monist Right, and how does E.T., A.I., Saving Private Ryan and Minority Report not relate to the criteria I mentioned (emotional stories focusing on the human condition symbolized through various scenarios - e.g. our relation to technology or warfare, and how those things affect us and the people around us in how we go about fulfilling the tasks we set ourselves)? Fair enough you mentioned the GOOD indi films, but you somehow neglected to mentioned the god awful turd pile that was Kingdo...No....No I said I wasn't gonna talk about it.....My point is that Spielberg brings to films a specific TYPE of style. I'm not saying that he couldn't MAKE a Star Wars film.....I'm saying that maybe his STYLE is not what is needed in the Star Wars universe (much like George Lucas' STYLE is what essentially ruined the prequels, and in retrospect made the OT a little campy, and therefore no one wants to see him direct another, even though little kids these days apparently love stupid slap-stick jokes, copious amounts of CG and don't mind bad character development)....
+Elliott Greenwell Minority ReportSaving Private Ryan Jurassic Park Raiders of the Lost ArkIndiana Jones and the Temple of Doom War of the Worlds A.I. Artificial Intelligence E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialThe Color Purple and Schindler's List aren't the only movies he has ever done.
+Hans Antov No offense, but I don't want an emotional Star Wars film with excessive symbolism to the human condition.......I mean Schindlers list was amazing, but one of those is enough.....And DON'T GET ME STARTED on Indi.....No.....No.....I'm not gonna talk about it......

Charsadda Mutasereen British Pakistani Emdad

Fox News Sunday Conflict IN THE MIDDLE East

Luisa Zissmans audition - The Apprentice 2013 - Series 9 - BBC One

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