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Nogales mexico time difference Videos

MS 13 Confirmed at Nogales Processing Center

"We have six minors in Nogales who have admitted to killing and doing grievous bodily injuries. One admitted to killing as young as eight years old," an agent ...

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Excellent job by our gov't! Importing people who started their career in murder @ 8 years old is awesome! Yes we can!!!!!!!
Lovely, isn't it?  Honestly those children probably need some guidance and love but is this our responsibility?
Is ANYTHING that this Administration allows surprising?
Not at all RC!
now i found out two plans came in to Boston MA last night full of them the news never said a word & i have been trying to find out how many & where they took them wet backs !!! sorry if it sounds rude that what i think of them wanna take it down as spam o well people can go for it .........Peace 
Constititional Carrie your so right Obama is a wimp & needs to be hung up side down out side of the wight house ....PS i just added you <3
+mrxmanrules and release our Marine!
 look Obama needs to stop trading with Mexico unless they close the Mexico Border side until then it's just going to keep happening i have not seen Obama say any thing really sad

All the Mexicans are Very Friendly and Hospitable

//www.elcidrealestate.com Sharon Holmes from Saskatoon Saskatchewan, Canada, shares her experience about coming to Mazatlán for five winters and ...

Day 2 - Part 6 - Shanty-town

Right on the border with Mexico, we see two countries at the same time...and two very different qualities of life.

Woman Wins A Thousand Dollars -- MIXfm in Nogales Arizona at

Shoe Carnival opened a new store in Nogales, Arizona...and MIXfm's Marty Bishop was there for a live broadcast. Marty shot this video of a woman winning ...

JAY ADAMS Legendary SkateBoarder Dead at 53

Legendary Skateboarder & Z Boys Member Jay Adams, who was reportedly vacationing with his wife in Mexico, died of an apparent heart attack on Thursday, ...

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Cocaine enlarges the hearts left ventricle by 70%, which causes sudden death. If someone offers you coke, punch them out.
better to die from a heart attach than live through it and be half paralyzed.
+John Doe i think he was saying that when he did cocaine it probably was the reason why he ended up with the heart attack in the long term.
+Vanishing Point 4 sum can hang sum cant to each their own
+Vanishing Point 4 So you're saying he snorted coke with out any proof that he had consumed any drugs.
I met Jay in Santa Ana jail when he was fighting the drug case. I told him that my little brother was Ronnie Bertino, and that we both had mad respect for him. He was a super cool and we became friends.
switch backlip. ten trick lines with plenty of that switchstance standing involved. Jay boy's got his, but I say your little brother should get some love. Big ups to Pat Brenndan fan's too!
street tranny's
+Dogma Stigmata what else did he say to you? RIP Jay! the best!
+Mike Anthony Lucky you! Now he is on his skateboard in the sky.You go Jay.xoox
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