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The bahamas celebration Videos



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+jeremiah reichelt How was the Celebration Cruise? I saw you commented on a persons video about it and I might be going on one. Was it as terrible as all the reviews are making it? Please give me some guidance. Thanks So much! Plus side I got a 100% money back guarentee. 
I would like to know what you thought of the overall experience I have seen extremely terrible reviews. 
I really want to know your honest opinion about this cruise ship. Been seeing alot of bad reviews
how did you guys like the cruise im going in june but I have been hearing really bad reveiws

Music Voyager: Bahamas Junkanoo Celebration | Episode 606

Junkanoo: It's a Bahamian 'Ting! Watch as Jacob Edgar and his crew immerse themselves in the truest form of Bahamian Culture.
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