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Guilford college bonner Videos

Chandelier - performed by Taryn Bonner and Luke Horne

Mount Tabor a Cappella Showcase - May 26, 2015.

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Bonner Congress Conference

Abe's Story: Ability to Dream

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I do apologize for the few grammatical errors. - Angela
I love this video,
one word: amazing
so, so good

Sean Guilford 2011 Mid - Season Highlight Eastside

Sean Paul Guilford Mid - Season Highlight Eastside HS Lancaster California.

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goo to work then guilford

"Run To You" - Spartan Spec 2015

Pentatonix song performed by Taryn Bonner, Seanna DeVine, Will Fangmann, Ben Gardner and Luke Horne.

Bonners run the soup bowl

Costa's varsity lacrosse team against Santa Monica, wins 17-8.

Mira Costa's boys varsity lacrosse team takes on the Santa Monica Vikings in the first game of their season. The Mustangs dominate offensively, beating the ...
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