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Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue- Kitchen Cover by Ryan G. Dunkin and Mike Rosengarten

Scott H. Biram wrote a pretty bad ass country tune. I first heard this song on Sons Of Anarchy which is a pretty bad ass show so it makes sense. Mike and I had a ...

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Great tune.. KITCHEN COVER.. that was featured on SONS OF ANARCHY

Piper Cottage, Killeheen Reens Ardagh, Limerick, Ireland

//www.gohotels.com/en-location/limerick-ie.htm The cottage is set in a secluded location on the original Palatine colony of Killeheen. It features its original ...

Cigarette State- (Robbie Fulks) Kitchen Cover by Ryan G. Dunkin and David Finch

Robbie Fulks is one of my favorite singer songwriters. I wish more people knew about him. He tells it like it is and he has this saucy wit to his lyrics. David Finch.

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new kitchen cover tomorrow!.. Catch up on Mondays and all the rest.. "Cigarette State" with David Finch and his fiddle. 

Polishing kitchen knife blade with diamond polycrystalline paste.

This is my kitchen blade I made of 1095 steel, using the japanese clay hardening technology. I bumped into every obstacle on my way, but managed to get some ...

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It looks really good! I could barely see those little scratches, but I know you are a perfectionist, so scratches probably don't suit your requirements on this knife.
I have a few japanese swords, they don't have any scratches. ;) Need more patience with hizuya stones.

MISS YOU NIGHTS - Cliff Richard (Cover Version)

From my 'Kitchen Baritone' series of IPAD performances in a small and cold kitchen. Still the only place I can sing undisturbed in Galway. You do the best with ...
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