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China kitchen gfci Videos

Outlet Night Light - Nite Lite - GFCI Night Light

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I just installed mine yesterday. It's a lot brighter than I thought it would be. Bonus! I will be replacing all of my GFCI outlets with these very soon.
we are in michigan.... do you think i could go to a home depot / lowes or should i go to an electrical store?
Hi,I'm sure you would get it cheaper at a big box like Lowes than an electrical supply. You can also pick it up at a local hardware store like True Value, If they don't have it, they can order it for you.

Dimmable LED Recessed Kitchen Lights

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Adorne kitchen

Beautiful clean backsplash with no outlets.

Porti-boy run through

Ronnie Grubbs special, has a known leak but figured out why it turns off - its not grounded and was plugged into GFCI outlet. And the thing smells like it hasnt ...

Kitcken Sink Side Wall Polishing Machine

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Two Circuits Within 12/3 Romex?

I was doing some investigating around my new house and I noticed that there was a piece of 12/3 Romex cable coming out of my breaker panel. I followed it and ...

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You should replace the two one pole circuit breakers with a two pole circuit breaker so that both circuits are turned off at the same time making it safer to work anywhere on the circuits including in the junction box and in the event of a short or overload, it'll trip and turn off both circuits and it's safer and better. Of course use the same amperage than the old one pole breakers. In your case it's 20 amps. You would need to get a 20 amp two pole breaker. I'm not an electrician and I really know and good at electricity and computers.
I'm not an electrician by ANY stretch of the imagination but I do a lot of my own stuff. My question here is that if the 12 ga wire is required for, and rated at, 20 amps of current, if each of those circuits is drawing 15 amps at the same time, wouldn't that be putting 30 amps of current on that one single neutral wire? Is that safe? Again - NOT an electrician. I'm asking this for my own knowledge and edjumacashun! ;^ )
If the two circuits are sharing a neutral then your good. I wouldn't throw on a 2-pole unless it's working the same device. All in all he just ran two circuits in with a 3-wire and shared the neutral and pigtailed off of it. Looks like shit how he did it but your good.

Twitter Two-Step Authentication - Threat Wire

China accused of agressive posturing both in cyberspace and outer-space, plus two-factor authentication for Twitter, FINALLY. Do it. Do it now! All that and more ...

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I don't see Google Glass as invasive as say..Xbox One's mandatory Kinect presence in the home. With Glass you're already in public, and there's bandwidth and processing limitations at the idea of it becoming a good espionage device (for now), whereas the new Kinect is in your home, constantly listening (unless you unplug the unit entirely) and has access to ample processing horsepower and bandwidth. Sure, Glassholes in public restrooms, there will be some, but I think there are bigger concerns.
Extra security through some two factor authentication scheme is all nice and well, but what really surprises me is that most people (including many security experts) see no danger at all in the harvesting of people's mobile numbers and linking them to online identity profiles. . Don't forget that in most cases (even where you think you are anonymous) phone numbers can be traces back to real legal identities, so it's not "just" your phone number you're giving. . 2 factor auth = Stazi wet dream.
Regarding the accusations towards China, I would advice to take history as an indicator. Who remember the wild accusations against Huawei by some US politicians (with either direct or indirect interests in competitors to Huawei)? And what did the commission tasked with investigating these claims find? Nothing! . Not that it stopped the bastards in excluding Huawei from government contracts. So much for free markets. Only when it serves the US. . The US lies just to "justify" their own crimes.
So do you need to send/receive a text message every time you sign into Twitter? If you don't have an unlimited text plan, that could be a bit of an annoying expenditure. I am not sure that equating Google Glass to laser pointers is quite valid. While the A-hole in the theatre can annoy you during one movie viewing with a laser pointer, an A-hole with Glass can have a much more lasting impact. Videos/photos posted to the internet are much more permanent. Just ask the Star Wars Kid.
Unless China openly declares war -which won't happen- nothing will happen. China is a problem ENTIRELY made in the West, by politicians and outsourcing Big Business salivating over increased profits due to China's slave-wage labor, cheap raw materials, near zero environmental or human rights standards. Too many very powerful and very wealthy people make too much money/wield too much power with our business relations with China exactly how they are. China has the West by the nuts.
The "problem" with China is mostly made up by the US. As of hacking, China is simply not good at covering them up, the US probably hacks even more than the Chinese gov't but is great at covering their tracks up. As for space, it isn't that the US hasn't looked toward satellite wars such as the idea for the space laser and such. All in all, the west relies on China completely, but in my view is trying to cover things up so to seem more independent.
I'd be curious to see if Twitter's new 2FA process would be able to stop MITM type attacks. I'll have to turn it on and try it a bit. As for China, it wouldn't be surprising. We owe them money. And our corporations outsource the construction of new hardware to them... and then they wonder why china can so quickly reproduce cheap alternatives. Simple answer... stop sending them our tech in the first place.
They shouldn't. It highlights the poor lighting when the turn the wrong way. I worked with a director at TV station once that loved those extreme close ups even though it made the talent uncomfortable. Even worse the shots were lopsided because he lined the shots up by shoulders so the male talent was wider and the female was a huge head on the screen.
I actually quite enjoy this, and many others do as well. These guys are behind hak5, one of the longest still running series on Rev3, they didn't get to where they are by NOT having people watch their shit.
A lot of basic TV 101 fixes would help that a lot. Lighting, turn the right way so your not turning into shadows, and the hat should go. It's VERY weird to see someone in a hat in a newsy show like that.
Are China and the U.S. heading toward an all-out cyber war? Get an update on the delicate state of foreign relations, plus some info on protecting your Twitter account with two-factor authentication
I'm a little unsure about the Twitter Authentication. I was unsure about using authentication for Facebook until I discovered the code generator can work offline. Can Twitter do the same?
I'm not surprise by Chinese hacker, everything is made in China which they have blueprint of computers and internet which given by the western.

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