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China kitchen gnats Videos

HELP: Getting Rid Of Chinese Rose Beetles

I have tried growing roses before but I always fail. They don't produce flowers as fluffy as this plant does. This is my Aunt's rose. It's self-sustaining, meaning she ...

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Chinese rose beetles are nocturnal hunters that come out to feed for 2-3 hours after dusk, with that being said highly illuminating plants/trees with bright light for a few hours after dusk will disrupt their prime feeding time. I've also seen a light trap that consists of a solar LED garden light, attached to a bowl filled with soapy water, a hole is drilled thru the center of the bowl and the trap is elevated using PVC to gain height. In theory, rose beetles are attracted to the low amount of illumination emitted by the solar lights ...they fly into them and fall into the bowl below, soapy water is used to block the insects respiratory system.
+Kawika V I remember my mom used to hunt for these with a flashlight then crushing them as they get caught. I will try that trap. I know where to buy some of those solar lamps. Thanks.

NINO DURANT "N Da Kitchen" snippet

After writing this song within 12 hours LenoxxLens came to capture the video of "N Da Kitchen"! This will be the next trap song when there working in the kitchen.

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thanks cuz i got something especially for u fresh

Bournonite,Yaogangxian Mine,Chenzhou Prefecture,Hunan Province,China

Organic Pest Control - Encouraging Natural Predators

More Info at: //www.HomeOrganicGarden.net Organic indoor gardening is not hard as what you think. Even if you're in a limited space, living in apartments ...
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