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"Love Somebody" By Maroon 5 Cover By Steph (11 Yr Old)

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what in the world is wrong with you!? Something is CLEARLY wrong with YOU if you are posting this for an 11 yr old girl to suicide! You should reevaluate yourself and please think before you comment. I know these comments are just words, but sometimes you can really drive someone to killing themselves. Would you really want to end someone's life because of a few words said behind a computer screen? I know for a FACT you wouldn't say this to an 11 yr old girl in person, so why would you type it?
You're really good! Your chest voice is extremely powerful and just blows me away. I suggest you work a little bit on strengthening your head voice (high notes), as well as working on transitioning through your crack so it won't be as prominent in your singing that you're switching from your chest voice to your head voice. Continue working on your belt! You have a GREAT alto gift there girl use it and belt your heart out! Good luck with your singing and don't sweat the haters.
OK, I Saw What You Put.... WHAT THE HELL! Lets see u sing better then that! Steph is one of my really good friends I don't know if im hers but oh well. Go Get A Life And Don't Be Stop Being So Rude! Thank You or The RUDE Comment. Enjoy Life. Steph DONT Listen To Your Haters, Just To Your Friends!
Hey! who the fuck are you? judging people like that?! seriously!!! SHES AMAZING!! SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!! how would u like it if someone said that to u? huh? and dont go hide and pretend u didnt see this. screw you.you are so mean.PEOPLE THESE DAMN DAYS!!!sorry for my language but really.
they just know your way better than them and wanna put u down cuz they think its cool when ITS NOT so just pretend the haters dont exsit im the same age as you and your just an amzing singer witch the last part probly made no sence so just focus on the rest ;)
Great cover of "Love Somebody". I'm very impressed with your singing skills for such a young age. I can't wait to see what you can do a few years from now, expecting great things! All I can say is keep working towards your dreams and always work hard :)
What is your problem!? Since when is it okay to tell anyone to commit suicide.Even if she did suck at singing that is NOT OKAY. I think you should think before you say things like that because imagine how you'd feel if someone told you to do that!?
Not to be mean or anrything..Umm, i think you should work with the high notes. You sing amazing, but those are just some tips:) ''if i''
Can't sing? Ugly? I know everybody has an opinion, but you only have to be descreet. And if you think she dosen't sing well, please upload a video of you singing and let me now. Let's see how good you are at singing..
Thank you very much! :) That was one of the nicest comments i have EVER read. Thanks for sharing, also! And i wont give up, i never will. This is what i love doing... Thanks again!! :)
You Ammmaaaazzzinnng But Next Time You Should Sing With The Music Kinda Like Karaoke It Would Sound Better
because!! she is BEAUTIFUL!! SHES AMAZING!! my god seriously!! she should NOT commit suicide!! god what the hell is wrong with you?! im not trying to be mean but really!! SCREW YOU!
Shes 11 like me 3 reasons why you like this 1.shes beatiful 2.your jealous cause u cant sing like her 3.Why Would you say that shes just 11 and plus your parent taught you nothing
Hey Stephanie!! :) Its Glory! Great Job Singing! Are you in classes for singing? If not then get in one! You could be really famous some day! Txt Me Sometime! ~Glory
Ur voice is great! But there is something in Adams voice that makes the song so good, i bet if u keep trying u will get it!! Amazing for a 11 year old! Keep it up!
Wow you sing amazing i would kill for that voice. I will post this video on facebook too. Don't ever give up on singing because you're gonna make it.
Wow, I definitely wasn't expecting this when I saw you were 11, BUT you are brilliant! you have an amazing voice, not even for your age, just period :D
OMG u sing beautiful ill share this song on my facebook ill spread it and well i saw that u wanted to be famous ill see wat i can do sharing it :)
shes 11 (like me) screw you if you dont like her dont listen to her and expecilly dont tell her to comment suicide SCREW YOU
Are you knew to the internet? Clearly. Because it's not okay to tell someone "commit suicide" Honestly. What the hell?
Your singing is awesome! I didn't regret clicking on your 'advertisements'. Do make more covers! Gave you a sub btw!
Oh my God ! your voice is freakin Good you sang this song effortless without background music and its AWESOME!
If your single i will really really!!!!!! find a way to make you fall in love with me... lol im so ambitious

Blue Air B737NG YR-BIA ascending from Baneasa

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- Fain ! Daca poti cand o sa comande Blue Air Boeing 737-900 sa bagi te rog pe si sa-mi trimiti mesaj ! Mersi Mult !
@andronicc25 asa au circulat zvonuri de acum doi ani, dar nush :) !

ALASKA VG Z - European Championship YR Nations Cup

YR 03-15-13 cnd part four the storm continues!

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