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China kitchen goldthorpe Videos

The Goldthorpe pub (the old Goldthorpe Hotel) -- near Mexborough

Please see original image credits below. On the Corner of Doncaster Road and Hamilton Road. I'm not sure when this closed down (2008 maybe?), but it looks ...

User Comments

its sad to think that in the early 70's this was the place to be! wonderful trish use to hold disco's live bands and had 3 busy bars. did a lot of my 'wenching' here...saxon played here when they were called sob (before son of a bitch). at one time they were the support band to a stripper! god bless trish,she was a remarkable lady.
Mexborough my arse !!! two villages away from Mexborough !!! Trish was my grans best mate after she left it was turned into a pub with a chinese restaurent in the concert room but the tap room was always full of druggies !!!
was a great pub, used to let us in under-age to play pool.. never served us bloody drinks mind! well not at least till you /looked/ old enough, less prosecutions back then as no id cards etc
had great times in there.. does anyone remember Dave Hart... Mick and Wendy Maloney
Shame, really nice pub when I used to go in. Sad to see it in such a state.
r.i.p trish,you were 1 of the best,all my love,tour no.1 d.j ged
@daztheman1980 Hmm, nice comment...
i loved Trish great lady
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