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Chinese tea currency Videos


How to tell real Jade from fake Jade? Jade has been used for jewelry for thousands of years. Jade is tangible, rare and in demand. Just as silver and gold are ...

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Ping test didnt work cos u are holding it wrong. It should be tie to a string so that it can vibrate properly. This way, you can hear the sound. For silver, it is the same too. Hold/tie the bullion with string and you will be able to listen to the sound.
That shop is in space .

Chinese culture at your desk: Tea edition

In this how-to video, we walk you through the necessary steps to properly prepare and experience a traditional Kung Fu-style tea ceremony. Demonstration by ...

Chinese Volunteers Provide Syrian Refugees with Relief Goods

Chinese volunteers in Jordan are providing Syrian refugees with relief goods for the coming winter. These volunteers are Chinese businessmen and students in ...

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They looked like hui Muslims from China. Didn't look like Han Chinese one bit.
These Chinese Volunteers are all Muslims too

Twinnings Chai Tea

tea brick1

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