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Tibetan Singing Bowl Live Studio Session 1 - 40 mins Long

Tibetan Singing Bowl Live Studio Session 1 - Relax to the Sound of Singing Bowls to Help you Sleep or for a Sense of Good Feeling. I felt amazing after ...

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So if I'm constipated? Will these work?
+sw1000xg the youtube comments never cease to make me laugh
+Walk On The DarxideB splat?
Depends on your brown note frequency.
you should do some sets with just the sounds of bowls, no one has videos of just tibetan bowls
He does. It's beautiful. 
So you're trying to tell us that by whacking a bloody bowl we can be magically 'cured' of all our problems? :P It's still bloody relaxing though!
Tibetian singing bowls is a sound therapy to keep the Solar Plexus Chakra in good balance, which is one of the seven chakras in our body. This chakra contols your self-confidence.
3:22 fail, i like the rubbing the thing on the bowl :)
Made me lol.
I never noticed that lol, but yea I generally like all the sounds that these bowls make.
Once again, Dimitri, you have captivated your audience with the glorious binaural magic of the Tibetan Singing Bowls. Long before I had discovered the online ASMR community (and before I even knew there were other people that experienced ASMR) I had discovered brainwave entrainment, using the Solfeggio Frequencies, and others forms as well. When I first saw you using the Tibetan singing bowls, I knew that there was a higher purpose behind all of this. It had come to a perfect circle! I thank our collective higher power for sounds of all varieties. Peace, and harmonic vibrations to all. 
+MassageASMR That is a wonderful idea!
Thank you for your comment, i have seriously considered purchasing a set of the Solfeggio tuning forks.  I would love to try combining them with the bowls.
I dont know why, but the tibetian balls are the only thing i really cant stand hearing. The rest of your videos are fantastic.
I don't like the banging of Tibetan balls either. ;) Haha. Nice correction.
Bowls* lol...

Behind The Scenes - Making of new ASMR Studio (non-ASMR)

Hell everyone - in this Behind The Scenes ("BTS") video, I give you an insider look at the creation of my new studio space dedicated to making ASMR content.

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Hi Aaron, could you make a hand motions video where you are slowly rubbing fingers and thumbs together in circular motions? I find these to be very relaxing and hypnotizing triggers. I hope you can make a video like this in your new studio...Friends, Lloyd.
+lrh1966 Hi - I just uploaded a video of just finger/hand rubbing sounds - hope you'll enjoy it!  I'm still in transition to finishing up my new studio (though I've started shooting in the space with my "Drawing with Destiny" series) - but expect everything from now on to be shot with my new setup.
What kind of stuff do you shoot besides asmr videos?
+SleepyWavves I do video production - that's why I have so much camera equipment!
Thanks aron for the time and effort u rock..
+Marl Pogi No problem - thank you for liking my content!
Excellent video, dude. Massive respect for how meticulous you are with your setup, and thanks for showing us how it is done. Is say's non-Asmr, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who found this relaxing, particularly with that chilled music.
+primateboogaloo Oh thanks!  Yeah I still wanted it to be a chill video just in case anyone wanted to relax to it.  I realized while editing that I REALLY have to work on not say "um" so much for next time.
*showing how meticulous
Has anyone ever said you remind them of Matt Damon? Because I'm saying it. Maybe I'm just thinking about The Martian too much because I love it but 13:38 gave me vibes of a super non-life-threatening video log entry from Mars. Also I'm very tired so that probably adds to it. Off to a regular ASMR video to sleep! Oh, also, the set up looks awesome! And I always love behind the scenes videos on ASMR channels. Thanks for sharing
+Seafox0011 Sure thing!  I couldn't do it without you guys!  I'll be posting more Behind-the-Scenes videos on my off days so that you can see more of me doing other stuff.
+ASMR Destiny Next up green-screen.... :) Great setup and fascinating seeing the building process - thanks for the time and effort you put into your ASMR creations.
+Kimberly Heya - so I've been told I remind them of few different people.....and I saw the Martian as well and thought it was awesome!  Have you seen those other logs they recorded just for their YouTube channel?  I wish I had unlimited money to create some sort of interior spaceship to film a cool ASMR video in :P

Birthday Rewards Haul

I turned the big 30 last week. Of course, not without a little fun shopping with Birthday Rewards from Sephora, Ulta and Charming Charlie. Had to throw a Bath ...

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The burgundy looks good on you! I haven't had much luck with Kat Von D makeup in the past, but I like the Nars lip crayons. The New York candle with the sparkle is very cute, and I love the rose gold earrings!
I ended up really loving the NARS lip crayons!! The burgundy lip color looks great on you!
I'm gonna have to try that brow gel too. That lip color looks HOT! #ytmm
Great stuff! I think that lipstick color looks great on you!
happy late birthday, welcome to the 30's club!
Happy birthday! I love freebies :) #ytmm
love your videos and happy new year
Happy New Years! Great video!

An ASMR Pot Melt Two: Part 1

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Great vid as always
+Hakeem xP Thanks!
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