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Eecu new car rates Videos

Car Tire Cutter.mov.mp4

This cartire cutter is PlaygroundIDEAS prototype 2 for how to remove a sidewall easily from a car or truck tire uling a sharp utility knife. We are looking fro ...

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I have used a hand held jig saw. maybe you could mount the jigsaw inplace of the utillity knife-----so you can adjust in or out the same as the knife------the cutting blade works better if the set is ground off----like a serated bread knife------i do that by holding a sharpening stone on each side of the blade while running the saw-----i can cut a 14 inch car tire both sides in one or two minute----if you pull the cut piece making a wide kerf it will cut easier------friction is the problem
Maybe the problem with 3rd world Countries is Hipsters telling the kids they need to play...and not work.
Hold the knife at a 30 to 45 degree angle should cut a lot better!

IFM Ecomat Mobile CR0403

Mobile PLC (for eECU etc.)

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This is Cool Fucking Shit!

2001 3g Eclipse. 4g63t

Just a short video of my car. 330whp stock wastegate.

Derek Carr @ Upper Room

Derek Carr came to Upper Room last Sunday! This was his second time here in Upper Room, and here he talked about the holy spirit. Amazing message by him!

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At this time in my life it is a battle to fight against bad habits but Derek has helped me out because he puts right down to earth. As a football fan and a Raider fan this is a true blessing to have this. Right now im sitting at home on a Friday night fighting urges out there in the world by listening to Derek preach. Thank You Derek for teaching me about the Holy Spirit!!! Just remember Derek that this is more important than football and you must be even better at preaching the word than football to get my attention tonight watching this.
It gives me great joy that there's a man like him in the NFL. His testimony will reach many of the lost, and I know he will be used mightily by God. I'm thankful to have witnessed his preaching in person.
as a raider fan and christian i have to wonder why theres only 1300 views on this! great stuff
This man is so awesome once in a lifetime
You go Derek!

95 Express 3+ Carpooling commercial

This commercial is part of a tv advertising campaign I produced for Miami's Berber Silverstein Partners Advertising. They focus on testimonials of people who use ...

3G Mitsubishi Eclipse STROBES

This video was uploaded from an Android phone.

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Dude, thats so Illegal.

I Love Poo!

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His face is as creepy as f%#k! He'll be in my nightmares for sure.
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Carpooling on the Express Lanes

Mitsubishi Eclipse 3G M/T RS 2.4Turbo Замер вид1

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