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New car efficiency standards Videos

NWF's "Car Guy" on New Fuel Efficiency Standards

To learn more visit //bit.ly/15u7cVf What do new fuel efficiency standards mean for families, workers & America's national security? NWF's Zoe Lipman (yes, ...

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I guess I still can't rationalize MPG as a measure of efficiency. It is a distance rating and confuses people into thinking that they are being efficient when they are not. Current non hybrid gasoline powered automobiles are less than 25% efficient wasting 3/4 of the energy in every tank. Assuming a doubling of real efficiency as proposed, we're still wasting 1/2 of the energy in every tank. We can and must do even better than the proposed new standards or supply our cars with different fuel.

New Reports See U.S. Auto Industry Benefitting from Higher MPG Standards

The complete press conference recorded on March 30, 2011. For full information visit.

New fuel efficiency standards to be unveiled

07/27/11 The Obama administration will announce its new fuel economy target of 54.5 mpg by 2025.

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+StinkFingerr In 2025 the performance cars will all be hybrid cars (you could even hide a big engine (like a V8) behind the hybrid technology and pass the regulations)... it's not too big of a deal. Higher fuel economy is a good thing. if you want something which runs on gas and has a big engine you could always buy older cars which was built before the regulations... but you may be paying a whole lot more for fuel by then and it may be uneconomical to even consider running a fuel hungry car.
Those are ruinously high standards & will destroy the American auto industry. Don't tell me Obama isn't purpos'y bringing America down!

New Evoque Revealed, More Nations Adopt U.S. MPG Standards - Autoline Daily 1562

0:32 Takata Slapped With Fine 1:07 Honda Pushes Out Ito 1:35 Nissan's Mr. K Passes Away 2:27 F-150 Demand Stronger Than Anticipated 3:14 New Range ...

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I have always liked the Evoque.
+marc1093280 Is that your Bentley in your picture?

White House Announces New Fuel Standards

Check us out at fnno.com The White House wants your car to be more fuel efficient, at least your future car. The Obama Administration announced today that it ...

Obama's New 'Fuel Efficiency' Standards:

President Obama | Speaks about Fuel Efficiency Standards at a D.C.

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