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Heathside School - BBC School Report - Flooding in Weybridge and Runnymede

Heathside School - BBC School Report - Flooding in Weybridge and Runnymede.

Underground WW2 Air Raid Shelter at Vickers Factory Brooklands Weybridge

In 1990 I got the chance to film inside the derelict Vickers underground Air Raid Shelter at the Sand Pits, Brooklands, Weybridge, after youths had broken in.

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How fascinating! I've lived in this area all my life but never knew about the shelters. My grandmother worked at Vickers during the war years. I wonder if the shelters are still there or has the re-development of the area destroyed them?
No very much still there, but not open to the public of course.
Thanks guys, i take that as a real compliment come from you.

Cut Up/Close pass in Weybridge (23/11/15)

Not sure if this should be classed as a cut up or a close pass as it is a bit of both. The video continues to demonstrate how utterly pointless the maneuver was as i ...

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Stupid car driver. But you shouldn't have passed on the left either. Two wrongs don't make a right
It goes into 2 lanes at the junction and they were turning right.

Esher Tyre and Exhaust Limited Tyre Fitters in Kingston

// Esher Tyre and Exhaust Limited located in Kingston is also covering Esher, Thames Ditton, Surbiton, ...

Class 66s at Reading and Twyford Stations

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Thanks, I'm pleased to say there are now ticket barriers at Twyford! They were going to put them with the new foot bridge, but they didn't and I can see they will now because the foot bridge going out of the station! They are suppose to have a daily manual barrier block, but I've never seen this happen!
Thanks, Yes, i've had it a while, but only just got round to uploading, I'll proberly be uploading quite alot over the next few weeks!
Nice one mate!! Do you know if there are any ticket barriers at Twyford? It looks a fantastic place to film!!
Liked the announcement at Reading.
nice vid, do you have a new cam?
Thanks you very much!
Nice filming.5*
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