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Enterprise Awards 2013 winner -- Turbo-discharging

Ask Jeremy: "Social enterprise and how to bridge gap between the nonprofit and business?"

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social enterprises will be the center of the future economy


First In The World! Dodge Challenger SRT8 on 32" DUB ZIG-ZAG Classic Weekend 2012

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Bruh...lmao...why da fuck do you people be clicking on videos just to talk shit? I mean its called a personalized vehicle for a reason. They personalize it to their specifications, not yours. And I'm bout to fuckin die laughin at da racist niggaz up here. Nigga its 2014...why da fuck is racism still around! I mean really? You gon say a car looks stupid but da only thang looking stupid is yo racist ass comment like you tryna be some 1800s slave ownin son of a bitch. Take yo hillbilly, redneck, punk ass back to da damn woods where you racist ass backwoods bitches belong. Smfh
all u racist cracker mutha fukers needa shut da fuk up.da man can do wateva he want to wateva kinda car he want.dat shit clean as fuk an u pussy niggaz just mad u aint got da money to do it.shouldnt be watchin da video if u aint wit da style.go look at sum porn or sumthin u lame ass niggaz
Is it your money??? no!!! Who made the rules about what size rims are supposed to go on a muscle car??? who??? you??? Plus you need to behave your mouth, race has nothing to do with the car.... The first person in Huntsville to put 24's on a DTS Caddy was a white dude....
shut up u fukin cracker mutha fucka before I turn your mother into a white slut....wait she aleady is ha.why tha fuk u stupid fuckin ppl lookin the shit up if you don't like it?sound like a hater trailer park trash mutha fucka
stop it! bad! bad nigger ruining a beautiful muscle car. bad. stop. if you wanna nigger rig something do it to a sebring or some shit nobody cares about. spinning rims on a challenger is disgraceful
it looks stupid to u cuz u white.take ride wit him for a day an watch how much pussy you get.who da hell is you to say if its nice or not?what you ridin in?show a picture of your shitbox
it looks stupid...honestly im sorry you just ruined a challenger srt8 i wouldnt care as much if it was a caprice or any g body except if its a grand national or monte carlo ss
Not one of you hating muthafuckas paid for this so shut ya mouth up! If he was doing this with your money you would have the right to complain.
Wtf I like 24' s and 26's on a car but anything pass that it looks fucking stupid specially on a challenger wasted of money on the srt8 engine
Some hood black guy pulls up in this to a muscle car show, he wont leave alive.
i never even saw the car, too many people around it
Call first 48 he just murdered the challenger game
attracts the wrong crowd when its made like this.
That yo gotti going hard in the background 

Wildwood Car Show Sept 22nd

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