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Shree Parshwa Enterprise

Shree Parshwa Enterprise Is Best For, Holdtite Liquid Sealent,Rustolene Rust Disintegrator, WD-40 Rust Remover, PTFE Thread Seal Tape Teflon Tape And ...

WD40 in a 3x3!?!?!? Will it lube?

WD40 is actually a very good lubricant. I would recommended that non-cubers and people that only have a Rubik's brand to use this side it will break down the ...

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Is this lubricant suitable for a guanlong with stickers?
but I would recommend you to buy lubix or maru lubes.
every lube will do the same thing regardless of the cube it's put in.
Tried to lube an original Rubik's cube with WD-40. Made it worse now lol
Don't know how "now" got in my comment
The answer is NO! I tried it with my first half-decent 3by3 (shengshou) and the turning quality was worse.
Ok... I saw the end of the vid now, and I guess i lubed it wrong... Lel. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Should I use WD-40 on my Guanlong or is it a bad idea cause I don't want to buy lube should I do this or should I do butter
Butter, do not risk destroying your cube.
i used wd40 on my rubiks brand and it worked prettu good i can fingertricks in it but is doesnt corner cut
Lube doesn't make cubes corner cut...

3 WD 40 Specialist Silicone

WD-40 Contest - 2016 PowerNation Week #5

This week on PowerNation Katie is joined by WD-40 Company Vice President of Marketing Tim Lesmeister who will explain their all new contest and how to ...

WD 40 Specialist Machine & Engine Degreaser

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