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Ozzy Man Reviews: People Fucked Up By Bulls

Me critical analysis of people getting fucked up running with the bulls in Spain (EDIT: Nah, Portugal by the sounds! Cheers). Some bloody big hits taken here ey.

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LMAO at the dog part.
+TheToekutter so fucking funny
I love 'Bulls on parade' in the background xD.
My bad :) I was thinking of "Bullet in the head" Your'e ringt! :)
+Mattias Matsson It's bulls...Y'know the song by Rage against the machine 'Bulls on parade'?
+Dylan Muir Bullets. Not bulls.
That's not Portugal! Portuguese people don't do that! As far as I know only Spain and Italy (and probably Mexico) do that kind of thing. Do some research before posting what you don't know.
+Diogo V Who gives a fuck dickhead it's not a geography lesson
+Diogo V It's in the Azores Islands.
Terceira, Açores. Search "marradas 2***" by Foto Gabriel duuuh
+Badger0fDeath You mean the part of the clip where people are not chasing bulls or standing in front of them with a death wish and a lot of stupidity? Yes, those are portuguese.
+Diogo V Clip at 1:40 clearly has a Portuguese flag flying in it.

Dog Tries to Fetch Ball from Freezing Pool

This dog realized he left his ball in the pool, but unfortunately he realized it after the temperatures dropped below freezing outside and his ball became trapped ...

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I don't even see the ball...
Neither do i

New Years 2013 -- Ball Drop in Buffalo, NY

Ringing in the new year with some friends in Downtown Buffalo.

*NEW* BIG BAD BUFFALO RIFLE - theHunter 2016 Gameplay w/leeroy

Enjoy the video? Leave a Like! ▻Join me on Twitter: ▻Royalty Free Music by // ▻Enjoy ...

User Comments
your videos blow
+Amateur Hunters I use a program called bandicam, it works well. I've also used dxtory, fraps and mirillis action, they are all pretty good too, and all roughly the same price, although you can get them 'free' should you wish. The issue right now is that thehunter enjoys crashing a lot for a lot of people, and if a game crashes while recording you're more than likely going to lose the video :(
+DatMan Leeroy Haters gonna hate. What recording software for thehunter would you recommend? I want to start making thehunter videos like like you.
+Bronson Roberts are you still here?
Well then leave :) yours aren't much better by the way lol
Awesome video Leeroy!!
+BCOutdoor Adventures thanks man! glad you like it :D
At 18:14 your like denied the charge
+Wilmanman thehunter the very definition of a chargeback eh XD

Maple Leafs Game Preview: Toronto vs Buffalo - March 19, 2016

The home stand continues tonight against the Buffalo Sabers. Paul Hendrick has all the news and notes in the Maple Leafs Game Preview.

Lucille Ball Comedy Festival to feature high profile comedians

Lucille Ball Comedy Festival to feature high profile comedians ◂ WKBW provides local news for all of Western New York, Buffalo, NY and the Niagara Falls NY ...

Ryan Miller Mic'd Up On Ice

"Careful what you say, I'm mic'd up today boys." Ryan Miller talks about chipping the rust off and getting down to work with goaltending coach Rollie Melanson.

User Comments
Has he played against Buffalo with St Louis?
No he hasn't
I miss Miller so damn much. But I'm glad he's happy in Vancouver.
+Gabe Johnson It's hard I feel you
Yeah, thanks, I wasn't aware until you told me.
I miss Miller. I hope he gets a cup for you Vancouver my 2nd team. Be good to this man and he'll be good to the Canucks he is the most down to earth hockey player I have ever met and you got him for A STEAL!!!!!!. He hasn't got the recognition in the past 3-4 years he deserves cause he has had a less then sad defense in front of him. If Vancouver's offense can average around 2.75 GPG you should have no problem grabbing the 2nd or 3rd seed or perhaps better keep a healthy D and don't over play or over criticize him and youll be able to match LA, Chicago, ANA,SJ no problem
Yeah i know lol all we need is time with our young soon to be all stars
+Drake Pelton Oh I definitely agree. He deserved it with Buffalo, beyond description. We are at least 3 years away from being cup contenders at the moment, though. So, maybe he'll have a great run with the Canucks (and maybe he'll get the cup there), but before he retires, he comes back to Buffalo and concludes his career with a cup with us. That is totally idealistic, but it we can dream.
+emu5088 but i still wish he gotta stanley cup for the sabres! It sucks he didnt, he definatly deserved atleast one or two with HIS team
That's awesome to see this! I'm a Sabres fan and my 2nd favorite team is the Canucks, as well! Vancouver fans tend to over-exaggerate people, especially goalies, and I agree, he will do great things and can fit in well for this team.Go 1970s expansion brothers!

MSL News live from ice storm 2014 Atlanta :)

After watching so many news reports during the ice storm, my daughter decided that she could do the why not lol. All music in this video is Creative ...
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