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Chicken thigh fillet schnitzel recipes Videos

Mackerel recipe - How to grill salted mackerel - サバのしおやき

Chef Dai shows how to grill Norwegian mackerel fillets. Learn how to cook mackerel fillets with classic Japanese grilling techniques. Grilled salted mackerel ... //

User Comments
Extremely beneficial. I'll have to try some of the techniques with what I have and what I can get. Thank you for sharing.
+Michael Liu thank you so much for the kind words.....
Solid techniques! Thanks for teaching
+John Herschell Taghap thanks for watching and for the kind words!
sometimes you look like kenichi matsuyama with great cooking skill
+Fannia Haryani ☺️
Very informative, it's really a pleasure to watch your videos! Keep it up.
+Lumian Thank you so much Lumian....will do our best!!!!
Very great recipe! i will make sure to try it soon :)
+Sena Thank you so much. please do try it! nothing will give me more pleasure!
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