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Chicken schnitzel food safari Videos

Schnitzel the chicken cat

RECOMMENDED to hear with high volume - to hear chicken sounds! My super cute kitten on his first days at our home, was extra excited while eating his food.

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awwww look at the pritty mess you made
God they're adorable at that age :3
Dose he still beep XD

Chicken (Morgh) Schnitzel - Part 1

//KShar.net In this video, KShar teaches us how to prepare Chicken (Morgh) Schnitzel with a Persian twist.

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that is precisely what i am trying to do .. my new book coming out. ( from Persia to Teh Rangeles ) leave your email on my site kshar.net and will mail you a copy as soon as it comes out .
khodavand enshallah hamishe poshto panahet bashe baradar. yek donya tashakor baradar
Thanks for your great video.that was great dish.i am following your videos.
Thanks for the video :-) You are promoting Persian culture :-)
You are most welcome. thank you for watching, keep it cooking
@tkparty gives us some time, things will get better
mamnoonam az lotfe shoma

Food Safary

Iranian food recipes

Iranian food recipes iran food cooking show documentary Iranian food recipes iran food cooking show documentary From simple dips to hearty stews, food .
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