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Chicken schnitzel from coles Videos

GLUTEN FREE PIZZA - Nicko's Kitchen

More about the Coles Gluten Free range: //bit.ly/17a10Su More Gluten free recipes from Coles: //bit.ly/11oIVS5 //tinyurl.com/NickosFacebook ...

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Most of the things he make come from Google , u can find there recipes for sauces, whole sandwiches, just keep trying because he won't do it any better than you! And ofc it will never taste similar to SubwaY, because 1 simple difference like for example just bread , dressing or meat will make whole thing different, doubt if they have special veg.They're fast food overall and they have to keep their unique flavors otherwise everyone would just do their sandwiches at home, like MC u can try,but...
Just some constructive criticism - If you have not tried the products, and it has nothing to do with what you're making it would be best not to promote them (yes that is what you did by showing them). Because if a subbie tries it and it's not good, guess who they will be coming to slam? You, not the company. Additionally, maybe try turning your mic down when you taste the food because I doubt I'm alone here in saying that the viewers don't need to hear you chew and swallow your food.
Its found in things like bread/similar products. wiki quote " is a protein composite found in foods processed from wheat and related grain species, including barley and rye. Gluten gives elasticity to dough, helping it rise and keep its shape and often gives the final product a chewy texture. Gluten may also be found in some cosmetics, hair products, and other dermatological preparations." some people however have an allergy to gluten so they cannot have any.
My Mother and I are both allergic to Gluten and Dairy, but my allergies keep going with Soy and Nuts... I can't eat out anywhere... Everything has to be made from scratch... These products are nice because they do make us feel a bit more normal... Thank you for trying this product out... Well, time to climb back in my bubble and finish making my Dairy, Gluten, Nut, and Soy free chocolate cupcakes...
Yes but thers nothing hard in it really :) Maybe the dressings and that chicken but certainly nothing u won't find in internet just toast any bread u like with any cheese you like add any veg, met u like and finish with dressing. Hardest part about it will be toasting the bun, right? xD and its not like u can't go to subway see how they make ur fav sandwich and do it step by step in home. mhm
When I saw the header for this video I was hoping you would be making the dough from scratch. I have Celiac disease and all the GF pizza crusts I've found are absolute rubbish. I live in America we don't have "Cole's" products so it doesn't really matter how good it is if it's not available to me. :(
Even if he got his recipies from someone or somewhere hes showing you his version of it and how to do it so lay off him and stop trying to bring him down hes help most of us at hard times to cook things that taste fantastic and there fast to make if your on a time limit. Thanks again Nico
wow, this was new, I never knew that I could just throw on some ham and cheese on some dough, and it would turn into a pizza :O !! Robjnixon I hoped and whised that YOU made the dough! :( Maybe nextime? :)
Make some things that are "healthier," i.e. higher protein to fat or carb concentration, roughly taking 10 mins to make, without having all these fancy ingredients. i.e. for the reasonably fit uni student
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can you do something with breadfruit? I had one last week and it was pretty good, I might go see if I can find another one but I need more ways to cook it. (I baked and then fried it like French fries)
why do everybody eat on camera just because they like it don't mean other people will like it so what is the use I don't see the point in my mom
My current junk food / pizza craze is using store bought french bread ($1.25 at Walmart) and making french bread pizzas! Cheap stuff!
I really used to like your videos, but recently, they've all become so idiotproof and easy that it's not entertaining anymore.
I've got some friends who have to have gluten free and it is good to see more products becoming available to buy for them.
looks great! we have a regular pizza video on our channel but i've been making lots of gluten free pizza recently1
You put strength only on gluten free base but all ingredients have to be equally gluten free for celiac people
I have to agree somewhat. There are tons of gluten-free products on the market and not all of them taste good.
I always can't wait until you take a bite of any type of food you make & eat.. it's so exciting for me!!
I'm Not A Fan For Gluten Free Foods, But Your Pizza is Free, Handmade, And Re:Made By Your Hands.
Yay, you're being sponsored by Coles! (I hope to one day see you with your own TV show...)
'muricans :) I would imagine... We, european people all together, are probably second lol
the title is pretty deceiving, it should say gluten free pizza crust review or something.
Try the one from feedtheclan, it is nut and grain free and tastes like normal dough.
Yeah I suppose, but when ever I try to make one, it just doesn't taste the same:(
Are Coles products only available in Australia? Or can you buy them in the USA?
Nicko could describe a shoe covered in oil and shit, and still make me hungry.
Thanks I'll look into where I can find it, I've not had a good pizza in years.

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El iPhone tambien esperaba su plato...jaja!

Callum Terry Cooks his Famous Crumbed Beef Schnitzel

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Awesome job Callum.....our family really enjoyed your famous crumbed beef schnitzel tonight......tasted fantastic mate! :] .
i was preying this little retard was gonna cut one of his fingers off

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kfc i like it like that ads

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The omission of a credit to my account where you got these videos from is just an oversight, right?
Maybe not. I think he like's it like that!
No I got these off an old VHS I had

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