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Tim Hortons Creamy Maple Chill Review WARNING: BRAIN FREEZE! | KBDProductionsTV

Tim Hortons Creamy Maple Chill Review WARNING: BRAIN FREEZE! | KBDProductionsTV Want more? Check out the Thirsty Thursdays Playlist: ...

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Should have gotten it with cream. Chocolate milk definitely makes it too sweet.
+Pamela Warren Yeah, that means Ken blocked him. His comments will just never appear on KBDProductions ever again, but you'll be able to see them on Google+ because he's technically replying to you. If he were to leave a comment on the video itself it would appear nowhere.
+Simply The Best surprisingly i have only had the maple drinks once, in my video.
+SeGa32xXx The comments show up on Google but not on Youtube for some reason.
+Pamela Warren HAH, Simply The Best must be pretty far from the best. His comments don't show up. Clearly muted by Ken from appearing in his comment section.
+Simply The Best buuuut he won't. I wish he'd check with me before doing TH reviews ...
Hey Pam :)
You should do some beer reviews!! I'd love to hear your inputs on the different kinds of beer
+Pamela Warren yeah I know I love it. I was thinking maybe on a thirsty Thursday or its own show
+peytonwakham22 The review beer on the Cook & Review
Is the Creamy Maple Chill still considered an Ice Capp or is it something else like a slushie/milkshake type drink. Also there is no way to stop a brainfreeze haha
+Pamela Warren Oh okay, thank you very much Pamela :)
+0melette - the chill doesn't have coffee in it ( like the iced capp) so it's closer to a milkshake
Really jealous right now!
Also put the cold cup on your head when you have brain freeze it goes away quicker. There's a science to it!

Easy Pizza Dough Recipe | How to Freeze Dough | Let's make Pizza Part 1.

Nothing can be more simple as makeing a dough for pizza. Just four essential ingredients: 1KG of Flour (can be secial pizza four or plain all purpose flour), ...

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Your recipe looks lovely guys! You look like you both are having so much fun....lovely to see...Ali:)
+AliCatsKitchen Ali thanks for your visit :) yes we are having fun :) and very pleased to see you coming for visit :)
Manu is so funny
+endomorphine90 Yes me too I wonder about his accent :) Thanks for the nice feedback :)

Hoki Cutting Crumbing Freezing

AUCTION SALE Thursday 14th November, 2013 at 11am - 62-66 Cowie Street, North Geelong Vic MAJOR SEAFOOD PRODUCTS MANUFACTURING PLANT ...

Wonky House/Electro Music - I Said Freeze

A really wonky track. Drops in the bassline tune from a oldskool tune. listen and see. Proper ace.

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The song that starts wobbling at 1:10 is called: Jaksaw - Played out (Royal K's Here Comes The 50 Mix)
great song and awesome that you used Mr oizo but this isn't wonky I think
what mix is this off of? cuz I can hear discko bizkit coming in at the end?
this incorporates the classic bassline from flatbeat by mr oizo. SICK!
@lewboydixon20 1:10 plus please, do you have the track for 1:10 plus?
I need to know who made this flat beat remix!
This samples Mr Oizo doesn't it?
oooooohhhh yessss dat bounce
@miltonatchet Why not?
fuckin crisp!!

Brain Taco Eating Championship

Enjoy the Video? Thumbs up & Share! Full Contest Footage of the 2013 Zombie Pub Crawl Brain Taco Eating Championship. This is an officially sanctioned ...

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day girl need to shushhhh
Joey chestnut shouldn't have had that last one counted, when matt only got a half
+That Smile He used the full hand technique to hide the evidence. Great match though, looked like a tie :) #crackTheChestnut
Ugh those are so good!! I love cabeza tacos! I think I would win this haha
+Kay Lee what he meant was its Yuck the taco which u like .....
thats what they are called. i don't get whats weird?
You love cabeza tacos?... you love cabeza?... sorry I couldn't help myself...
how did those brains taste?! I"ve always wanted to eat brain.
+That Smile
I'm mexican and I can tell you that brain tacos aren't that bad, but there are others so much better
it's really good, better than beef tongue imo
+christian oneill lol smooth
+reneekatz666 can give me some brain if you want slut
God damn that girl in the back never shutup!
my thoughts exactly, someone should shove some brain in her big mouth
+zzeb b i already did until your dumbass started this shit again.
+hu man stfu bitch
ikr? annoying bitch.

Pacific JS-4300 Fresh Meat Slicer - Pork Schnitzel

Mick "The Golden Schnitzel" Johnson (JB goin off!)

User Comments
I know him personally hes a funny guy!
that's some funny shit

Beef green olive and egg empanadas

Beef green olive and egg empanadas These beef green olive and egg empanadas pastries are bursting with flavour and encased in a crisp pastry. Perfect for ...

Challenge: schnitzel part 1

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