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Chicken schnitzel with garlic prawns Videos

Garlic Pepper Prawns - Chef Deepu - Football Foodie

Watch Celebrity/Model Sunanda Wong interact with Chef Deepu who shares the recipe of 'Garlic Pepper Prawns' in the new show Football Foodie dedicated to ...


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My comment WASN'T nonsensical. Many other people got what I meant and it means you're just TOO STUPID to understand in the first place. I said, 'I've read your explanation' in my first comment. What I was referring to was Nicko's comment explaining why the footage of him tasting the stuff was missing, IDIOT. It's only because you didn't read his explanation that my comment seemed nonsensical to you. Your stupid remark will just get back at you because I made perfect sense in the first place.
Who said I was insulting anyone? That was just my honest opinion about you. Obviously, you are just some stupid narrow-minded person so you can't make sense out of my comment in the first place! Don't go around saying that other people's comments are obsolete just coz you can't freaking relate to it, idiot. In fact, it's YOUR comment that is COMPLETELY OBSOLETE, because you're just too stupid to make sense out of that comment I made. Obviously, OTHERS GOT THE POINT BUT YOU. Idiot.
you are rather quick to resort to insult aren't you? Is this your normal reaction when someone disagrees with you? Rather embrassing. I understand that your comment was supposed to be humorous (Y u no - meme), I guess at the time I felt I needed to question its effectiveness. "Nonsensical" was refering to the self contradiction inherent in first saying "Why you no record etc." and then stating you have already seen an explanation, thus making the entire comment obsolete.
Hard alcohols like Brandy, Scotch, Vodka burn off at 160 degrees farenheit. Meaning that roughly 90% is reduced. Beer is at an even lower temperature of 130 degrees farenheit... All that remains is the flavor and a TINY amount of alcohol, maybe around 0.4% alcohol. With that amount you would need to eat like 30 dishes of these shrimps to even get a buzz.
Hears a trick that he did not tell you. When you get shimp slice them down the center were the vain is and you dubble the amount of shrimp that you will sirve and now to grose out the ones that do not clean ther shrimp the vain is actually the digestive tract.
alcohol burns at a very low temperature (that's how they distill alcohol in the first place) . Generally, when you cook with beer or wine, the alcohol completely evaporates. So your kids are good to go. They can eat this.
I've never tried it, but I've heard apple juice or sparkling white grape juice can be substituted depending on the recipe. Since this one relies more on the flavor of beer, apple juice would probably be your best bet.
LOL he did. But he commented on this video explaining that he forgot to push the record button while he was tasting it so that footage was missing. It's gonna be like that for the rest of this week. LOL
false. Read on distilling and creating alcoholic beverages. Alcohol evaporates at very low temperatures. Not sure where your percentages are coming from but i'm pretty sure you just made that up :)
That is hands down one of the best damn recipe for prawns I've seen. Could care less about the NFL. The only bowl I'm interested in is the one holding the prawns I'm going to cook up this Friday.
Whatever man my point is that it's not a globally important event like the FIFA World Cup or the Olympic Games, American Football would be an Olympic game if it was internationally played. ;)
They laughed when I told them I would burn calories with Atomic Fat Loss, but then they saw the results. Go and google Atomic Fat Loss to see their reaction. (It was epic!)
I've made something similar to this but mixed in a little tapioca starch with the beer. It makes the sauce thicker and you can dip the shrimp into it for more flavor.
Great looking shrimp, and I think I will skewer them, and baste that sauce on as they are grilling for an added dimension in flavor. Thanks for sharing the recipe :)
Hi Rob, I made dirty shrimps for my valentine as a starter for our dinner. I served them without rice and we had mojito with them. He loved them! Thanks a lot!!
The best way of cooking prawn!! Loved it! Lots of herbs for a good smell and fry in butter instead of oil cause oil makes it too dry and hard! Amazing Nicko! :)
Actually according to the USDA about 15% remains after cooking, but that isn't much. I think the original person just mixed up what stays and what evaporates.
Uhm. I KNOW THAT. Like I said, I read his explanation in which he explained why the footage was missing. Please understand my comment first before you reply.
To the americans asking if we watch or like the super bowl, i dont know anyone who watches it, let alone likes it. Give me rugby and afl any day.
oh my gooood (and a'm an atheist :P) YUMMMMMMMYYYYYYY (and i don't like beer) i am so cooking this ASAP why have i discovered you only now :'(
This looks really good. But I have a question... in recipes like this, with the alcohol evaporated... is it ok for children to eat it or no?

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Love your channel! Everything looks amazing! :D I really miss Bondi and can't wait until my husband and I move back there! He is a local and we both really miss Australia! It truly is an amazing and unique lifestyle that really lets you savour all that life has to offer and to enjoy the bounty of the sea! ~ Salt Life ~ Great vids! *Subscribed*
I absolutely love your channel. The way you break things down and the types of foods you make have boosted my confidence in the kitchen. I have to eat super healthy and most of your recipes are perfect. Thanks ever so much. :)
my pleasure, Thanks for supporting :) .... got plenty more healthy options on its way:)
I cant wait to come to Sydney in November! Whats the name of your restaurant? X
It's Jo and Willy's Depot. In Nth Bondi. Make sure you come say hello!
One day, I'm visiting Australia just so I can have your food! haha
what time do you guys open and close your cafe?
Sexy and wicked shrimp........count me in.
amazing. I'm really hungry now.
you guys rock! yewwwwww
yew 4 ingredients! keen
Nice lesson. Thanks! :)

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