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Hawkgirl VS Dr.Fate

Hawkgirl tries to defeat Dr.Fate,but must first get through his magic tricks.

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So.. what the hell ARE Dr. Fate's powers exactly?
He is a extremely powerful master of sorcery, one of the most powerful sorcerers in DC.
most likely, sorcery, the powers of nabu I believe
Is this Kent Nelson or Kent v Nelson, Because if it's Kent Nelson them hawk girl doesn't stand a chance. I understand if it's Kent v Nelson though.
Kent Nelson still is powerful enough to take on all of the justice league at once. Including hawkgirl. I know that her mace can resist magic, but fate's magic is just to much for her.
+RecollectionBullet saying he was creamed is a bit of a exaggeration...
Kent Nelson Hawk Girl's mace disrupts magic and what's giving her an upperhand in this fight. Dr. Fate although a Lord of Order only relies on magic and that is why he was creamed here.
Kent Nelson.
me da uma raiva da diana toda hora ela entra no caminho da shayera e fica impedindo ela de ser tão poderosa como qualquer outro herói odeio a diana, a unica parte qu gosto dela é na liga da justiça sem limites que as duas trabalharam juntas e viraram amigas no ep 18.

Let's Die in Call of Cthulhu Case Five Extra - Daniel Goes to Liverpool

In this extra video, we find out what Dr Daniel Grants got up to while the rest of the investigators were off uncovering what happened to Samuel Cole. The doctor ...

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It took my brain about three full minutes to put 2 and 2 together with "Tear of Maris" and then I had the pause the video until the laughing fit subsided. Well played, Kiko.
Can you explain, please?
Sadly, I still don't get it...
this needs a title change from "don't fuck with cthulhu" to "don't fuck with Daniel the Doctor!"
+MrShadowtruth Maybe just "the Doctor"
Daniel is fucking max payne I swear
The man looks like Big Boss already, what did you expect?
Didn't 1920 trains had emergency brakes in carts???
Well, that wasn't cosmically foiled or anything.
Yup, when I remember right there is the Emergency Brake line in the Carts. You pull the line and an Alarm rings so the Conductor can pull... oops... :D
1920's steam engines, don't underestimate them. There are reasons steam locomotives were competitive for commercial traffic into the 1960's.
Didn't even have to have brakes that could stop them within a mile.
The cult has stopped making direct attempts on Daniels life. They didn't even bother to send a monster against him, they just killed the driver of the train. Danial has officially graduated to badass.
I think he's gone beyond the badass status at this point.
The police's official story is that a bear somehow got on the train but then somehow fell out the side door.
I'm curious. Which edition of CoC are you guys playing?
7th edition has a demo that I've not really flicked through.  Should be easy enough to find on the Chaosism site.
Would there be somewhere I could get a look at the rules,without paying for it,just out of curiousity?
Pretty sure its 5th edition, think Kiko mentioned it in the very first one.

(Fake) Call of Cthulhu movie trailer

A longtime request and movie that's been a long time in coming. Based on the story by H.P Lovecraft, perhaps his most famous weird tale of terror. - The audio ...

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Sorry, no, not even close to what a film version should be like.
your an asshole. you have no clue what your talking about. this trailer is off the chain. Well put together and yes it would be like this because if it was like the original live craft story it wouldn't be entertaining, it would just be monologue and very short. The action shows that obviously he kill two birds with one stone and incorporated at the Mountains of Madness with the Call of Cthulhu which would be a great film. So shut your bitchass up.
The reason why nobody made a Cthulhu movie yet is because they know it has to be theb est movie ever or fans will destroy it.
Actually, there IS a Cthulhu movie, just not a major production. It's an ultra-low budget silent film, and actually quite awesome (assuming you accept it as a low budget recreation of a silent-era film).

Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened - Pt 3 | Point & Critic Gamer

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Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened - Pt 4 | Point & Critic Gamer

Let's Play - Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened - Part 4 of It's Sherlock Holmes Vs Cthulhu! that is all you need to know. Enjoy Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened is ...

Call of Cthulhu Actual Play - 2016-05-22 - The King of Shreds and Patches Session One Part 3 of 8

On May 22, 2016, the Call of Cthulhu campaign I began in March 2014 continued, though this is an interim scenario. In London in the winter of the year 1603, the ...

CANIBUS - PL∞ - Sorcerer Supreme (JVLN FNGZ Mix)

first track off of JVLN FNGZ plootape : Cthulhu Hands Vaults Of Horror by JNyce of Psych Ward - Reap What You Sow instrumental lyrics Doctor Strange is a ...

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it would be crazy if they put this on the Doctor Strange soundtrack when the movie is made.
intro is from old doctor strange film.
Whats this cartoon?
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