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AV3 - Norman Baker MP - The Strange Death of David Kelly

The Strange Death of David Kelly Norman Baker MP In 2005 Norman was described by the Daily Mail as “the most hated man in Westminster” due to his ...

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Just like Robin Cook, Dr David Kelly paid the price for having courage and integrity: in doing so, they both fell foul of foul regimes. They weren't the first and, very unfortunately, they won't be the last. It take colossal bravery to do as they did. In the meantime, war criminals such as the odious, absolutely repugnant Blair and Bush not only continue to walk free, but to prosper. We shouldn't have to take solace in the eventual prospect of karma hitting creatures likes these - we should be able to see it happening NOW, which would still be way overdue.
Staggeringly hamfisted killing & fraudulent enquiry. Are we a population of mindless sheep ?

Dr. Douglas James Cottrell: Amelia Earhart Disappearance

// ...

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Hey Tom How's it going? I know you've asked about unexplained ancient artefacts such as the dropa stones, the klerksdorp spheres, phaistos discs etc. But what about "Out-of-place" artifacts? Such as "modern" technology encased in dated stone or artifacts that allude to the real antiquity of man like the Nampa Figurine (humanoid figurine found in strata dated 2 million years old).
+djabbersynth i'll look into the Nampa Figurine thanks
I appreciate your work, and not trying to be overly critical, but with all that's happening in the world right now why are we only hearing about these types of somewhat frivolous past incidents? Is the point to try and pick somewhat neutral and therefore 'safe' material and topics? I'd like DJC looking into whose truly behind the terror attacks and ISIS, we know our government has had a heavy hand in their creation. Or how about why they are allowing the forced refugee and migration crisis? How about an update on the status of the US dollar and financial situation? These are all relevant issues. Amelia Earhart was a brave woman, undoubtedly, but at the current moment we have much more important concepts which have real impacts on our daily lives.
+J MM yw, it's all right
Thank you very much! And I truly do appreciate your work and did not mean to come across negatively
+J MM this one was asked on request (proof you can't please everyone), however the subjects you posted about are being asked shortly, yes
Thanks for sharing! Have you taken a look into David Paulides' cases of missing people?
+rammsteinregeln Thank you!
+TheMassiveNINtool yes has already been done, search for 'Cottrell missing 411'
Thanks Tom! This is really interesting…no mention of final resting place? I read about this capture theory somewhere and it is interesting Dr. Cottrell confirms it.
+Aodh O Basically the same kind of scenario as Gary Powers and the U2 spy plane mission over the Soviet Union, and got shot down. Not that the Japanese necessarily shot her down, but the plane got downed due to engine difficulties, were forced to land and the Japanese discovered spy equipment aboard the plane.
+rammsteinregeln It makes perfect sense, because I'm sure the US government was very wary about potential Japanese war plans for the Pacific in the late 30's. Earhart's flight would have provided the perfect cover to do a little intelligence gathering.
+Aodh O yw, I told Dr. Douglas to keep the answers brief so he didn't go into too much detail but gave enough to corroborate practically the whole article.  Suggests they were captured and executed as spies
Edgar cayce said she lasted until July 21 before succumbing to the elements and she had died alone. I don't think he had ever mentioned anything about being captured but I could be wrong.
+Brian Venegas ty. So much time has passed between Cayce's reading on Earhart and Dr. Douglas, that it does have an effect on the information.  The more time passes, the more it frees up the ability to talk about a given subject e.g. Dr. D did a DTM on JFK many years ago, and at this point he's a chatterbox on the subject if you ask him.  It does seem to be an influence
+rammsteinregeln readings 1396-1 and 1396-2 is where he says she is deceased. Only two readings but indeed interesting. Can't say they contradict each other because only 2 readings from cayce and they weren't the same questions asked to Dr. Cottrell besides on how she died but cayce answers are harder to interpret than that of DR. Cottrell. I feel there is more to ask Dr. Cottrell on the subject. Definitely a huge believer in both these individuals and have been privileged to get a health reading from Dr. Cottrell a month ago with his recommendations helping me. Keep up the good work and thanks
+rammsteinregeln //
+Brian Venegas Cayce did a reading on Earhart?  interesting, would like to know that one

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only here best news ever :)

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When my daughter had to get her vaccinations, I never let the doc give more than 2 at one time. Sometimes they give babies 6 to 7 at one time and in my opinion, that's the problem. One time the nurse got mad at me and told me; "I gotta give her all these now. You know you'll have to pay every time you come" I looked her dead in the eye and told her: "I'm gonna sit here and watch you give TWO vaccines today... after that, I'm taking my daughter and will be back in a few weeks". Protect your kids folks.
+No Stars In The Perimetergood for you. that too is a blessing xx
+Diane Durden thank you! And because of how things are, I'm not bringing any more kids into the world.
+No Stars In The Perimetergreat luck wished to you...
+Diane Durden I agree, we did K12 her first 2 years... Although it's much, much better than the actual school, it's still governed by the county and they still require you to go down to the school district and show proof of vaccinations. We're looking into putting her in a magnet program now.
+No Stars In The Perimeter HOME SCHOOL, schools now are dumbing kids down as much as anyone and anything. I worked there, I well my kids attending...never learned a fraction of what we used to be taught which was a fraction of our parents etc.... and even so, not taught correctly/ does not exist...except in the way "they" want you to learn "it" (their truth)...
+jmsep84 in Florida, you gotta show proof of vaccinations in order to put your kid in school. You don't put your kid in school and you're up the shit Creek. No choice bro.
+No Stars In The Perimeter Ok, so just a little poison at a time!!??    WYF?
ALso don't take the antibiotic Cipro or anything like it, It will mess you up bad! Do some research on it
+MistakenMysteryEXCELLENT! Great stuff! xx
yes for sure! I love Oregano oil, black seed oil, garlic, and ginger
+MistakenMystery Oil of Oregano is the best NATURAL antibiotic....colloidal silver going with it. It is daily for me and my dogs. Have done loads of research. MIND YOU...before everyone jumps on me with 1000's of other natural antibiotics...YES, they are there/here as well...just that O of O, covers 99.9% of everything.tbh...Ive not found anything it doesnt cover... Peace xx
SV40. No conspiracy but admitted FACT. 100 million vaccinated with cancer causing virus = The cancer explosion in the 80's.
+Mark Mulkerrin brain dead, brain washed...zombied by technology...mostly phones, however kids are totally fried with the games they play constantly. They actually dont know HOW to play and have fun without technology! smfh!
+Denniss7420 When I tell people about Simian Virus 40, it doesnt even seem to register as a real thing. The main vaccination debate seems to be centered around the MMR vaccine and fairly small statistical increases(imo) in risk for certain demographics...WHY ISNT THERE MORE OUTRAGE ABOUT INTRODUCING NON HUMAN DNA INTO OUR CHILDREN?

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