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Blade's Daughter getting Marvel movie?! Mads Mikkelsen for Doctor Strange 2017 - Beyond The Trailer

Will Marvel make Blade 4 about Blade's teenage daughter?! Mads Mikkelsen isn't just in Rogue One, but also Doctor Strange 2017?

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I believe the Daniel Bruhl dr strange rumours were exactly that - rumours!
Why does she have to be called "Lady Blade"??
I think a lot of people do. Its one thing to create legacy characters and move things forward naturally but marvel (and dc) is doing so many things that feel like cheep stunts for publicity I think most people are just rolling their eyes.
+Leon Evelake it's good to know I'm not the only one who thinks it's dumb.
+tyra nThat really drove me nuts, In the past people could take up the mantle of thor if he was dead others who lifted it could use it but didnt become thor. Its his name not a title. Its just a lame stunt.
+Leon Evelake I know right. It's the whole Thor thing all over again. Jane Foster picked up the hammer but why did she change her name to Thor? Did Beta Ray bill do so when he did it?
Because a stupid idea deserves a stupid name
Mephisto is Marvel's version of the devil. Dormmamu is more Marvel's version of a Lovecraft monster. I've always liked it when character actors who are known for playing villains play outside of their typecasting and plays good guys. I'd love for Mads Mikkelsen to play good guys.
That guy in mission impossible 5 is also Rorschach!
Rorschach is played by Jackie Earle Haley.
Actually Miss Grace, Marvel's version of the devil is Mephisto. I think Dormammu is more like an hp lovecraft ancient one. Although, I think Shuma-Gorath is more of an hp lovecraft ancient one.
Mads Mikkelsen would kill it as Dormammu. If that's what's on the table then I hope he takes the role. The new Blade book sounds too much like Buffy The Vampire Slayer. Not sure what the draw is.
The government was worried about monopolies? LOL And Disney isn't one now?
Oh probably
The problem was that the theatres with the best locations would freeze out competitors' films. Does that mean the government should have banned the practice of studio owned theatres? Of course not -- government sucks. But, the same situation would happen today, and if they teamed up it would pro0bably be illegal as well on anti-trust grounds. On top of that every independent studio would sue them constantly for a space in their theatre. So yes, it is a good idea, but it is more complicated than it seems at first blush.
Isn't this female Blade basically black Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm totally down for seeing Misty Knight, I think she should have gotten her own show, but she'll probably be in Iron Fist. I can't wait for them to remember Monica Rambeau exists too, but with my luck they'll dump her in Agents of Shield.
+Tebigong101 Yep, hopefully it's good.
+lizsha2 We'll have to wait and see, if they don't work it'll be two series of them.
+Tebigong101 True, I honestly stopped watching AOS for a while but then everyone else said that it was better at the end of the season so I went back to it. I also liked that there are WOC in lead roles. The show does still have many problems though I am curious has the secret warriors plot will be. There a slim chance they'll cast an Asian actor. They did cast a mixed Asian actress for Elektra, That may or may not be a good sign. There of course were some complaints about it. I don't have a lot of comic knowledge but I think Luke's actor looks like he could be Luke but I have never seen him in anything not sure about the actress for Jessica. Some early reports claim they are good together.
+lizsha2 Well aside from Daredevil they haven't been that great. If anything Daredevil showed just how bad they actually were in almost everyway. Because even if you take away the strong violence, what little sexual explicite material there is and the language it still blows the other Marvel series out of the water. Plus the darker tone and high quality on a much lower budget starts to show up his movies too. So, I think there is good reason for him to not be high on the TV series.I only watch AoS for as long as did, because of Agent May and because I think the actor who plays Fitz is cute but after while even that was enough. When after Cap2 things started looking good again and they added more diversity to cast but everything they built up is falling away and stopped watching a few episodes before the end this last season. I may go back and watch them.Yeah, I'd really like to see an Asian actor get the part of Danny Rand, but I don't know given how little confidence I have for who they've cast as Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.
+Tebigong101 True, from what I understand he's not as high on the shows anyways. I do hope they cast an Asian-American iron fist. I agree about Luke's show too it should represent the area.
+Skyebright1 The TV series will probably be diverse, because Kevin Feige isn't in charge of it.I don't want Wong to another stoic Asian badass who knows everything, it's been done to death. Besides they are just going with the cliche and make the outsider white guy the chosen one anyway.Which is why an Asian man as Iron Fist would be prefered, because otherwise it's just more of that chosen white outsider nonsense. Not to mention it would probably be one of the few, like less than five, TV series with an Asian lead on today or even in the last decade.I don't want Luke Cage to be an all or mostly Black cast series, just representative of the area in which he lives. That was one of the problems with Friends or Girls, turning a diverse NYC borough into a racial monoculture thinking that's the only way an audience can relate.
+Tebigong101 Exactly, for all the hate DC/WB gets they are starting out a little bit better in terms of diversity. I hope there movies will be good.
+lizsha2 at this point I don't understand any of it. When the other studios are showing signs that they are willing to "take risks" with diversity Marvel/ Sony's intransigence and use of whitewashing is kind of galling.
+Tebigong101 Agreed. Both of them are now in the MCU now too. Ugh a lot of their fans are terrible too and the MCU fandom already has enough terrible people. There is also a call to cast an Asian-American for Iron Fist. I wish they would and while there is a little more diversity on the tv shows I doubt they will race bend him. It's like they didn't even pay any attention to the backlash they already received with the Mandarin. Not to mention the negative feedback when Tilda's casting was a rumor. I guess they'll keep Wong Asian or who knows maybe they'll cast a white guy there too or even a white woman.
+lizsha2 Couldn't have said it better myself.I'm insulted that they let the impossibility linger instead of coming out an saying they'd rather cater to straight white male fans.Yeah, BC and his sidekick Martin Freeman have turned me off with one using "colored people" and the using the n-word along with other comments. Plus, so much of Dr. Strange and even Iron Fist pulls on eastern culture to help shape the lore of these white heros and I could go on for days about why that whole thing is irksome.The Ancient One thing really baffles me when I let myself think about. They've already whitewashed the Mandarin to negative feedback, the "scandal" with Aloha has just happened, and with all of that context to inform their casting decisions they decided to whitewash another Asian character... WTF.
+Tebigong101 Right, Helen Cho also only got a few minutes of screen time in AOU. I wonder if she'll appear ever again. I knew it wouldn't be Miles either don't know why even bother to hint that it could be or even that a non white actor would be cast as Peter. Neither of those things were ever going to happen. I still don't get the Dr. Strange casting at all. I am so tired of BC for one and they really should have cast an Asian actor for Strange anyways cause that would help get rid of the mighty whitey troupe instead of white washing the Ancient One. So far the only POC is a villain. Fully how they could race bend that role or a role like Heimdall.
+Skyebright1 I head about this also. I don't plan on seeing it as I was not into the HP movies anyways but it's a shame how they didn't even try and cast some non white actors in lead roles.
+Skyebright1 Sadly I have to agree several less optimistic points made about the casting and future casting of these movies.How many years since the last movies to reflect on and absorb the legit critiques fans only for the first thing post HP to be even less representative than the last. What more background brown, or later, the brown people will come later.
+Skyebright1 Yeah, I saw a article about how they had started shooting and hadn't cast a single person of color and even if did how important can they be. It's like Tom Holland in Civil War, how much can he be in the movie if they only shot for 2 weeks, for movie that already close to being wrapped anyway.I guess it's encouraging that she actually addressed race, most folks would ignore it like the MCU does. That said, I go back to wondering how important this person or persons will be. If it's no more than Cho, Dean Thomas, or Kingsley Shacklebolt then she can keep her token. Will she later reveal that one of the characters was also gay again, it jut goes to prove that something is not better than nothing.
+lizsha2 Exactly this movie is chocked full of characters, regardless of race, so getting to Cap, Iron Man, introing Panther, and telling a coherent Civil War story is going to be a feat. Cause Age of Ultron had some story problem to be sure.Plus all they have are black male characters, especially since Zoe is covered up and every other person of color is either not a superhero or the one Asgardian, Hogun the Grim, doesn't do much when he's on screen. Hogun barely speaks and was in Thor 2 for like a total of 10 mins.Every year I back off movies more and more as this actor or that director whitewashes and the MCU did it for me when they ignored Miles Morales. I knew it wouldn't be him over Peter Parker but they could have done something to let folks, who made noise about him on social media, know they hear them. Then the Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One confirmed I'd made the right choice to boycott the MCU, especially after they were so adamant that Dr. Strange had to be white.
+Tebigong101 Exactly, Hollywood likes the bare minimum.Yep, this is all so typical. Recently there was a tweet that Cap 3 will have 3 black heroes like that's a lot. It isn't especially compared to the cast size and you know their screen time will be limited. Plus that's almost all their black characters lol how sad. Hollywood shouldn't be given brownie points for the bare minimum they need to do much better all around.
+lizsha2 Exactly, Zoe is the acceptable brown it girl.That's exactly what Hollywood must mean by "diversity, because that's the formula on most movies when and if it includes people of color. Women and LGBTQ are always a separate other played by white actors, they almost never double dip let alone triple. A black woman is edgy but a Transgender Asian man does not translate. They don't even like to hire white LGBTQ actors to play LGBTQ characters, so you know.That's exactly what I was thinking, they'll make Monica the friend like Rhodey and Sam. Hollywood does love the brown/ black friend, because it's diversity and says something about the lead that they're cool enough to have a friend that's an "other". Brown friend is sometimes swapped with the "gay" friend played by a straight white actor.
+Tebigong101 so true. Zoe is seen as "acceptable" just like Halle is/was. Yeah "diversity" to some is just a non white man maybe 2 and white women. I wonder if some of these fans going hard for widow (not hating her) would do so for WOC characters which I doubt since the calls for more women are only for white women.Yeah AOS has done some really awful things. They killed 3 WOC in the finale alone not to mention Trip along with several other female characters being dead.They could have made Capt. Marvel about Monica but as I said female diversity is mostly just white women. So the best we'll get is her appearing maybe. Plus white lead and black/brown friend is the formula. I like Falcon/War Machine and want more of them but the pattern is there.
+lizsha2 Yeah, I doubt they'll ever include a woman of color, not covered in CGI or makeup, in a major role in any of these movies be it Superhero, Star Wars, novel franchise, etc. To date Zoe Saldana is the only woman of color showing up in any sort of major role in mainstream movies and none in major Indie movies.Honestly I thought it should have been Misty/ Colleen show instead of Jessica Jones but that probably happened for the same reason they need Piper to be the lead character in OITNB, even though the real interesting characters are women of color.I'll be pissed if Monica is pushed to AoS, since they can't seem to resist killing off it;s black characters or as just another brown character in the background of a Carol Danvers movie.
+Tebigong101 Agreed, with all of this. I doubt Fallon will get a movie at best a show on Netflix which probably won't happen either. In recent times, I highly doubt there were be any WOC lead superhero movie anytime soon if ever.Misty/Colleen spinoff show please. There was a rumor that Monica was going to be on AOS but I think it was just someone editing IMDB. She might show up in the Capt. Marvel movie.

SPIDER-MAN, STAR TREK 3, DOCTOR STRANGE - Sons & Daughters of AMC After Show (12/15/14)

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you are boring
+Sons & Daughters of AMC Movie Talk what should that mean. stop giving me facts about apples
+Beastois 1 rotten apple does not spoil the bunch.
+Gazelle Garcia no the comment is the truth. this video is boring. if think this video is good then you are so wrong. the truth is the truth
this comment is boring
No, you are ;-)
And now for something completely different

The Unusual Way This Mother And Daughter Bond

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Marvel's Doctor Strange - Official Trailer

After his career is destroyed, a brilliant but arrogant and conceited surgeon gets a new lease on life when a sorcerer takes him under his wing and trains him to ...

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Confused why there are fully 'bad' computer animation in this... do they show us clips from some upcoming game or something? Some footage is real some is animated... q.q Other than that... overall I would say bah. Just Sherlock looking for a new job as a super surgeon, nothing extraordinary. Would definitely download and watch it, totally not worth going to the theater for it :S
You definitely can not judge from this trailer, it shows barely anything
hmm, interesting. I hope it's actually good tho, not just a cluster fuck of pandering references and mindless action.
+Julian Kraynik You can't have a big movie franchise without a few underwhelming movies.
+MK Sauce true, but Age of Ultron was pushing it. This looks good, I just hope they go with a more serious vibe this time, it seems like if they put to much campiness into it it might hurt the film.
Marvel has had a spectacular track record so I wouldn't be worried.

Chocolate Cholesterol Vitamin Doctor Andrew Lessman ChocoNuvo HSN - Money Lesson For My Daughter

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+Debra Patch thank you i just got mine

Not Without My Daughter (10/12) Movie CLIP - You Can't Leave Her Here (1991) HD

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If you could find one Iranian man in Tehrans street wearing tie then this movie is true. A tie wearing Iranian man togather with an American woman can be arrested in less than 20 minutes!!!! Tie is not Islamic and is concidered a western value!!! If they find out she is married to another man she will be trouble. Now he is telling Betty that if she leaves Iran once she comes back Mahtab could be married even when she is 9 years old. Who is this guy and why is he telling her such a terrible thing about someone he does not know? There is no minute in this movies that seems realistic to any Iranian.
+Lana Me I am afraid it is. See "without my doughter" which is his version.
+Dire Straits okay, the movie is fake but the real story is fake too? Wth are you talking about?
No it happened long after the hostage taking by the students. Actually after US shuts down an Iranian plane in Gulf. Hardliner Khamenei was the president. At that time there were controls everywhere. How can those children be arrested but not the American lady and the tie wearing guy? No matter what, Betty should realize in an Islamic country it is not so wise to be seen with that guy while she is married to another man.She takes Hejab but the guy wears tie!! The movie is fake!
+Dire Straits - You do realize this took place at the time the Shah was in power and had western values. My mothers friends that fled Iran during this time were very much like this, I've looked at their family photos and the father was very much wearing jeans/dress shirts etc. And there are child brides in Islam and even in other countries where there are some backwards practices. This is a real story, happened to a real lady. How would she know so much about Iran and Islam without it actually happening to her?
If I was in Betty's position, I would divorce my husband, go back to USA, sell everything I had and hire private black ops contractors, who would extract my daughter to another country (like Turkey).
+Lana Me Why would private contractors would hurt her? For them she a product to be delivered and paid for. Could she be hurt by accident or during extraction - sure, but that's less dangerous than trek over deserts and mountains. Advantage with using private contractors is that you can try again if it fails. Suppose they couldn't get her or got caught with her on the border - the girl would not be hurt by Iran soldiers nor by her father. If I'm with her - I'm dead (either executed or husband kills me), but if I'm in USA, I can hire another team to try again.
+ScarlettM -- Only you don't know if the private contractors would hurt the child or not or in the time of her going back to the US and hiring the contractors they have abused her.
Disgusting culture disgusting religion disgusting Iran. You people are sick in the head.
+02Nawal lol, you need to chill out. But no darling you said "sick culture and sick Iran", that's called being racist. I should have also said you are Islamophobic. I'm pointing out not everyone from there is like that. But you seem incredibly immature so there's no point in talking to you.
+Lana Me Islam the religion of terrorism is not a race so how can I be racist? Fuck Iran and you too!
+02Nawal -- So instead of being outright racist how about you notice all the Iranians that helped her or read the book about how so many Iranian people helped her escape. Not to mention the fact that I have Iranian family friends who fled Iran at this time and they are very nice, normal people.
If i could only zap myself into the movie i would go Hannibal Lector on Moody! Meaning,i would eat his face off,spray chemical mace in his eyes and bludgeon him to death with a baseball bat! He deserves no mercy!!!
|>David W. Yongue<| - [BTW & FYI... (I am only >>> one <<< of >>> several <<< on Facebook) ...] -. Dear |>Chip Drusano<|; As gasoline is to a fire... and violence only begets more violence... revenge too only compounds / expands a / all / any / every problem(s)! But; sooner... or later...; it is the pen that/which is mightier than the sword! And because; way... down... deep... inside their black hearts; >>> all: <<< bullies, dictators, tyrants, and/or other: way(s), shape(s) or form(s) of: (If you) "Scratch a liar"... (You will) "Find a thief" workers-of-iniquity know this all too well! And so they will always: 1.) -  hate the truth, 2.) - fear the truth, and 3.) - their final response to this clear light-of-day is to: knowingly... intentionally... in cold-blooded.... pre-meditated... malice-afore-thought... arrest, imprison, torture, murder and/or other-wise destroy anyone or anything that gets-on-their-tits! It is written: "My people are destroyed because-of their lack-of-the-knowledge"! The only >>> lasting <<< answers and/or solutions to this quagmire have been... are... and re-main... education and/or knowledge... period!  Call/dial me @ CenturyLink's (land-line) telephone #: (717) - 632-9678.
I can't stand her husband he is so mean! I would divorce him & take her kids & ran away! He should never see his kids again!
Doctor Wife-Basher is a barbarian that should have been gassed to death by Saddam Hussein's chemical weapons.
If only you'd seen the movie, you'd understand the circumstances in a different country with different rules. Betty couldn't divorce her two-faced husband when she was stuck in Iran. Otherwise her husband would have gained custody of the daughter. Women don't have the right to gain custody for their children in some extreme patriarch countries. At least Betty and her daughter got away from him in the end and that's what matters most.

Not Without My Daughter (8/12) Movie CLIP - I Want My Baby! (1991) HD

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This is the funniest part lolll
+Amir N how can you say this is funny this far away from funny. All events in the film after they arrived to Iran is tragic. But it is a great movie
Mahtob seems to not like the iranian school. Does she speak persian or only english?
+shadowkitty56 I remember how it was when I, a swedish citizen, was forced to be in a school in Egypt in my childhood. I hated it a lot.
Mahtob has a book out. Today she's about 36 years old. According to her, she learned how to speak Farsi at least at the level of a small child. Obviously, she also speaks English. (she wrote her book in that language.)
The fact that they don't swear at all in this movie makes it so unrealistic. This is probably the worst scripting in history
+Mistermax30 It wasn't a made-for-TV movie. It was released in theaters. And they do Farsi.
+boberson33 Made for tv movie, dummy.
+Hallie Harker I speak Farsi. I was born in Qom, and I lived in Tehran until I was 12. They really don't say much except "Pedar sag" which literally translates to "father's dog" but is synonymous with "son of a bitch".
+boberson33 How do you know they don't curse in Farsi?
+Tran101 that's the only scene in the entire movie
Yes they do! At the beginning when the husband and family yells at her you says god dam you
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