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Adana Twins - Strange (La Fleur Remix) | Exploited

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nice baseline! sometimes there are flat beats, sounding like ableton-standard-samples. but here we have some amazing round bass, sounds amazing!
'Sick Pick' still...for an anytime mix...
Thank you all for the nice comments! :)
best 92.6 used to play this.
was sick in heidelberg ;)
ti les twra.... apogeiwma
crazy awesome tune!
very good !!!
Love it

Claptone: Cream (Official Video) | Exploited

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where is the video taken from? does anybody know the original? need it for visuals
+refreeloader thx a lot
+pradeep mariappan can you give me a link I cant find it
+Freddy Twiehaus The film is Rabbit's Moon.  Filmed by Kenneth Anger in 1950, it wasn't released until the 1970's. from another comment....
Charlie angel factory on YouTube
love the way claptone take a sample from a hip hop track then turns into magical house
which is the hip hop track?
What is the sampling music?
+ksj257 //
I like it, sounds good thank you #lindsaylohan for sharing
IG? yeah it's a great track! Tune!!!
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