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Doctor strange the sorcerer supreme ddl Videos

Doctor Strange

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Visit: //tinyurl.com/jejtppa

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 - Doctor Strange Theme

Stephen Strange Theme in MVC3.

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Seeeee Geniaaaaaal

Doctor Strange #FuLL'Movies in (English) HD

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Enjoy Doctor Strange (2016) Full Movie! WATCH NOW : //j.mp/1ZfIhBp

Dr. Strange- Animated- Ultimate?

Here is the first look at the upcoming Dr. Strange animated movie. Probably you could say this is the Ultimate version, but at least it is certainly made in similar ...

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Looks super-cool but I hate hearing them dis the original comics because they don't tell Strange's 'personal journey' or whatever. This is the same logic that gave us a giant gas cloud for Galactus. Avi, the fun of Marvel comics is just how outlandish, fun, and fast-paced they are, and the charm of the original Lee/Ditko comics is that they are just so damn weird and otherworldly. I dont WANT a 'human' Stephen Strange - I want him dark and mysterious.
wow i just read that for 23 years, yes 23 years different movie companies like Columbia Pictures and Miramax have been getting the film rights to make a live action Dr. Strange movie, but each company that gets the film rights drop out of the project... and now Paramount has the film rights. now let's just hope they stick to it
yeah if they did a "live' action movie of dr strange, I think the perfect person to play the part would be johnny depp..look at the movie the ninth gate and already he looks like him there!! that and the fact that was a mystic movie, he's already had some experience in it..
@markbot Dude , I liked The Film better than The Comics ! I mean , let`s face it The Comics were campy ! Strange , Mordo and The Ancient One were WAY Too Elitist to be believable ! The Film Characters were MUCH More Human and Sympathetic when they needed to be !
no, what they were showing at the first of the movie wasnt true to the comic books but it still made for a good story line they wernt to far off from it, just the part that wong had powers and hes always been a servant to strange in the books
This looks pretty good...I feel a little silly though because when I clicked the link I thought they were making a movie about Dr. Hugo Strange from DC comics, not the Marvel character Dr. Strange...oops.
i know this sounds stupid but i saw this movie on cartoon network like maybe 3years ago...but its veen stuck in my head for like 3 years and FINNALY i figured out the name of the movie!!
I just watched this today april 2,2013 i loved it but i hate it when the girls and sorcerers die i just hate it poor them .. But anyways it was good nice anime loved it.
If they ever make this live-action, Hugh Laurie, Y'know, from House, could totally pull off his angst. The sorcerer part tho, not so sure... Any thoughts?
Wow that is like no real reason to hate the whole movie. You see shit like naruto (martial arts with kooky bullshit magic) and no one bitches about that.
hey i forgot bout this movie...ummm its about a skate who broke his legs and stuff..he turned into a super hero..i forgot wuts the movie called again
Nice to see all these guys picking up where Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby left off and take all the credit for themselves !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hah, got it four days before they released it, watched it, pretty good, better than Iron man, but not better than the ultimate Avengers
oh man... i wonder if they'll make an actual movie for dr. strange for the marvel follow up :DD unless they already made one
The moive comes out on the 14th of this month. It's a must buy like all the other animated moives that they have made.
Dr. Insano: "Dr. Strange, what is he supposed to be a doctor of anyway? I don't see him doing any real SCIENCE!"

Sorcerer Hunters: Sorezore no Omoi... Nowaanchatte - Anime cutscenes

Video compiling all of the anime cutscenes from the Playstation game, Sorcerer Hunters: Sorezore no Omoi... Nowaanchatte. (All of them except the opening ...

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Which episode is this?
+Jennifer Yanuklis The clips aren't from the TV series (or the OVAs), they're from one of the Playstation games :) there were a few videogames for the series, this one was called 'Sorezore no Omoi... Nowaanchatte'. It had an original story not featured elsewhere, while there was a Saturn game that covered events from the manga, as well as animating some of them. I need to get around to uploading those, too!

Supreme Movie Climax Fighting Scene Making Video - Sai Dharam Tej, Rashi Khanna, Dil Raju, Anil A

Watch Supreme Movie Climax Fighting Scene Making Video - Sai Dharam Tej, Rashi Khanna, Dil Raju, Anil Ravipudi Subscribe us ...

Thor Tales of Asgard - Trailer

Epic Animated adventure from Marvel - Thor: Tales of Asgard, stars Thor on a mighty quest alongside his brother Loki. Fantastic journeys beckon from the ...
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