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Doctor strange dark horse Videos

Doctor Strange Trailer [Dark Horse AMV]

Best Superhero Ever! Had to make this! Credit for footage: Marvel Credit for song: Katy Parry - Dark House.

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Awesome video! Hope you keep up the great work! Btw if you have time do you mind checking out my channel and even subscribing if you like the videos! If not keep on being awesome!
Oh wow I didn't even know Dr. Strange had footage already O.O awesome
Lol thought this was the cartoon.

The "Dark Horse" RISES (Strange Symbolism & Prophecies)

The "Dark Horse" RISES (Strange Symbolism & Prophecies)

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Can you tell me why everything has to do with Witchcraft? Didn't God the Creator create everything for a purpose? Also what happens to the ones who are from the Bloodline of Cain? Didn't God create them as well? Why would he allow people to be born carrying a gene that the Bible says is corrupted. God doesn't make mistakes so he must have a reason for allowing the serpent seed to continue on earth even after the flood when he destroyed everything except a handful. I want to know the true history of Jesus that the Vatican has on him as well as the material they burned. There is no way the slaves such as us know what is happening yet we continue to fall for what they tell us. Makes me wonder who the puppet master really is because he or it created a duality system. Some people only enjoy the Good and some enjoy working in the Dark. Both are created by God the Creator because he created everything. Peace
Some birds fly, some were not meant to. some find a way anyway. If it does something its not supposed to it comes at a great price originally written in blood.
A wise man once said:A man who believes in ALL things, Will NEVER attain Wisdom in ANYTHING...
+jackryan529 What is your problem man? Seriously? I never said that I pick and choose which verses are true and which are not. You still do not understand me? Open your eyes and read this clearly: I BELIEVE EVERYTHING IN THE BIBLE TO BE TRUE, AND I BELIEVE EVERYTHING IN THE TORAH TO BE TRUE. I JUST DO NOT BELIEVE THEY ARE PERFECT BOOKS AS THEY HAVE SCROLLS AND BOOKS LEFT OUT. THEY ARE INCOMPLETE. THAT MEANS I BELIEVE ALL VERSES IN THE BIBLE AND TORAH. I never said anything about picking and choosing verses. I have no idea where you're getting that from. Maybe you just need to learn how to read comments. Back off troll. I read scriptures and that's all I need. Not some man telling me what I believe in and how I see things when they have absolutely no idea who I am or what I believe. But I have already told you what I believe in clearly and yet you still try to seem like you're right about my stance, which you're not. This is what I believe: I BELIEVE IN GOD AND HIS SAVING POWER THROUGH THE CHRIST And I know that is enough to get me through this life. Now please, please be quiet and stop being a childish troll. 
I am sorry I created this debate because we all have our influences in our lives and everyone's belief system is different. Hopefully we will see Jesus soon and he can put everything to rest. Peace and I hope everyone on this thread has a Happy New Year. We are all humans and we need to come together or we will stay divided. Everyone has great points. Peace and God bless all.
Just Start to dead the Bible. All answers to your questions are in there.
+jackryan529 Leave me alone. I have never ran into a Christian troll, but you are a first. Here think about this: Accept into your group someone who is weak in faith, and do not argue about opinions. One person believes it is right to eat all kinds of food. But another, who is weak, believes it is right to eat only vegetables. The one who knows that it is right to eat any kind of food must not reject the one who eats only vegetables. And the person who eats only vegetables must not think that the one who eats all foods is wrong, because God has accepted that person. You cannot judge another person’s servant. The master decides if the servant is doing well or not. And the Lord’s servant will do well because the Lord helps him do well. Some think that one day is more important than another, and others think that every day is the same. Let all be sure in their own mind. Those who think one day is more important than other days are doing that for the Lord. And those who eat all kinds of food are doing that for the Lord, and they give thanks to God. Others who refuse to eat some foods do that for the Lord, and they give thanks to God. We do not live or die for ourselves. If we live, we are living for the Lord, and if we die, we are dying for the Lord. So living or dying, we belong to the Lord. The reason Christ died and rose from the dead to live again was so he would be Lord over both the dead and the living. So why do you judge your brothers or sisters in Christ? And why do you think you are better than they are? Romans 14:1-10 Now leave me alone, and go bother someone else if you want to continue arguing. If you keep bothering me, im going to block you for good. I don't need you to teach me. Only God. Im done.
+jackryan529 You see, you keep putting words in my comments. I never said that the bible was not true. I just said it wasn't perfect. Show me where I said it was not true. Get this through your head. I believe everything in the bible to be true, I also believe everything in the Torah to be true. I just do not believe it is perfect since books have been left out. Incomplete. Does that make more sense to you? And I never said you hated me, where are you getting this from? Like I said, you're taking everything out of proportion. You're making me out to be a person I am not. I don't know what the problem is? I believe in the Christ and I believe in the Father. Is that not enough? I will continue to follow Isaiah's detailed victory of God's Servant, showing that the Servant was given authority and glory from God and not from himself. Its pointless to talk with you, I believe God's spirit was definitely inside the Christ. They are one. There now move along and leave me alone. I don't need this. Its immature. 
+jackryan529Thank you friend. You are a good person. Peace
+jackryan529Thank you. The Bible was my uncle's. I found it after he passed on. It is a Masonic Bible if that helps. Peace and I understand what you mean about symbols. I think many have been used for different meanings than they were first intended for. Peace and good night. Great Debate.
+jackryan529The Pentagram is upside down. I have always heard that is Satanic. It is in the KJV Bible I was given. Unless it is just another symbol the evil ones use that was once a Good symbol than I cannot understand why it would be right in the opening pages. It also says from Darkness to Light. The Bible is more detailed than the ones the common slaves buy in the stores. peace
I have a Bible on my Mantle with an upside down Pentagram in it. IT is the King James version but one many don't get. Why does a King James have a Pentagram in it. Also who was King James. Was he related to the Queen. If he was how you do expect his version to the the absolute truth. Peace
+jackryan529Jack did you get a Bible as a child. WHY? Did God need man to write a book for him. What about the other religions? Did God say they are wrong because they didnt get the Bible? Peace
+amyalewineAgain, you have need of teaching in basic doctrine if you are serious. There’s no point in trying to explain deeper matters to you when you don’t know even the basics; it would be a waste for both of us since you don’t have the background to begin understanding. At this point, you need to trust that God is righteous, holy and good, so that even if you don’t know the answer to that question, or to other, more difficult questions, there is an answer and it will be fair. Just accept in faith His goodness if you don’t have all of the answers yet. Then move on to learn what you need to know before getting to those issues. Those questions have answers but you lack the maturity to put them in context. I will say that He does not hold those without knowledge of the Word and without the opportunity to study it, to the same standard that he will hold someone in western culture who has the opportunity and yet rejects it. The Word does say that even those who don’t have that opportunity have knowledge of Him through creation, although it is more complicated than this brief explanation. That isn’t an out for you though, since you aren’t in that position. You have the opportunity. Your choice is whether to take it and to really seek Him with all of your heart. I can say that whatever dedication it takes, it is worth it. You will gain far more than you give up if you give your life to Him completely and seek Him above everything else.
+InternetPilgrimThank you again for your great knowledge. What about the ones who never saw the Bible or was alive before the Bible. What about the ones who drew on the cave walls. Are they in Hell. Why would God throw such ignorant humans in Hell after saying in the Bible that Satan will deceive the World. Why would God allow Satan to continue to destroy what God created. Peace
+amyalewineThat is not what I said. It is not that there are many interpretations because it is so deep. You are twisting my statement so that you can avoid, as I said before. It’s becoming apparent that you are not serious in your search either for Christ or for the path to life. You want an easy answer, and are distorting until you can claim that since no one really can know, your opinions, which are based on absolutely no work, research, or understanding, are just as valid as any other. The only reason for doing that is to permit you to do whatever you like, to live in whatever way satisfies your desires,  and yet justify yourself in the eyes of God. It doesn’t work that way. Whether you believe there is one way, and only one way to life is irrelevant. Jesus says that it is so, and all that matters is truth, not what you want to believe. “I am the way, the truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me.” If you do not come to God on his terms, you will not have the death of Jesus as payment for your sin. You will face a holy God and be responsible for paying that cost yourself because while God is a loving Father to his children (those who serve Christ) he also is a righteous, holy Judge. If you have broken even one of the 10 Commandments, for instance, you will stand before Him as a lawbreaker and payment will be demanded. It’s that simple.You can have the assurance that the penalty for your sin (lawbreaking) is already paid by Jesus’ death on your behalf, or you can pay yourself. The Bible is very clear that the penalty of sin is death, and that those who would have Christ’s sacrifice apply to their sins must come on His terms. But you have the freedom to choose that way or not. It isn’t wise but most people are not wise; as the Bible says, the way to life is narrow and few there be that find it. I pray you’ll be smart enough to reconsider.
+amyalewine This arguing coming from Christians is useless and pointless. All you have to do is simply trust God and His Servant with all your heart. Show love as much as possible. Help those in need. I am more than sure that you already know this. You will be fine. Of this I am sure.
+jackryan529 Its pointless to talk with you. You take everything out of proportion. I believe everything in the Torah and the Bible to be true. I just don't believe that they are perfect books and definitely have manipulation attributed to their making. Read Isaiah 52:13-15 & Isaiah 53:1-12 and you will know and understand that according to the Torah, the person to atone for sin is the Servant of God who has been given "a portion among the great" for his faithful service. That this Servant would lead many to righteousness. When you realize that Jesus and God are two separate beings, yet connected to be one (just as we will be connected with God as one through the Christ) you will find that everything makes more sense. Such as Christ saying that he does not know the day or hour, but only the Father knows. Or such as Christ saying, pray to the Father in this way. Or such as the Christ praying to God before his hour of trial. Or such as the Christ crying out to God on the Cross "Father, Father, why have you forsaken me!" Or such as the apostles saying "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ!"  Or such as God being present on His throne in Heaven as the "slain lamb" opens the scroll according to Revelation. Or such as Christ commanding that whatever we ask the Father in Christ's name will be given to us. I can go on and on, but I am sure you are smart enough to get the picture.
+InternetPilgrimThank you. I agree that the Bible is like a Hologram. It is very detailed and that is why so many have their own thoughts. Peace and good debate
+amyalewineI have far more than a clue. I have an understanding of the history and of the depth of the Bible, and what it means. But that comes from seeking out good, intelligent teachers and from study, not from merely asserting a opinion without doing the research. That's why I said that if you're serious, you'll go to the playlist I linked and begin listening, taking notes and pondering the ideas presented because the first video is a lecture on where the Bible came from and what it really is about. If you fail to do that, you're not really seeking knowledge or understanding. Instead you're searching for someone to agree with you so that you can dismiss what you don't have knowledge about or understand, without doing any real work or being open to something that you fear might be uncomfortable or demand something from you.Eliyahu Rips, one of the foremost mathematicians in the world,and one of the most brilliant men alive stated that the Bible is like a hologram. He concluded that there is so much to it that we don't even know all of the levels to look on to understand it.  It is obvious that it is a guidebook to/from the supernatural, from a being so far beyond us that we can't begin to comprehend Him. That's why the most important thing is love for Jesus because as love for Him grows, and as devotion to His Word grows, so does understanding. Pursuing knowledge without that desire for Him is mere vanity."You need someone to teach you...the basic principles of the oracles of God. You need milk, not solid food, for everyone who lives on milk is unskilled in the word of righteousness, since he is a child. But solid food is for the mature, for those who have their powers of discernment trained by constant practice to distinguish good from evil." Hebrews 5:12-14
+jackryan529 https://www.scribd.com/doc/120058315/2/THE-NEIGHBORS-OF-JESUS The Mystical Life of Jesus (1929). First edition!!!!. Jesus was an Essene and he was the ultimate Mystic. You are stuck on labels that they gave you. If your a Christian then you hate everyone else and you will fight them because your belief has been challenged. That is fine but if you think everyone who is not a Christian will burn for eternity I do not agree. The Source or God will not destroy his kind IMO. Call me Agnostic, Gnostic, Christian, Atheist, false prophet. They are labels created by Satan to divide humans. You feel for the trick. Peace
+jackryan529 You need to calm down. I don't have to condemn a person in order to talk about the saving power of the Christ. If what I said sounds ignorant to you, rather than reasonable, then maybe something is wrong with your senses. I said that the Torah was not perfect, just as the bible is not perfect. Anything manipulated by man can never be perfect. This is not to say that the prophecies or teachings that are included are not true, I never said such a thing. All I said was that it was not perfect. As for the dream, I merely threw that in there as extra information. I would've read their scriptures with or without a dream. I don't follow my dreams, but I am sure I will read eschatology from the Hindus if such scriptures exist. Again, "He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins. And not only for ours but also for the sins of the world." What would you say happened to the very murderers of the Christ on the cross? I've heard dozens of Christians say that those murderers of Christ are rotting in hell, but even the Christ forgave His killers, "Forgive them for they know not what they do." Therefore I must believe that even the murderers, who's hands were stained with the Christ's blood, are in heaven rejoicing and offering worship to God and His Servant. God's anger is definitely on the sinner, which is why we must thrive to never sin, but we will stumble whether we like it or not and nothing a "saved" Christian can do is any better than a non-believer. All hope ultimately lies in the Christ and His God. Not anything man-made. True, prophecy of the future is 100% certainty, to God only of course. Try understanding a prophecy before it is fulfilled and you will not know with 100% certainty how that may take place or in which manner it will be fulfilled. 
+InternetPilgrimSo we are to trust a book written by the same groupt that killed Jesus instead of rely on the Five instincts of what God gave us. Gotcha. You dont have a clue who even wrote the Bible, none of us do.  You blame Satan for everything bad yet for some reason he allowed the truth in the Bible yet every other thing you have been told is a lie. Great debate. Peace
+amyalewineWere I a gambler, I could make book on the fact that you’re headed straight into error and loss. It’s obvious that you’re young because you rely on feelings to discern right and wrong, and they are notoriously unreliable. That’s why you must have an outside authority that can be trusted – that’s what the Bible is. It is God’s Word; it is the standard against which you measure everything else if you have any wisdom. It doesn’t matter what you feel; it matters what His Word says. Relying on your feelings is the fastest way to error that there is, and Satan knows this. That’s why feelings are being played up so much today, and touted as so important. Relying on your “instinct” and only accepting the parts of the Bible that “feel” right, or that will allow you to do whatever you like, is no faith at all. It is deception. Real faith & understanding take more commitment than that, since anything worth having requires dedication and work. The "true" teachings of Jesus are found in the Bible. From your questions and answers it’s very apparent that you need a teacher. Would you attempt to do surgery based on what felt right to you? Would you write a contract or defend someone in court with no training? Your questions and answers reveal that you're trying to jump into high school when you haven't completed second grade. There's no way to answer you satisfactorily because you lack the basic understanding to put the answers in context. You need the basics before you can move on. Two different passages in Judges say basically the same thing: “In those days there was no king in Israel, but every man did that which was right in his own eyes.” Judges 17:6 and  Judges 21:25  These passages mark decline and disaster. Try reading the Book of Judges to see why this principle is condemned, and where it leads: Here’s the playlist I mentioned before. If you’re serious about finding answers, start with it: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvwgUlicDKGrQgs2-gTLvHNNXr0kpEV8B
+jackryan529I never said the Bible could not be trusted. I said find out what it actually means. I do not see all the death and destruction in the Bible as a literal event. I do understand the flood killed almost everyone. I can tell you dont like thinking outside the box and that is fine. Trust me when you start you cannot think inside a boxed program any longer. I want to know the true teachings of Jesus and that is why I pray to him for answers. I do not need a pastor or book to guide me. Jesus doesn't need a book although the book may tell about him it does not tell the entire story of the most powerful mystic on the planet. Peace
+jackryan529I knew this debate would get personal. I do not argue with people who are so programmed from cradle to grave they do not understand there is an entire world outside of what they teach. I do believe in a Creator and the Bible but i do not take everything in the literal sense. How can something be debunked by what they gave us and who are the debunkers? Same goes for all the ancient artifacts and cave drawings. I suppose the drawings on the caves are earlier than scrolls or other books. Why are they never mentioned. You have the answers to this stuff and I thank you for spending your time giving your view but if you think what you believe is correct then you are wrong and what I believe is also wrong. We do not know the truth. What did they not give us is what I am searching for. Do you really believe the Vatican gave you the truth of who Jesus is? Jesus taught his disciples how to heal the sick do you see that info anywhere? Why is it hidden? God is one force and the Devil is another but the Creator created them both. No other way. Same as Lucifer and Jesus. All separate forces but created by the Source.Peace
+jackryan529Jack Did God the Creator give you five senses? Did man give you a langauge? Dod ,am program you with language according to your country as well as beliefs. God tells us what is right or wrong. Yes the Bible is a Script that is being played out. No one knows the truth because the Vatican has hid books about Jesus Christ. Books have been destroyed and artifacts such as what was destroyed in Iraq and the Middle East. Do you really think they will give you all the truth. Was King James of the Royal Bloodline? Everything you or I know is programmed into us. You would have never heard of the Bible in some areas of the world. God doesn't need anything man spews out. Peace
+amyalewine Exactly right. I feel the same way.
+XxAdamJxXThanks for your Beautiful and wise words. Jesus said the truth will set you free. Right now it is a Matrix. I follow my conscious and that is what I feel the Source or God or Jesus is telling me. When I don't follow it I find things more difficult. Peace
+amyalewine I tend to think all of this is fake also. And I believe it will even feel that way once we wake up on the other side. Nothing can ever be known with 100% certainty, that's why its called faith. I don't believe the Torah is perfect since it mentions the book of Jasher yet does not include it, therefore there must have been some sort of manipulation. I don't believe the New Testament is perfect since a group of people also decided what would be included and what would not. I don't believe the Quran is perfect since for the most part it is compiled by many authors contrary to what Muslims say about it being perfect and only being given to Mohammad. If that were the case, other authors or "Imams" would have not added to it. I have not looked into hindu scriptures, but last night I had a dream about reading through them, so I think I will soon. Thing is, I will never give up my faith in Christ for one main reason, the prophecy of the Suffering Servant (Isaiah 52:13-15 & Isaiah 53:1-12) in the Torah written by Isaiah hundreds of years before the Christ came and died for sin. I also will never stop following Christ's example of love and selflessness. I simply look into these other religions to see what they are about. I must admit that there are many similarities but there are also many differences. Personally, I believe without a doubt that the Christ has died for the sin of the world, not only the Christians. Consider this passage John wrote to other Christians:"My dear children, I write this to you so that you will not sin. But if anybody does sin, we have an advocate with the Father—Jesus Christ, the Righteous One. He is the atoning sacrifice for our sins, and not only for ours but also for the sins of the whole world." 1 John 2:1-2I have no reason to go around telling people they will burn in a hell, cause that is not my place to decide, nor am I a judge. In no way am I promoting sin, cause any wrong deed conducted against another person can only bring heartache and trouble. It is better to live in love, than to have hate for any particular person or group. To each their own way. No one can tell you what to believe in, or what is the right way, cause you yourself can only decide what to believe, no matter how much evidence is thrown in front of you. I believe these days, us Christians have failed miserably on part of our "religion". We go on judging people, saying "Look at me, Im better off than he/she is because I believe in God and the Christ. That man/woman over there is a sinner and will die!" And that's all we do. It is everything we live for. To "prove" our righteousness and show the world how "deserving" we are of being saved. No one perceives that this is hypocrisy and in fact is pride itself. And as God has said, the proud will be brought low. They will be humbled. Instead we should be doing this to show our faith towards our God and to prove our religion:"Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world." James 1:27You yourself are right in hating the world. You are wise to not want to accept anything in the world as truth, because we are bombarded constantly with things telling you what is good and what is bad, when in fact what they say is good can be bad and what they say is bad can be good. Just be careful all your days, and love. Do not forget Christ the day you meet Him. Do not forget what our Creator has done for you and the world through His Servant, the Christ. Sorry for wasting your time. Take care and have a wonderful day.
+Kyle WaynickThe way you look at it is the same way I see it. Yin an Yang. That is one reason I do not spend all my energy on what they do such as spray the skies because I feel we as humans have a God spark inside of us and if we believe in a Source Creation then humans can do things we do not do at this time. I feel Jesus was an Essene and much was hidden of his life. Everyone says they trust the King James Bible but somehow forget that the royal bloodlines control the world and King James was of a Royal Bloodline. I know there is a Source of it all. The Duality system we live in has to be a change from the perfection we were created in. All the snake and serpent terminology and apple are symbolic. The problem with searching for the truth is everything must be examined. Thank you for your insight. Peace
+amyalewine I understand what you're saying tho but God's word will not change because He does not change. You think God would let His pure and righteous word get mixed up? God has destroyed the world many times for stuff less important. You don't think God would destroy this world again if we changed His word? I'm just saying. I'd suggest reading The Book of Enoch. That'd answer alot of your questions. Especially about the evil that was created but I look at it like this. Without yin you don't have yang. Without tall you don't have short. Without a loser you don't have a winner. God created evil to show us He is just. He created Satan to show us that He is pure. That's how I think about it. God forgive me if I'm wrong but that's how I look at it
+jackryan529Thank You. I understand the translation most likely means something different and I also suspect many words in the Bible have a totally different meaning today than when it was written. Fifty Years ago Gay meant Happy and now it is something else. Peace
+amyalewineThere are answers that make sense, but part of finding them involves spiritual maturity, and that takes both time and study. You can’t read through everything and then wait for something to resonate within your spirit – that is the road to deception and the means whereby Satan has deceived multitudes today. You must have a touch point for truth, something outside of yourself that is trustworthy to measure everything else by or you’ll become confused and end in deception. The Bible is the ONLY trustworthy source of truth. If you have doubts about it, do some research on how Scriptures have gone virtually unchanged since antiquity, how there are more copies of it from antiquity than of any other text or book, etc.Go to khouse.org as I suggested and listen to Missler’s lecture on 66/40 – how despite being written over thousands of years by numerous authors, the Bible is an integrated work. There are things apparent both from reading the plain text, and from things hidden within it that take study to find, that give a consistent message. Then begin a study of the Scriptures through that site since it has everything you’ll need and teaches truth on more than a superficial level. Measure everything against what you learn about the Bible from it. Pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide you in your study and to help you avoid error. Christ said He was sent to be our ultimate teacher and guide.Because it is so easy to be led astray, weigh everything against what the Bible teaches because it is God’s Word, it is trustworthy, and it doesn’t change. And avoid the modern translations for the most part since many of them leave out things that are foundational. If the King James version or the Geneva Bible are too hard for you at first, use the new King James, or the ESV translation, or the New American Standard, though none of those are as good as the original, older versions. It’s clear from your question that you misunderstand or lack knowledge of the basic doctrines of the faith, and you need to know those well before you move into more esoteric or complicated questions. God promises that all who seek Him will find Him, but that seeking involves diligent study. In other words, it will take time, study and prayerful consideration of what you’re learning. And you need a trustworthy teacher or you’ll be floundering around, with all of the information out there today that’s just plain wrong or deceptive.The Scriptures below promise that if you do that, you will gain the understanding you seek. I still haven’t arrived yet, and while there always is more to learn, I have no doubt about the faith. I know that the answers to anything I need to know, and so much more, are in the Bible. But I’ve walked with Christ for 35+ years. One thing I do know with certainty is that knowledge is good, but in the end it’s the personal relationship to Jesus, knowing Him intimately, which is the purpose of this life because it’s preparation for the next. Love for Him and a desire to know Him is more important than all of the knowledge in the world. As your love grows, so does your understanding.Here’s a youtube playlist with Missler teachings on how we got our Bible, and videos on ‘learn the Bible in 24 hours’ (a good overview of the Scriptures). You can’t learn all in 24 hours of course, but you can get a great overall understanding of what’s there to study. It will take time and work. If you really want to know, the answers are there. If you want only easy answers or question merely to look for excuses to avoid, then you won’t bother taking the time. It’s the reason Jesus spoke in parables, because those seeking easy answers wouldn’t bother to seek out the meaning. God only gives to those who truly seek to know and love Him. “But if from thence thou shalt seek the Lord thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul.” Deut 4:29“I love them that love me; and those that seek me early shall find me.” Prov 8:17“And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart.“ Jeremiah 29:13
+jackryan529 I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things. Isaiah 45:7
+jackryan529Thank you. Can you explain the Creator God from Genesis 1 who created both male and female in the image of God before resting on the 7th day and declaring all things good and the LORD God from Gen 2 who created Adam from the Dirt and Eve from Adam's rib before putting a serpent in the Garden of Eden to tempt them? The Creator God from Genesis 1 said all things are Good. What happened. I have asked pastors this same question and they said they never noticed that. Totally different stories. Where is the change up form the Creator God to the LORD God. The LORD God said he creates both the good and the bad. The Creator God said all things are Good. Peace and thanks
+XxAdamJxXAgreed unless everything we know is nothing more than a program to occupy our minds and think something awaits us better than this life. The Sky above us is fake and holograms are everywhere from the planes to some birds. If you havent seen those then you are not awake. What about the people who grow up in Nature with no written Scripture. Scripture is a script and if they had no scripture to guide them they would no nothing except living without programming. The Bible is very deep and detailed and we seem to blame Satan for everything but writing the Bible yet the Creator of all said Satan deceived the Entire World. How can he do this? If everything we have been taught is a lie then it is rather easy. Trust me I pray for answers daily and I know I am protected but I have a mind to question everything. No way are they going to give us the truth. We are the slaves and if people say they have the answers they are kidding themselves. Their is far more books that tell many of the same stories as the Bible yet for some reason Christians in the west will never look at anything other than what they are Given. Question everything. Our Creator will show you the electric universe and all the deception being taught from cradle to grave.Also everyone says read the Bible and this has been going on for what we know as 2 thousand years. Why create Evil that rules the world when God created everything and knew ahead of time every hair on our heads.Peace
Who knows why God allows the bad. I've always seen it like this, God sits back and allows man to do what they will, because we are free willed of course. It sucks that this world is so messed up, but maybe experiencing the worst of the worst is essential to our literal evolution. Maybe we have to live through pain, so when we are as the Angels, we would never want to turn back to sin or live in a world of pure suffering again. This way we learn to hate everything of this worldy life. And this happens to every human being, believer in God or not. We grow up in a seemingly blissful world as children, then reality hits us as we get older. We see relatives die, hear of the suffering around the world, fear for wars that may break, live day to day just to pay bills, etc., and we hate it. But there is a mighty God who has better plans for the Human Race, of this I am sure. He only wants to see us live, but all we do is kill ourselves and each other. As its written in the Torah, there will be no more pain or suffering. The things of the past will be forgotten. Weapons will be dissembled and their only use will be to fuel fires. Lions will play with children, and snakes will have the dirt of the earth as their food. No longer will anyone build a house, only to have another person come and live in it instead. No longer will anyone plant vineyards, and have another person reap the benefits of the harvest. And as Enoch states, all the riches of the earth will be gathered and taken from Man. Money will not be a necessity for Mankind. Just as it was never necessary for the first two human beings to thrive. It will be gone and done away with. Everything that we have created to turn this heaven into a hell will be reversed and no one will miss it. God allows evil, but only for a little while. But the good is coming, I promise you, as God promises us. These past thousands of years of suffering is nothing compared to infinity. It will seem like a millisecond once we wake up to live for eternity with our God. What do we have to fear, when everything we've ever wanted is just on the other side? 
The legacy of Cain died out in the flood
+InternetPilgrim  i would say divinely inspired statement !
God did not create evil. The true history of Jesus is set forth in the Bible; it is the source, not the Vatican. It appears that you’d benefit by spending time doing some in-depth study of doctrine so you’ll understand what the Bible really teaches. Here’s a good place for that: //www.khouse.org/6640_cat/  Chuck Missler has an mp3 audio commentary on every book of the Bible which goes into depth verse by verse. I bought a number of them on eBay to save some $ but they are available full price through Koinonia House and they are worth the price. He’s an excellent teacher – interesting and intelligent. There are many radio programs on various topics at www.khouse.org and a number of videos with him on youtube. I’m suggesting him because he’s very good on both basic doctrine and on esoteric subjects and his ministry has produced something on just about any question you can think to ask. Going to khouse.org will give you consistency and solid teaching. I’ve never, in many years, found anything “flaky” or questionable. Here’s a couple of brief articles on your questions of good and evil, and on the hybrid race, to start: //www.khouse.org/articles/1999/74/ and //www.khouse.org/articles/1997/110/#articles  then //www.khouse.org/articles/1997/22/  For radio broadcasts you can listen to online: //www.khouse.org/6640/BP052/  Part 4 “Tribes of the Devil” gets into the specifics of your question but the first 3 parts provide background.  Search youtube under “Chuck Missler” for lots more. I think you'll find his teaching fascinating.

Pete's Basement Season 9, Episode 15 - 5.3.16

It's Pete, Ramon, and Cheezeburger at the roundtable this week with a great week in comics! IDW's Micronauts tops the list, rescued from the brink of Marvel ...

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Pete's Basement has the POWER!

New Flying Black Horse in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia-Kuda Terbang

Flying Black Horse in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Black horse flying in sky. horse flying in sky hoax horse flying in sky? horse flying in the sky. flying horse in the sky ...

User Comments

Did anyone know this is a sign the world is going to end.
i did✋. people just don't believe, the dark horse passed these people because these people live in God's old town
This can be true because hazart mohammed (S.A.W) did the journey of seven sky's on the unicorn
+Abdullah Sohail
+MYSTERIOUS FOG you are right
Buddy a unicorn has a horn,and what he rode was a horse with wing which is call a Pegasus
thats just a balloon calm down
+Hosin Gaming can u see that there lighting and can't u hear the wind the wind is making it move horizontally
+Hosin Gaming true it would just go strait up and the "balloon's" or should i say real dark horse's legs are moving.
If it was a ballon it would go straight up u doom ass
You don't understand life
its a unicorn yes is black, dont be racist :@
+Lydia Garcia and it's in a storm! whitch is more crazy!
there is no such things as a unicorn. that's a dark horse that is giving a sign to people that the world is going to end soon
They sound afraid. I would be glad to see a horse flying, very glad... It´s like a pegasus.. But, sorry I don´t believe this video....
in there religion a black horse flying in the sky is a sign for the end is near

Blue Bob/David Lynch -- Blue Horse

A favorite track from David Lynch and John Neff's album 'Blue Bob'. To me, this album sums up just about every ongoing theme in Lynch's work: industrial ...

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As far as I can tell, this was also recorded in association with an independent record label set up by the Murry brothers, who were the designers and programmers of the Manhunter games by Sierra (!!), which also have that great dystopian sort of vibe, as well as Ancient Art of War, one of my favorite games in about 1984, and one of the games that encouraged me to go on to create games myself, because of it's great level editor for building your own scenarios. Wow. Loving the connections!
I seem to have a problem when the acoustic space of the snare drum is completely different than the other instrumentation. I don't want to the drum to have some bizarre sustain like the guitars, but well, maybe it's the snare itself, sounding so old and mundane. There's so many ways to express a beat..and that snare doesn't express anything...zero personality, zero time. Zero dimensions.
That seems pretty accurate, and catchy enough to fit. In a way he sort of fits the profile of 'agridustrial', which is a weird crossover of rockabilly and goth/folk elements, but even that doesn't seem quite right. I guess the best description would simply be 'David Lynch'.
Yeah, I wouldn't necessarily call Lynch's music trip hop either, though I do get what thewhitezombie666 was referring to. If anything his music leans more towards the spectrum of industrial than anything else.
Actually I disagree, a lot of trip hop focuses on older, more 'classic' genres, like blues, jazz, chanson, etc. It's all related, in a sense.
@dielermusic and its so ironic that an eagle scout from missoula montana would make shit like this right
niceeeeeeee. thank you lynch. once again your brilliance never ceases to amaze!
That would be sweet if they toured live, just imagine the sounds live
any similar sound ? if som1 knows something, pls send a msg
for me it's david lynchish trip-hop! AWESOME!
lynch really knows what dark and nasty means
i like rollin down(to my house) lol....
@phakyew some British trip hop i guess
Это офигенно!
awsome fucking big track
latter earth vibes
love this song


Prophecy At The Midnight Hour on Blog-Talk Radio Fridays, Saturdays, & Sundays 8pm Eastern Time call Toll #FREE (646) 716-9259 to listen or ...

Episode 4.9 - Strange & Hope Larson

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Hehehe... In grade 8 I tried to convince my Catholic religion teacher that I was changing my name to K.C. McKinnon. She was never really convinced, but she was okay with me writing my name that way :P Dream a little dream of me... next week will be awesome, it's the season finale ;)
No, we haven't reviewed the sword, but we can always add it to the list. Speaking of strong female protagonists, next week we have one of the best female character writers. I won't give away anything more, though, because it's our awesome season finale ;)
Many comment about tihs but is true, american comic books sadly dont have enough strong female protagonists as other kinds of comics (manga , european) have. I´d love to see a better portrayal of women overall. KC have u reviewd the sword?
The artwork in the new "Strange" comic book looks excellent, thanks for sharing it with us. Also, thanks for the quick mention of "Transmetropolitan," it's easily one of the best comic of the past decade.
Hehehe... you, sir, are made of win by making me laugh out loud. Both Rudy and I write the reviews, but he's read EVERYTHING ever written by Ellis, and I haven't... shame of shames.
Transmetropolitan is made of win. If you like it you should read Crooked Little Vein by warren ellis it isn't a comic but is written by THE Warren Ellis
Yeah the art has really clean lines and looks pretty frakking cool. It was just during the action segment that it got a little crazy and confusing.
It was Rudy's! Initially, I was planning to make it a dragon... then I got stressed thinking "where am I going to get a dragon that I can use!?!"
like one that is badass enough to be a serious cartoon .....im more bending towards batman animation , gargoyles , and such and such.
Transmetropolitan is awesome! Everyone should read it. I so would love to see it animated. Hope Larson's stuff looks pretty cool.
I know the guys who make the art of unthinkalbe, I worked with them in an animation movie made in Argentina
Well, remember that he (Bryan Lee O'Malley) was drawing his own graphic novel (Scott Pilgrim) at the time.
i dont know why you people look for this crap on yt instead of sumthing like yumsexy,com or redtube. com
Awesome episode guys! Transmetropolitan is great! Also love the intro Casey, your impressions are cute!
Hahaha... no, but he's obviously too busy for them to collaborate again. It would drive me crazy too!
Hehehe thanks :) I just wish the green screen wasn't so frakked up :S Had a hard time with that one.
story set in nova scotia , how more brutal and tortuous could it get ? americanomation sucks .
american comic books usually portray male protagonists its about time we see some change...
lol 8 months to draw 16 pages of something that ez? damn... i can do that in 1 week. lol
Which art? Strange, Unthinkable, Dr. Grordbort, Transmetropolitan, or Hope Larson's?
I will check out the 5 orange episode. Dark Horse normally does not disappoint me.

Black Horse in Saudi Arabia *SIGN* of coming Collapse Due To Oil/Gas Plummet

REVELATION 6:5-6, "And when he had opened the third seal, I heard the third beast say, Come and see. And I beheld, and lo a black horse; and he that sat on ...

Flying Black Horse Lying Signs and Wonders! Christian Video Channe

In Response to Alabama Bushcraft: I believe you may be correct on that! If you want to chat about it, just comment on my facebook page Im not able to respond to ...

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Is flying black horse event is biblically ? Just being curious
It's a Black Horse flying balloon filled with Helium...don't be stupid.
+Johanes Putong Lot to ask of a billion Borg drones..
+Johanes Putong Spot on. Unfortunately, it's not so obvious to some.
A lying sign or wonder is a real miracle done by the Antichrist to back up the evil lie. so please don't confuse a miracle, thinking the evil one can't do them, he can, it is backing up his latest lies. that is what needs to be known. the ac is going to tell a lie and prove it is real with the miracle. one of his miracles will be the ability to stop movement of the sun in the sky for a short period of time. he is going to say the bible is wrong and the truth is, "whatever he claims next". IT IS IMPORTANT FOR EVERYONE TO KNOW THE BIBLE IS INTACT AND TRUE AS IT STANDS!!!!!!!!!!!! stick with the word as it is written now, die knowing it is true, if need be!!! hard times straight ahead, DON'T BE FOOLED. THE MARK IS A DIGITAL CHIP PLACED UNDER THE SKIN, THE LAW IS ALREADY IN PLACE. DEATH TO THOSE WHO REFUSE. REFUSE IT!!!
this is a balloon it's not reel it's a fake
its a real ballon
There can be ONLY ONE! His Name is Jesus Christ! Deny Him and He will deny you before The Father! Without Him it is pure hell, plain and simple! Bow down and OBEY while you still can, time is running out!~Heads UP!
Prolly a heli up there with a cable, or a UFO but it could be the deceiver showing his children some things? All will be revealed soon, hang in there sis!
Looked more like a falling black horse than a flying black horse!!!! No rider either.
Here's some logic about this people: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K894_IQ2an4
+Vince Dubbed so I guess the muslim fags don't like the truth ur videos was removed
What makes Muslims wrong and Christians right? 
The word of God makes Muslims wrong and real Christians right.  the word Of God is the Holy Bible which is much older then the Quran. The Holy Bible is made with love , It tells what the people in it did right And also what they did wrong. It is not all about killing those who don't believe . the Quran is a book from Hell . it contains a few things from the Bible a small touch of truth and a really lot of hateful,false hoods, and ideology . If you can't tell the difference you are in trouble. you need to get to know your creator before it's too late. 
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